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Fri, Jan 31, 2020, 5:25pm (UTC -6)
Re: PIC S1: Maps and Legends

ugh this is going to trigger a lot of people but oh well. This plot is so so bad. Stewart himself is great, and an aging, not so sharp version of the character is interesting. What isn’t interesting...mystery because MYSTERY! So let me get this right...

1) Of the hundreds of worlds and species that make up the Federation, 14 of them decide not to help the romulans and that risks making the entire federation implode? What the what? How fragile is the Federation if it would implode just because a few within it disagree with one political decision.

2) The decision to not help the Romulans happened because synthetics attacked mars. What the what? If they Synths did it, why did opinion turn against the Romulans?

3) The Tal Shar aren’t the true power behind Romulan intrigue. Really its a really really really secretive group who just dont like synths and the secret is so so so scary it would drive men mad but here’s the secret that no one is supposed to know but she knows but really its a secret. What the what? Oh yeah. MYSTERY! Why would a secret organization exist so deep within an already secret organization just to ensure synthetics dont exist? Where were they for hundreds of years? Why didnt they take out Data decades ago if they were so concerned by the existence of just one synthetic? Oh wait yeah. MYSTERY!
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Fri, Jan 31, 2020, 5:24pm (UTC -6)
Re: PIC S1: Remembrance

haven’t been on your site in years Jammer and its great to see you’re still at it and that there is still a vibrant community. What I’m a bit surprised to see is how warmly you’re taking to this show. So far, I’ve found it to have all the hallmarks of Kurtzman and Abrams, and relatively few from Trek.

Between this and episode 2 we can already see that what could have been an exploration of a man who was once a “great” person deal with the devil of time and aging being quickly replaced by SCI FI MYSTERY PLOT. You know, the type that skips past any real meditative evaluations on philosophy and humanity (you know, Trek stuff) and runs us full speed ahead to MYSTERY!

And I 100% guarantee you that they are going to crib Battlestar Galactica and that the new Borg will be fully humanoid. Hell, maybe this is the launch pad for the new BSG reboot.
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