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Sat, Feb 1, 2020, 7:13pm (UTC -6)
Re: PIC S1: Maps and Legends

A few things need clarifying:

1) The head of SF intelligence shown here, is not necessarily a member of Zhat Vash... Narek's sister refers to her as an "ally". It seems to me, that Starfleet is complicit and cooperating with the organization, not truly "infiltrated" per-se.

2) The head of SF intelligence's ethnicity is not known. Some have mentioned she's over-written for a Vulcan... she may openly or secretly be a Romulan, or part Vulcan.

3) The Anti-Synth agenda of the Zhat Vash is very unlikely to reference Disco and Control, if I'm not mistaken, Zhat Vash was claimed to go back thousands of years, not a few hundred. Still, it's possible.

It's weirdly possible that the "secret" that could "break your mind" or such, is that the Romulan people are actually organic-synthetics invented in desperation by those Vulcans who left Vulcan, or were invented on Vulcan and effectively were exiled. The organization exists to prevent anyone from ever learning this fact, and thus discourages research into AI/etc.

It's difficult to believe this would be unknown to the Vulcans notably, but if any species in Star Trek would FAIL TO MENTION THAT KEY BIT OF INFORMATION... well gee, the Vulcans are that species.

It's very outlandish though...
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