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Mon, Nov 18, 2013, 10:51pm (UTC -5)
Re: DS9 S5: In the Cards

I must agree to some points Eliot made earlier (Jan 2. 2011). I don't want to say that Cirroc Lofton never did a good performance at all, especially 'The Visitor' is still a masterpiece of Trek History to me. But since I usually fully agree to your reviews, Jammer, I really have to disagree in that one here.

The episode may have its moments (some funny lines between Nog and Jake, Weyoun - of course - and also, for a change, a more likeable Kai Winn), it didn't keep me constantly entertained - neither in the way of comedy nor character development or simply bringing forward the main storyline. It didn't really catch me on either the intellectual or simply entertaining level.

According to that, I really have to agree with Eliot that Jakes response (in referrence to Picard in First Contact) wasn't funny to me at all, since it simply undermines all Star Trek (and Roddenberry) stands (or stood) for: A vision of a better future AT LEAST IN RESPECT OF HUMANITY! This is important since I am totally fine with the DS9's conduct of opening the "love, peace and harmony" universe my beloved TNG left us over (I really love that series but I wouldn't have worked for another seven years).

I didn't really understand the mood that dominated the first scene. I know they all are aware that they might be on the brink to a war with the dominion, but all of them being that depressed? And where is Dax at this moment? Perhaps I'm getting that wrong, but somehow it looks like the writers didn't want her to be around since she would never act like that (and neither would the others do, at least not in that intensity).

I also agree with Eliot on the barely (fully) convincing deceptions Jake and Nog pull on the O'Brien and Co as well as the wasted opportunities with Quark at the auction and Siskos silly reaction hearing that his 18 year old son got drunk for one time (uh-uh!). Not to speak of the 'Dr. Strange' and his entertaining chamber. The latter wasn't a bad idea at all but took much too long to establish to be a striking comedic element to me (I might be an advocate of pointed comedy, though).

That been said, I would rate this episode with 3 Stars, acknowledging its humorous attempts as well as some good pieces of dialogue (Sisko - Weyoun, Weyoun - Kai Winn). Nothing more, nothing less.

Btw, my favorite line of this episode:

"No it's not. But before you twist that into a compliment let me be blunt: I don't like the dominion, I don't like what it stands for and I don't like you."
(Sisko after beeing warmly flattered by Weyoun about their oh so good relationship)
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