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Sat, Nov 11, 2017, 8:02pm (UTC -5) | 🔗
Re: DSC S1: Si Vis Pacem, Para Bellum

I do not think DIS is trying to be "about," or is NOT trying to be about, the social issues many people here are saying it is (or is not). I think that people who devote a fair amount of time to these issues, want to believe that their entertainment stakes an opinion on them, so that these people can then say the show does or does not take the correct position on such issues. Why waste time on a show that isn't preoccuped with what you are, after all?

Veryfew people here at least recently are talking about things like acting or plotting or pacing or dramatic effectiveness-save for Jammer of course. It would be great if threads can focus on these things but maybe people just don't post messages on websites to talk about mere things like these any more.

Acting, editing, production values, story structuring-these are the things that make a show rise or fall-or used to

On the point of acting, I think that Shazad Latif is not a particularly good actor, at least not from what I have seen when Tyler is on screen. I know he has been in other things and I have not seen them so I do not want to call him a bad actor, but in my opinion, he brings very little to his line readings on this show and comes off as dull and unmemorable (whether he is "really" impersonating a human or not). I think this is to the show's detriment and is one reason why the relationship scene with him and Martin-Green's character did not work.

It is (for me anyway) an unusual criticism to criticize one of the regulars' acting on a show. Generally most Trek shows have had solid acting even by actors (I.e., Ethan Phillips, Anthony Montgomery) who were given little to work with.

The uninspired acting becomes more problematic in DIS than in previous episodes,
because the show is to me underpopulated. There is saru, Lorca, Tilly, Burnham, Stamets and Tyler, and then there is everyone else (don't believe me? Check the end credits). If the producers have already not tried to work on weaving more regulars into the show, I hope they can in the future.

Right now, characters are acting out their little self-contained plotlines, which may work if those plot lines are interesting; if they are not, it stands out more and not in a good way. It is possible to have an interesting show with characters who aren't really interacting with the other characters, yet Trek has never previously tried this and I do not believe it was them producers' intent for the characters on this show to stand dramatically in different universes than the others.

When they do so, the show may be good at any particular moment (as Jammer noted above), but when the episode is over, you wonder what you just saw; was all there was, or all that there is, to a character or scene. Plot holes and implausibilities stand out that much more with this kind of backdrop, and this episode as Jammer noted simply had too many head-scratching moments.
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