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Mon, Aug 23, 2010, 12:42am (UTC -6)
Re: DS9 S7: What You Leave Behind

Great series, I watch it from beginning to end once per year. In just recently watching the "special features" on the last disc of season 7 I noted the following: One of the producers wished he had had "5 more episodes to wrap things up" hello? How about all those episodes about Ezri and the Ferengi that did nothing to advance the story? Was one of the producers in love with Nicole DeBoer or what? Couldn't stand her and yes I know Jammer you thought she was "cute as a button" evidently so did the producers--and none of the last 'backflash" scenes included Jadzia--what was up with that? As for Odo, he ultimately was just another self centered Founder--never liked him--he worked so hard to get Kira to love him and in the end abandoned her--what an $%#* hole. The very best part of Deep Space Nine was the relationship between Bashir and O'Brien and the Klingons. Superb! The Klingons were the only race that fully developed as a culture--interesting that while DS 9 was next to Bajor that other than their obsession with The Prophets we learned little about them--a lot of talk about their art and literature, but nothing in the shows to support it. The Klingons, however, became 3-dimensional--their culture, politics, etc all came to life on the show and quite frankly when I think of this show it's the Klingons, especially General Martok that I remember.
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