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Tue, Nov 8, 2016, 2:04pm (UTC -5)
Re: TNG S1: Conspiracy

I'm watching TNG through from the beginning on Netflix and despite the fact I've seen this episode several times the cheesy gore of Remmick's head exploding had me looking for what others thought. I didn't quite expect the strong reactions in 2016 given how they've killed off the TV shows (IMO the film "reboot" with no TV show has more or less killed the Star Trek I knew and loved with the new movies being almost Michael Bay too much action with little story sad parodies including the Star Wars VII also by JJ Abhrams that does similar damage by rehashing old plots that make no sense and explain nothing and yet the peanut gallery LOVES it for the same reason they keep watching the Transformer movies (sheer action and spectacle that requires no brain cells to enjoy, quite the opposite really as the holes in the plots kill it for me (whether Starships being made pointless by the ridiculous transporter from the Star Trek movie reboot that can beam people across the galaxy yet they barely recognize the significance of such a ridiculous tech killing device (who needs a starship anymore?) to the remnants of the Empire being able to build a planet sized Death Star secretly that can magically blow up entire solar systems at faster than light speeds yet they can "watch" it happen as if it were slower than light (let alone where the resources came from in the ruins of the Empire or how a kid destroyed Luke's academy that an untrained girl easily defeated and who throws temper tantrums.... I'm sorry but it's this type of RIDICULOUS 2nd grade logic that kills most SciFi and I can't help but wonder why there are not better writers out there...SyFy... Sharknado and the like. Funny maybe but it mocks good SciFi. And yet these movies break box office records while Babylon 5 (which tried to make SciFi more realistic) had trouble getting renewed each season. Sadly, I think this says more about average intelligence of viewers than anything else. More action! Less dialogue and plot! Blow something up already! Why a larger Death Star in JJ's Star Wars? Because a sequel needs a bigger threat than the last movie! Prequels had too much back story. More fight and less talk and they probably would have been bigger hits with the average fan. Forget years of training. A few days is enough to beat Vader etc. or Hans' throw a fit son.

Anyway through that lens this episode is ridiculous in how it glosses over what needed to be a much bigger plot and it's hard to imagine how such basic plot holes could be overlooked. They clearly needed more time to develop it properly. It had others odd flaws just to use primary actors. As someone mentioned, why was Geordi going there when he's not security? I thought it amusing that they chose meal worms (which plot wise gave it away too much) yet they show up later as Klingon food which Riker has no trouble eating and Picard claims he's looking forward to trying when he's on that Klingon ship going to Romulus.

The head blowing up was simultaneously cheesy looking and yet more realistic what a "phaser" could do to someone. No thought was given to trying to save Reddick, which is more Kirk and less Picard, yet this episode does remind me more of the original which was often cheesy and yet very entertaining despite itself...more so in many ways than newer Treks which perhaps took themselves a little too seriously for a show originally meant to be a wagon train to the stars so I've got mixed feelings about the hammier stuff on TNG.

By the time we got to Enterprise most of the cast was so utterly PC that the characters were boring as stone. Part of the humor in Star Trek was from flaws in the characters. TNG understood this with Data for example. The weapons guy and helmsman on Enterprise were just stiff and boring. Geordi had his visor. Worf had his Klingon heritage that was foreign, etc. DS9 was boring for me until later seasons proved an overall story arc (Babylon 5 was far more interesting to me at the time). Voyager was boring until they brought The Borg in and 7 of 9 (both a flawed character due to lack of humanity and it didn't hurt that she was also attractive; every soap needs some eye candy for both sexes). Other ideas in TNG (like humans don't eat real meat anymore seem like patent nonsense to me the same way flying cars and Jaws 19 were in Back To The Future Part 2. Oddly 2015 looks just like 1985 save smart phones which they missed entirely (minor car differences etc.)

So yes this episode was a bit b-movie cheese but most of the original show was and that didn't stop my enjoyment of it. It just seems not fleshed out enough. Frankly I wasn't crazy about the show becoming overly PC as time went on. Conflict drives drama and not all conflict should be from outside aliens (look at the way McCoy argued with Spock over his lack of emotions...not PC at all but both entertaining and ultimately enlightening.)
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Thu, Oct 11, 2012, 10:24am (UTC -5)
Re: VOY S6: One Small Step

Jeez, there are a lot of cynical, jaded, plain evil people here. How anyone cannot relate to the suffering of a man trapped in a subspace phenomena and never see anyone again is beyond me. The honour guard scene brought a tear to my eyes, it was perfect.
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