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Mon, Mar 20, 2017, 11:44pm (UTC -5)
Re: VOY S5: In the Flesh

This episode completely fails when Janeway's 'holier than though' brand of negotiation is not rewarded with instant destruction for the starship and its entire crew.

Put yourself in the (rather large) shoes if Species 8472. You have devoted a huge level of costs and resources to a project which will let you infiltrate the territory of a hated enemy. A scouting force from that enemy stumbles upon your plan and the operation is compromised. However, the enemy commander obligingly informs you that they alone possess knowledge of your intentions and (currently) have no means to report back to their own people.

That is the point where no sane military commander could pass up an opportunity to seal that kind of potential information leak. Simply killing a small number of enemy personnel offers guaranteed security and immediately restores and validates all the financial and individual investment already stuffed into your project.

Letting your enemy go and providing even more information about your weapons and capabilities would virtually be an act of treason against your own people.
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