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Mon, Apr 10, 2017, 9:38am (UTC -5)
Re: DS9 S5: Nor the Battle to the Strong

Though DS9 is one of the less likable series of trek to me (only TOS ranks lower)

I agree this is a good episode, in the sense it does invoke an emotional reaction in the audience.

However as I tend to project myself upon a character, I find myself not able to relate to jake.
-When I was bullied I did ran away, that tells me I do not LIKE fights when sober.
*but when I was responsible to protect somebody (I could run away but not a friend with x legs I was with and they would have been a serious treath to him) I made a stand and some sort of bloodlust takes hold of me in such situations.. I have been known to break bones, and cause other serious harm in such situation.
*and I ALWAYS kept a clear head.. I am not fearless I know what it is to lose your musclepower to fear, but even in such situation my mind kept calm, and I often CHOOSE to stand or run, calmly and analitical.
*I was affraid to dive as a kid, one cannot dive when paniced, I had to be able to swim 200m underwater for my swimming lessons.. somehow I overcame that fear (about a full minute of air, when calm headed gives plenty of time to get to safely when underwater) it extended my normal calm headedness even further.. to the point after a while I stopt running alltogether, and never let anybody walk over me again.
*sure I may have been hit, hurt but sure the bullies did not get away with it without scars either.. I may have lost most those fights.. because I could beat the main bully, but once he started loosing the 1 on 1 honourable fight, against their expectations, the entire gang of about 20 kids often 5-10 years older than me would join in.. and nobody can beat 20 kids.. no matter how strong and willfull you are. It did not matter, for even when loosing that fight the bullies would stop.

From that I learned that I am not fearless, but have a very strong will, always have, and by training can become more battleharded, I am alien to losing control.
As such I would NEVER have ran away like jake did.. that would make the chance you get hit only greater... and you had a friend relying on you, both things would have made me push on.

In the cave, yes I would have picked up that rifle... but I would have stood up and fight.. sure I might have lost.. but heh logic dictates 2 trained veteran warriors, 1 18yo unskilled boy.. you're dead anyway.. in such situations racial superiority feelings take over.. and a kind of bloodlust that would not missttand a klingon.. though void of any honour... at such a point I not care for my life or anything.. only to take as many of the badguys with me as I can..

So if I were in this store.. I would not have run, we would have gotten that generator together... and I would go out in a blaze shouting homo superior, Terran Prime, forever and alike things... taking probably both klingons out with me..
-it is like they say.. brave man do not survive a conflict, cowards do.

All that aside I would have liked jake to at least OVERCOME his fear, having fear is one thing.. but bravery is not not having fear, it is standing your ground regardsless of it, to not succomb to it, but stand your ground by willpower alone.
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Wed, Mar 1, 2017, 12:47pm (UTC -5)
Re: DS9 S2: Playing God

aside from being an overall bad episode
(to many stories crammed together as many pointed out.) it also REAKS of plotholes.

-the moles are never get rid off, yet somehow a week later (next episode) are no longer a problem... did they call the space-pest-eliminators?

-the universe, that will keep expanding and eventually consume our universe, and will pretty fast start consuming the first worlds in the gamma quadrant... and blocing the entrance to the wormhole... (causing that explotion after all)... yet is never mentioned again..
(yes you should have destroyed it, if it is us or them, I pick us, anytime.)
*I give a few moral arguments out that the lazy writers COULD have used did they do their work better :
- it could have time go for it so fast and so much mass inside it, it will collapse back on itself before becoming to close.. and than either vanish or repeat that cycle resulting to us in the formation of a dangerous region in space of changing size, but never ourside a certain border.
-our universe might be expanding faster.. while it would eventually destroy all life in the milky way and our entire galactic cluster, outside of that things move away to fast for this new expanding universe to catch up with the expantion of our own universe (a big sacrifice, but a needs of the many argument, what are a few million galaxcies with a few trillion sention species in them against an entire universe)
-have the q step in and get rid of this garbadge.. it all was a test.. how would we treat life if it was a danger to us, while we held their universe in our hand.. if we would have destroyed it, the q would have destroyed us.. "do unto others"... now they just wimp the proto-universe away and give us their version of a pad on the back.

-the beaming of the universe
from what I understand beaming is using some form of supermicroscope that is capable of detecting every particle (electrons, atoms, etc) in your body, as well as their relative location, connection speed and temperature.
the data is than stored, while the original is either vaporised (much more energy efficient) or his mass converted into energy (insane energy amounts required) than than is converted back into matter at the ariving destination.
another universe will not have our laws of fysicis, not our defenition of matter and energy, not our laws... so there is nothing to scan for, nothing that can be such it should not have been possible to beam it over.
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Thu, Dec 1, 2016, 3:38am (UTC -5)
Re: TNG S3: Transfigurations

I too had the memory lane experience.
-not remembering what episode this was as I rewatched it, but remembering parts of it as I watched it.
-However I did remember there was a TNG episode with such a being in it, just not remembered it was this one.

But I found this episode rather enjoyable, for different reasons.

After STE ended, I felt into cold vacuum, born in 82, I pretty much grew up with trek, never single year without new episodes, and such became the norm for me.
So when STE was pulled, for the first time in my life, (and that was in my early 20s) I was without anything to watch.. I was REALLY like "why it was good and well watched, how can there be no trek??"
After the first mourning, and a few years waiting and hoping they would come to their sences and launch a new star trek series, while visiting the star trek website dayly for news about this and reading "the trek life" I gave up.
I switched to star gate, that by than was in it's 6th season, untill it too got pulled with the same ununderstandable tricks, a few years later.
(it got replaced for the crap called SGU what logically never got a second season, but I did not expect the whole series to be ceased)

I save you the details, but rest to say star trek reboot for me is no trek at all, and don't get me even started on star gate reboot movies, true scifi is dead, sadly, corporate drones have assimilated all.

Well why this introducion, because this episode introduced the idea of "acended beings" BEFORE star gate, and that with hindsight thats very interesting.
It would make this race like both the altarans and the ori from star gate.
-> I hence would have loved a more detailed look at their tech, it must be advanced, very advanced, i they are so close to ascending, their space faring society must be much older and much more advanced than any of the main races in star trek. The chocking tech I hence buy, but I was waiting for a revelation : was it technological? in that case interesting very advanced indeed, or did even the conservatives have powers to enforce such things at range to other races? was there an "enhanced" aboard the attacking ship?
(could have made interesting drama play and put the danger of these ability's and the polarity they may cause even more into perspective)

I am a christian, and hence i not believe in evolution, but I do believe we were created originally as MUCH MUCH more than we are now, as beings living outside time, in infinite dimentions, litterly to the immage of God (and God is spirit) and that our vanity of wanting to be equal (the desire for control and power IS the core of all sin) caused us to be cast down much much deeper, to this pityfull 3d dimension linear timeloced beings, who like plato said "have an inhering yearning to heavens, aka like a memory of what they used to be, but are no longer"
(while I am good in science, and have a rational mind, I see many scientists are blind for these reasons, they only want to "know" what can be controlled, to gain more power to chance things, and are vain in wanting recognision of others. It does not even apear to them that that is not objective science at all, like Jesus said, none is as blind who cannot see, and only those who are prepared to loose themselves will keep themselves)
-> there is much more depth in what Jesus said than many christians often know, many are just as control freaky, with a book in their hand they use THEIR minds and THEIR ideas and THEIR institutes to control and be vain just the same as science does. Christ ment it when he said he left HIS spirit to guide us, why than are we using still our mortal brains to try to puzzle things out on our own, to obtain control?
-> and what I say is not the same as new age mumbo jumbo, witchcraft too often wants control and many of those people are just out there for vanity, power and money too. Those who are not are often hedonistic, just out their for their next endorphine shock, drug induced or otherwise, not how to find the truth either.

This episode hints to many of those features, control vs communion, a sence of things to come and that have been, but no hard memory, and for doing so I like it.

more down to earth, when picard confronts Q he does see mankind one day becoming like Gods and evolving beyond even Q's ability's, this shows one way of that to become true. (as I hinted before the Q may have simply evolved from biological beings, and my bet is Q has evolved from humans (thats why he is so interested in them, where the other Q, not so much as they must be of different races)

I give it 4/4 stars, for introducing many of such concepts.
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Sat, Oct 8, 2016, 8:11pm (UTC -5)
Re: TNG S1: We'll Always Have Paris

like many pointed out :

The backstory on picard is nice and ageless.

The "breaking the wall of our reality" storyline oversimplistic and not worked out well at all.
-the multiverse is a sound scientiffic theory, as are the multiple dimensions, DS9 handled this non-linear time thing a lot better and many cartoons did better (heck even justice league had a proper multiverse episode)

here are some lines how this story could have been MUCH improved by inserting more sci and less fi.

*so the prof made a multiverse doorway by tapping into non-linear time.
(since the multiverse is essentially "everything that can happen, will" going back in time and than back forth, allows one to visit all paralel universes.
-> the only thing that is known to be able to bend time is a wormhole
(since time freezes at the event horizon of a black hole, and a wormhole is essentially a tunnel between two event horizons of two black holes)
the problem being that wormholes are very rare in the universe and often instable, and would only connect 2 timelines, leaving for very little multiverse manipulation.
-> to be able to finely manipulate time, one would need to be able to create an artificial wormhole capable of projecting itself back in time.
-> that would indeed require a strong gravity well that has been strong, yet stable for a long period in most paralel universes.
-> a twin pulsar by nature fits that description, however one also needs somethimg to project that force upon, a fixed location, and thats hard since normally any location would move through space around a star.
-a neutron star fragment, as the fixit center of a tri-star system with two white dwarf stars both in eclipsical orbit crossing eachohers path would provide that but would a rare phenomene indeed.

with machinery one could create gravitons and use time dialation and gravity to project that black hole back in time to buit a portal into paralel universes.
With enough machinery and finetuningg it could even be controlled to step from one universe in some other at will.

-> however it would NOT be entering the full spectrum of the multiverse nor more than 3 dimensions, it would be like warp is to normal space, it may expand or schrink normal space, one still moves in normal space.

to enter the 4th and above dimension one would need quantum slipstream drives, and essentially break though the fabric of the universe itself (and for the multiverse, time itself but at that moment they would be the same thing)
however doing that would require far more exotic means than just a nice planetoid at the center of a pulsar.

Now if one would not be able to maintain the containment field on the graviton-partical containmentfield, one could have those black hole ripples merge with the natural pulsars radioation and "pulse" into space.
this could cause a small time-rewind every time the pulse hits, giving the chance to make different decicions, throwing the universe is an alternative path.
-> this would be no danger in itself, but it could be exploited, imagine knowning the outcome of an event a few seconds in advance and than take another aproach to prevent it, soon nobody would know what the "real" universe was and what was the mirror universe.

(a few nice battles or spieces that suddenly were not dead, or other chanced events can be trown into the storyline to emphase this)

as for the scientists illness, there really would be no illness, his illness was bogus.
but if you want to give him an illness, make it so that because his body absorbed a lot of gravitons during the accidental explosion, his body is "drawn" towards the original spacetimeline, however with every "pulse" the universe is moving further and further into an alterative timeline, without realising it (every chance to chance events will cause some events to be chanced) since all matter has a vibration that gives it a signature belonging to it's own universe, this makes the doctors body slowly growing ever more out of sink, eventually leaving him unable to process out food, water and air, because of a to large atomic vibration difference.
(sound is an vibration and sound can heal people or make them ill, imagine somebody scratching on a board, and than having that sound played inside every cell of your body.. it would make you sick indeed.

some explenation around these lines would have done the story tons of good.
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Wed, Nov 4, 2015, 6:44am (UTC -5)
Re: TOS S3: Wink of an Eye

Enjoyable episode, 3 stars, if one looks aside the ovious plotholes and the screeming voice to do things different.

also this suffers from again : kirk the spacepimp (tm) to much. (one of the things I hate about TOS in general.)

The things that brought this down for me a noth
-the timelines that indeed did not match... two different timespeeds... and events happend at the same rate??
**but they also did not keep the fast time at the same speed.
How fast WERE those being moving?
Well we know that they could not been seen.
The human eye registers 80Hz, we have seen them in direct sight before peoples eyes in the same spot, for as much as 3 minutes in a row. That makes their time acceleration at least 15000x as fast as our time. Or Put differently well over 10 days would pass in 1 minuut of "real time"
=> yet all events we see happen in the span of a few hours, socrry sais he goes to the beaming room, and is there in the next shot.. makes no sence.

But than there is the argument of the nerves.. More speciffic Touch. Touch is not made by one type of nevers.
You have chemical nerves (that would detect the pheremones and the different acidity of the other person touching you)
You also have Elektric nerves, that detect the static field that is around every living thing.
And than you have heat&cold nerves, that register the difference in temperature between you, your surrounding and whatever is touching you.
I could not find if there is a minimum amount of time to make a signal.. but it seems logic it is quite posible to move under the radar of your nerves and no be registered at all.
But given that it is registered, nerves are quite slow, 100m/s
that means to feel a kiss, 0,002 seconds are needed.
at 15000 times time exeleration, thats 30 seconds, so plausible.

But than the last piece of the puzzle.. they still can be HEARED talking.
The human ear hears upto 20.000hz, but the sound we register as mosquito, is only 600-1000hz.
Human voice is between 80 and 180Hz
that would mean the reordings were only at about 16x normal speed, a lot slower, that is not sound science.

And than there is the fact the invented a drug that would counter-react the effect of the speed up effect.. but did not share it with the people on the planet??
(would have solved their problem, at normal speed she could just go to a bar... and I let you fill in the blanks..)

Also, how often DO ships pass through there...
if they had a normal lifespan of say 200 (future healthspans longer) and they were like 20 now.. That would give them only about 5 days left. (and given that woman are only fertile until 50 orso.. (and that would not change even with longer lifespans) that would give them only 18 real time hours to breed and proceed their society.

=even IF they would keep catching ships, they needed to be incredibly lucky to have one passing by, only 18 hours later=
also.. as the thing what made the man infertile, seems to be the same thing that speeds things for them up.. would not races they speeded up to their time, not also be infertile?=
And if not, what would prevent the spieces from eventually regain fertility?=
And if the infertility is caused instead by the chemicals on the planet.. why not leave it? Or at least instal water purification devised.

Also would have have hurt the enterprise to have the males leave some seamen samples on ice, with regulair shipments added to that (seems all they needed was that)..

to much plotholes... it could have been written a bit better.
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Fri, Oct 16, 2015, 7:27pm (UTC -5)
Re: TOS S3: The Paradise Syndrome

An meager episode.

A LOT of big mistakes :

Sin 1
One more earthlike planet, sigh.

Sin 2
More sexism, and one more woman that Kirk will forget about next week, join the Harem.

Sin 3
It presumes that in the 23d century a ships doctor would not now about some simple mathematics like angles of deflection, bogus, anyone who is a doctor will have hath basic math and will know.

Sin 4
The "Kirk to enterprise" line, shenenigans on that, WAY to conviniant.

Sin 5
The energy needed to transport a starship across space by generating a warp-field is MUCH higher than the energy in an moving object, even one the size of the moon, it should be able to displace it.

Sin 6
Pushing against an object the size of the moon from an earthlike planet, would cause that earthlike-planet to shift orbit as well, and probably also will cause an axis-shift. this would have MASSIVE inpact on the climate on said world, and would far from make everything peace and quit again

Sin 7
The indians at the end are still doomed, enterprise will leave, no medicineman left to operate the machine in the next bad event.

But this episode was not all bad.. though much of it was.

*seeing kirk in some other role than captain is not that bad, the benifits of simple life and such is a theory I support. He who multiplies knowledge, multiplies sorrow, ignorance IS bliss, but still one must fight ignorance, man is simply not ment to be happy indeed.

*the storyline of those preservers explains at least SOMEWHAT how that -way to convenient- indian culture + obelisk came to be there, an explenation in many episodes not given, and it even ties some lose ends for other episodes

Overall I would rate this episode at 1.5 stars, it is not pure torture to watch, but no great fun either.
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Fri, Oct 16, 2015, 5:31pm (UTC -5)
Re: TOS S3: Elaan of Troyius

I have to disagree with you peeps, on the low ratings. For some reason this episode is like-able, and I would say one of the better TOS episodes.

Reason 1 : finally a proper storyline.
well this is one of the RARE episodes thats NOT about either "yet oneother earth" or "kirk outsmarts the computer"
And it is about diplomacy, finally something that really DOES belong to the federation.

Reason 2 : klingons
Always good to have some agresive klingons, some secret agenda's and plotting, and the reason in this case (a huge dilithium mine) is quite logical.

Reason 3 : Shakespeare
I like those plays and taming of the srewd in fact is one of my favorite plays. even though a weak substitute, the hint towards it is clear enough to be enjoyable.

Reason 4 : Shut up woman!
While I don't like sexism, I don't like feminism either, and in this era of today woman are in fact behaving like spoiled brats, playing the card to get everything for free, yet have no old-time obligations for those freebies in turn, seeing such a woman be turned down a notch is always a pleasure.

Well having that said it is not all good :

Criticism 1 :
Sexism again, kirk just HAS to make up with this woman. Do I have to spell unprofessional? Starfleet = Military, and behaving this way in line of duty is unacceptable. And as often said TOS genrally has WAY to much sexism.

Criticism 2 :
Love tears, there was no need whatsoever for them to be in this episode, other than to drag to one more I gonne miss you so much, yabber, that in light on how many times kirk already has said that to tons of other woman is totally unbelievable

Overall I would rate this with a solid 2.5 - 3.0 stars.
making it one of the 15 best TOS episodes.
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Fri, Oct 16, 2015, 8:55am (UTC -5)
Re: TOS S2: The Omega Glory

Insufferably bad episode.

Sin 1 : Must it always be a paralel earth or a Kirk outsmarts the Machine [TM]?
paralel earths do NOT exist in the SAME universe, let alone copied in the numbers we see them in TOS.
*Classical Greek earth
*Roman earth
*20's earth
*Nazi earth
*60's earth
*Cold War Earth
and who knows how many more of these..

Sin 2 : TOTALLY unplausible
If you do have to add a second earth, at least get your story straight, and aliens that copy your culture down to the very symbol of the flag and constitution is totally bogus!

Sin 3 : American nationalism (sigh)
There are MANY Scify watchers like me who are NOT american.
I am european, and I don't particulairy like america, in fact americanism for me is a verb of my nation going down the drain!
Also in my nation nationalism/patriotism is seen on equal foot with nazicism, to much waving the flag and such and your seen as a nazy, as such I find the general behaviour of this waving the flag in general distastefull.

Sin 4 : Kirk sees himself as american
This series plays in the future, kirk was born 90 years after the founding of the federation, and 150 years after forming united earth.
By the time he gets command, thats 120 years after the founding of the federation and 180 years after forming united earth.
But granted even as nation states ceased to exist, the idea of nationality died slower, just as people still wave flags of nations that no longer excist today, basques in spain, frisians in netherlands, texans in america, and so on, and so on. The general factions on earth (before unification) were 1 The African Union 2 Russia 3 European Hegemony 4 North American Federation 5 Eastern Coalition 6 Austalia.. and a couple more.
as such, kirks thinking as an american may still be valid in some sence.. but THAT america was after the post-nucleair horror, and such, so it had a different flag, different constitution. So to identify with something CENTURIES before your time, is well not unheared of in humans, but not the behaviour one would expect to see in a captain of the federation who is trained to leave behind all that kind of thinking.
So to think that a biggot american would become federation captain, is like saying a racist KKK member would becomre president of the USA, not very likely.

Sin 5 : that other captain behaves irregulair
There was simply no need for him to keep up his paranoid thinking after it was clear that the long lifespans were not possible to duplicate

Sin 6 : the culture fell in despair
United earth, came out of an atomic war, and had the eugenics war before that. And still we managed to launch the phoenix.
It is not likely an entire planet would turn to barbarism after a nucleair war, and even lose the ability to read and write, especially with lifepands of 1000 years, and ample time to rediscover things. If it survived enough to preserve items like the flag and constitution, it should have been able to preserve more items that would enable them to have rebuild more.
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Thu, Oct 15, 2015, 11:32am (UTC -5)
Re: TOS S2: Return to Tomorrow

A nice and enjoyable episode. 3 stars.

Some minus points however :

This planet is NOT class M, as far as star trek classifications goes this is a class K world (like mars is) I like consisicy, and it is not given here.

As a reminder how star-trek classification works :

Class M, is a rocky planet with atmosphere that naturally has plant and annimal life, suitable for humanoid life
Class L is a rocky planet with atmosphere that naturally has plantlife but no annimal life, suitable for humanoid life.
Class K means without atmosphere, and no life, but can be made habitable with pressure domes and such.
Class D is also without atmosphere and no life, and the surface can not be terraformed, sub-surface habitats are however possible (like monitor stations/research stations)

Class H means toxic to humanoid life, uninhabitable, even if it has atmosphere and life on it.

Class N means toxic to MOST life humanoid and otherwise, sulfuric world, all water (if any) excist only as vapor, extremophiles and silicicium-based lifeforms may however still live here.

Class Y means toxic to ALL life

Class J means gas-giant

So clearly this is a K-class world.

Now minus point 2 : why the rush in self-destructing.
this race could have learned the federation A LOT, and even if they deemed themselves "to dangerous" to recieve their new android-body's, least they could have done was give SOME tech manuals as a thank you for the assistance in the first place?
We DID help them for the possible "gains" after all, so if we were willing to take the risk why chicken out now? How is kirk ok with them self-destructing and not trying to talk them in "stay a little longer we still could learn a lot"??
missed oportunity I say.

Also Making sex (ok kissing still point stands) in ONEOTHERS persons body?? and everybody standing around it is ok with that?? serious?? It is one thing to LEND a persons body, one complete other what you use it for, and sexual pleasure SURELY was NOT included in the agreement.

And did we really need multiple awkward relationships ak sexism [TM] again?? it's all that sexism that makes me dislike TOS in the first place.. your the army, behave professional!
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Wed, Oct 14, 2015, 1:21pm (UTC -5)
Re: TOS S2: I, Mudd

I would rate this one at two stars, somewhat fun but far from great.

this eposide was at least somewhat plausible, unlike most TOS episodes, st least the writers came up with a decent story that was possible-ish.

What looses it points is :

VERY much sexism, one thing I generally hate about TOS

Kirk outsmarts the computer [TM] AGAIN!! please that gets old to fast!

and again they destroy one species.. and a perfect opportunity to actually learn something (more advanced = new gadgeds + prime directive)
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Wed, Oct 14, 2015, 9:27am (UTC -5)
Re: TOS S2: The Apple

all has been said.. this IS a shitty episode.

I like SCIENCE fiction, without the fiction and with accurate science, this one is why TOS sucks in comparising to later series

Ok so we have a society that has degenerated, that once build a VERY advance machine, than could controll everything, even regulated their population (no touching) and would keep everybody alive. This must have been done by a VERY advanced civilization, with population numbers in the billions.
Now I can see how even an advanced race things a simple life is better, and perhaps shieled their offspring from knowing these facts. Evidence is that at one time these antenna's were installed back when their society still had technical skills.
If it was castrofofy, like a plague or overpopulation, or the result of generations, if the machine made the rule of not breeding, or even backfired and killed all but a few, is unknown, but there we are.

But now it gets crappy :

Bug 1 : Preservation of energy
*this machine was capable of controlling the climate on a global scale and able to change it in minute detail in seconds. It was even able to control the plantlife somehow, some plants ma have been biological machines instead.
*it ALSO was able to simultainisly completely drain the energy-reserves of the enterprise, even the combined pull with all theĆ½ got was NOT enough to pull loose.
This would take a LOT of energy and computing power, much more than the imput from their sun could give them (and as all food needs to be grown from that solar energy coming it.. can't be done).
*we see them feed the thing 2 ties a day in meager quantities, even if they would feed him other energy sources (like those rocks??) it would not suffice, the energy-density for that is not high enough.
*if there would be MANY more villages like this on the planet AND many more entrences all feeding him tree times a day those rocks/uranium/antimatter or something similiar than yes perhaps.
As we know there ARE no other villages on the planet, the only logical conclusion is that the feedings are merely ceremonial (thought up as part of the simple life doctrine of their forefathers) and that the machine was self-sufficient by whatever energysource was installed in it.

As such there is NO way that if the enterprise power supplies were not able to break free, their weapons would be able to destroy the machine. In both cases it is a simple power output of the enterprise vs power output of the machine. The argument it has not been fed is bogus as argumented above.

to the positive side there was really no way to escape without destroying the machine, it could ONLY cmmunicate by sending information to the one guy with antenna's implanted, standing before the cave and talk was pointless, they should have reverse engineerd those antenna's. (basic neural node, not above star trek capability) Unknown is however if it was also possible to send information to the machine, as signs prove the machine was made to only SEND orders. any treats to its directive (simple life for its people) were simply destroyed.
The message "we will leave, and let them alone" hence could not have been communicated.

I find spocks argument that this society works for them valid, and find it a crime that they destroyed it. After all the prime directive WAS in place indeed, and the should have sacrificed themselves and that ship in order to maintain it.

However as also pointed out, IF they were able to destroy it, they should also be able to escape it, and the "were burning up in atmosphere" problem would not excist.
That would indeed make the chooice much more interesting : leave and leave this culture intact, or destroy it before leaving.
and would show kirk for the racist and xenofoob he is should he stil destroyed it.

=> if it was capable to do his kind of things, the energy imput should have been A LOT greater than what they "feeded" him (even if they feeded him those rocks,

Preservation of energy, anyone?
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Fri, May 2, 2014, 6:08pm (UTC -5)
Re: TOS S3: And the Children Shall Lead

I totally agree with all calling this episode bad.

While it at LEAST include
*an alien planet or ship
*an alien being
*some unknown techology or power
(and thats more than can be said from most TOS series)

they make YET AGAIN the mistake of making the alien look human (come on!) and make this a drama play.

But even than, there are the MAYOR plotholes :

-the children SEE their parents dead perhaps even see them being killed, and are totally fine with than, yet when they rewatch it on tape, suddenly they have a change of hearth?

-Children who are willfulling killing their own parents, and are fully willing to kill all adults on a whole planet, just to gain adult rights before actually being an adult, and hence are complete psychopats, suddenly turn back in totally fine kids after seeing 1 videotape, rather than needing severe psychotherapy?

-Even how ridiculous the air-fist power may be
(it gets on my nerves almost as much as the equally corky "no-bam-bam" from earlier episode)
when kirk sees it performs as does spock, they both don't do a think to stop it?
Yes in the end they conclude KILL THE KIDS, but really could one not have drawn that conclusion much earlier? or at very least stun them all?

-they dont check the actual cordinates where they just beamed 2 people to?? how about checking where you beam people too before beaming, seems like standard protocol to me??

-you just have something that killed many adults, and kids behaving like psychopaths, but you just bring them aboard? ever heard of quarantine untill the cause was found?

-you see a field full of dead humans, on an alien world, but you walk around without rubber gloves or other sensable protection, and even rub inside their wounds, smell their breath, and all? thats a REALLY good way to spread infections! again protocol?
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Fri, May 2, 2014, 10:22am (UTC -5)
Re: TOS S3: Spock's Brain

Not THE worst TOS episode :
-at least we DONT get the hated Yet Oneother Earth [TM]
-And we actually visit a ALIEN planet, and get to see an ALIEN ship (does happen far to less too)

but makes the same mistakes like
-All aliens speak english (-> universal translators anyone?)
-All aliens look like humans [TM]

The central plot : supercoputer use a brain for it's CPU, needs replacement part, spocks brain is taken as replacement part, while corky, stands.

Though there are massive plotholes as well :
*the ion ship should be parked somewhere.. they don't at least try to learn SOME things from this knowledge but just leave?
*Should a system build like this, not insist on education, whats the point of building a repository of knowledge without the ability to do something with it?
*Why would in any appocalips, a society force all the man out in the open and all the woman down in the "safehouse", very chivaldry, not very logically, one might want to preserve the spiecies?
*They don't know what man are, yet there ARE man walking around IN the woman base?
*etc etc etc..

But I guess what bothers me most is that they are just totally ok, to destroy a MASSIVE leap in science, just to save 1 man's life. AND doom a complete civilization in the process.
This is one of these cases where I would have called the shot, to trade spocks life, for unlimited acces to all this knowledge.. progress has it's price, and this one was a bargain, not taking it and ruining this option forever should have gotten jim shot, or at the very least courtmarshaled and cast out of starfleet.
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Fri, May 2, 2014, 7:59am (UTC -5)
Re: TOS S2: Assignment: Earth

While in general an enjoyable episode,

I HAVE to point out :
-There WAS no time travel possible in kirk's era.. time travel was only possible in the 27th century, and only became mainstream in the 29th.

-the technolony kirk supposingly uses to time travel, is not even remotely fitting technobabble, even in 1970's fysics had improved way beyong this kind of unfitting crap.

So I may be a critic looking back on a show that was aired over a decade before I was born.. but still I am glad they became more professional (though not enough) in later star trek series.
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Thu, May 1, 2014, 9:47pm (UTC -5)
Re: TOS S2: Bread and Circuses

ARGGG not AGAIN the "just like earth" crap.

This must be why I barely can stand TOS, aside from it's hopeless outdated looks (starships with pushbuttons, pull out scanners, earpieces THAT big, really people?, and it's hopelessly outdated technobabble (or even worse, lack of it, compared to the much more loved TNG))

But come on.. even IF I buy into the story :
-civ already knew about space, and spaceweapons and everything.
-in that case there would be NO polution by using phase weapons in front of the consul (as long as it happens off-screen)
hence :
*a wide range stun blast with the enterprise, and than just beam up, all the tech, and all the team members, and our rotten ex-captain, and the consul (now he can enjoy jail in our society instead) would be a relatively clean cut in comparising.

Would make for a short episode, but a far more logical and sensible one.
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Wed, Apr 30, 2014, 6:43pm (UTC -5)
Re: TOS S2: A Private Little War

Am I the only one that found there would be a second solution?

*totally eliminate the village (and with them remove all knowledge of making guns)

*this needs to be done by cover up, so they use the enterprise to cause a MASSIVE disaster that looks like a natural disaster that wipes out the village.

*the woman needs to die too (her idea of "war and killing" even without the tools to do that, is contamination, she has to be eliminated.

*capture and kill all klingons, near (and if neccecairy go to war over this, but hope they back off)

*place a permament space station in orbit of this planet to monitor it's progress and to quarentine it (nobody will land on it ever again) -> while no issue for the foreseable future their technological progress makes it neccecairy, replace the space station with more stealthed observation methods.

But my line of thinking is clearly not the "cold war era" thinking when this was made.
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Mon, Apr 14, 2014, 8:39pm (UTC -5)
Re: BSG S3: A Measure of Salvation

This was THE one moment in the entire series that made me think WTF!

*genocide on your attacking race? without even twinking my eyes. It is what I NOT share with star treks cosy little world, I much more prefer the Alternative relaity of Terra Prime / The Terran Empire -> but than one with a little more trust between humans, and a little less killing your officiers.
As such the survival of man must ALWAYS take priority and any and all that pose even the slightest risk to that factor must be wiped out.
They NEVER should have stroke the accords with the cylons back than, and running was NOT the prefered chooise of action, ever since the first eposide my feeling was, payback, genocide on the cylons, in this episode they could, why don't they!

And didn't they took blood samples? surely they are not all destroyed. Time to catch some new prisoners, for attempt 2.0

BTW why think so small, the ONLY reason they ever needed that resurrection ship was because of the distance towards their homeworld(s)(as such resurrection ships are mere signal boosters) killing them in orbit of caprica, or any of the colonies would infect ALL cylon homeworlds, retake what ours.

Also there is the fact of having to protect that possible 13th colony too (and as far as story goes we still believe those to be humans)

In the same line, in the earlier kara-episode, I would have killed that kid, even on the hint she was hybrid. Humun blood must be pure, everything that has ANY cylon in it must be eridicated.

It might be a quick end to the series.. killing the cylons off in this one, but it would have been the right call.
It leaves me VERY dissattisfied in the end not each and every cylon has been wiped out of excistance as should have been the priority mission from day 1 (even more than survival)
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Tue, Apr 8, 2014, 7:44pm (UTC -5)
Re: BSG S2: Resurrection Ship, Part 1

Even in times of war, there legally still was a strong of command that ends indeed with the president, or at the very least the quorum of 12.

If the president has the power to apoint a admiral (that she has) than she also has the authority to strip one.

I wonder why laura did not just demote Cain and promoted Adama.
After that Adama could drag her before a military court and find her guilty of crimes of war (that she did). enough to dishonourbly discharge her and put her in jail for life.
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Thu, Mar 13, 2014, 10:27pm (UTC -5)
Re: TOS S2: Who Mourns for Adonais?

One thing that I wonder : why would a being like this be so depended on HUMANS.

There are many planets just leave for oneother one aye?
-> it even said this region of space has very UNDERdeveloped species (may be apollo's influence, than again.. why would he live on a planet without people? with so many save havens nearby.

What happend to the original members of this spiecies (that small band cannot have been all of them, unless they were a minority genetic variation within a larger race without these same abiity's) still there must have been many more of them, or at least have been, they cannot have left all for earth, what did happen with the others?

Why would such a race EVER leave.. it was not like worship of these gods ceased because of greek uprising.. and even roman conquest did not completely wipe it out (since roman Gods were the same as greek Gods, only with different names mostly).. So they would have left when rome became christian on a large scale and perhaps not even untill the rise of islam who wiped out the last remaining greek pockets outside of roman influence.
why would they have left 5000 years ago... while that religion was very alive and kicking untill 2000 years ago??

and why would they not just have presumed new names and go visit say - the indians - or any primitive tribe on earth... plenty to go around.

and after that why not leave for oter planet repeating the heist?
and if they could not leave, how did apollo even get here?
and if he could get there, why did he not land on any of those tasty INHABIITED worlds
and why would he be so stupid to try to force obediance of modern humans, while he could have hitched a ride with them to any of those tasty primitive sociery planets nearby?

And what the HECK was kirk thinking with his human above all else speach. (not that I don't like the terra prime concept... I do in fact) but it seems very discrimination, like the ferengi say : we ALL know the federation is just a homo sapiens fanclub.
(for a federation of hundres of planens.. should not spaceships represent that aka should not like 390+ of those 400 crew members be alien of dosins of different spiecies? and if so why is the entire leadership of the ship all human + 1 half-human? how's that for racism!
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Wed, Mar 5, 2014, 10:51pm (UTC -5)
Re: TOS S1: Tomorrow Is Yesterday

I prefer GOOD science, in my science fiction.
this episode fails HORRIBLY in that regard.
(even for 1960-standards)

*WARP speed is supposed to be FASTER than light.
(the WARPING of space, thats why normal relativity does not count)

*the sling-shot effect of a star might give you fast speed, but NEVER faster than light, hence it would at best give you normal (aka impuls-speed)

*one can NOT travel back in time in normal impuls speed, only slow down time that effect at 0.5 impulsspeed (or halve the speed of light would be nearing a factor 6000 (or 1.7 hours passing relativily for ever second experienced while traveling at 0.5 impuls) The story that gravity would cause rime to go BACKWARDS is total bullshit.

*the kind of slingshot effect needed to even GET a proper time dialation effect would need something FAR more massive than our sun, like the black hole at the center of out galaxcy, one slingshot around that MIGHT give a ship 0.5 impuls.

*there IS no difference between speed and gravity, both are the same force, having the same effect on time.

*they are slingshot away from the sun, saying they travel at off the chart speeds, way faster than warp 8. given that warp-factor is compression factor. they should move out of the solar system in a blink, the distance they travel (sun to earth) should have taken them a lot shorter and at that speed they should have flows far out of the solar system in no second at all.

Here is the data :
(warp 1 = 1.00-9.99* speed of light)
(warp 2 = 10.00-99.99* speed of light)
(warp 3 = 100.00-999.99* speed of light)
(warp 4 = 1000.00-9999.99* speed of light)
(warp 5 = 10000.00-99999.99* speed of light)
(warp 6 = 100000.00-999999.99* speed of light)
(warp 7 = 1000000.00-9999999.99* speed of light)
(warp 8 = 10000000.00-99999999.99* speed of light)
(warp 9 = 100000000.00-99999999.99*speed of light)

Given that it's of the chart.. it must have been at least warp 9.0
thats at least 100 MILLION times faster than the speed of light.
the distance between the sun and earth is about 6 light-minutes.
It would have taken : 0,0000036 seconds to reach earth at warp 9.0

given that we have seen this speed activated for about 57 seconds (time between sulu saying of the chart, and the captain being beamed down)
the distance traveled would have been a little over 180 lightyears.

the only thing that MIGHT be possible is that black matter star, causing a distortion in the warp-field causing it to warp time too, into the negative.

-> getting back would just have needed them to travel a while at impuls speed. (one other common mistake in star trek, they travel WAY to much at impuls without showing any of the time-differiental problems that that would cause.
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Mon, Mar 3, 2014, 4:17pm (UTC -5)
Re: TOS S1: The Conscience of the King

Found it an enojoyable episode.
Though certain plotholes I found there as well, things I would have changed would I have written this.

*A fellow victem of a said crime has expressed clear suspicion.. and than not only trows a party to invite everybody inside the house (knowing that alone is way to risky), but also goes out on a walk ALONE during such a risky endevour. thats insane.
It would be more logically for this person to be PRESENT at that party, make sure he is never alone in a rome and have hired private security (I know I would have) to keep an eye out, as well as install recording devises in the whole place just to be sure.
-> he would still be dead, as that daughter would not have been suspicious and might as well have poisened him, but his dead would be more publicly seen.

*I know this series whas made in the '60s but still I keep hearing the word "DNA TEST" in my head. At te very least fingerprints (easely obtainable), bloodtype and dental data, would have been on record.
=> some medical excuse would have been need to made up to scan him.
(and given that people were dead at 7 locations where they went, I'd say a scan would be needed)

The captain just locates a person out of ways harm, without informing him? sorry not very logically. At least he should have placed guards near him. This would prevent any poisening of him. To allow for storyline, guards give us some privacy, a date and some poison lipstick may be used, or she "I'll bring him his meal, since he can't attent our play tonight".

The attempt on kirk's life was WAY over the top.
Since when does 1 lousy phaser-pistol blow up a whole deck.
they don't in star-trek-enterprise, and they don't do in next generation. Not unless they were placed right next to some very important plasma pipeline or something.
It would have sufficed, to just blow up the captains room. No need to evacuate the whole deck.
Just have spock and kirk dive out the room and close the doors, while the thing explodes, wrekking kirk's room, but thats it.

The way Karidian speaks I agree with him.
There was only food for 4000, and there were 8000 people. I find his case to select the 4000 best options (an he picked the children and the smartests as option) and kill of the rest, so halve may life, compelling and correct.
Better halve lives, than all die, and indeed does kirk not makes this kind of decicions all the time?
And jail is to REHABILITATE, not to VENGENCE a crime. We don't lock up a murderder to have the dead sleep more easy, we lock him up to prevent future dead. If there is no such risk, we should not even put such a person 1 day in jail. If there is no change of the person doing the same crime ever again, a person should not go to jail what so ever.
In reverse even an innocent person that have not done a crime, but has a high profile change to doing one, should be locked up preventively, even though he/she did not do the deed yet.
Had there not been 7 people dead under suspicious
situations kirk SHOULD have forgotten the issue.
So after this scene kirk should focus on finding who did the 7 murders, not if he is who he is.

The ending was weak.. with her killing her father.
There were like 50 crew members in the audience watching at her back. one should have stunned her before she even got a change to shoot.
(leaving her alive and proving she did the murdering, and she will go to jail)
might use this scene to have her shot kill of that luitenant whats his name (the other witness) giving kirk the complete power to let Karidian go or not as the last witness.

giving a different endscene with kirk and Karidian drinking coffee and having a talk.
Where Karidian pleas to let her free, and takes the blame for what happend, willing to take her place in jail. Just tell them who I am, and let her "escape" nobody would care if the small fish escape did they?
Kirk repeating : can't she killed 7 people, and if she has the change she will kill more tomorrow, without remorse.
Karidian than saying well can you make sure we al least have a shared cell?
Kirk than asking, surely you don't want me to tell the goverment of .... who you are?
As far as I'm concerned you made a mistake but are no risk to society what so ever now, besides who will keep life acting alife, otherwise?
Kiridian saying than : I have been given her and a new life after my mistake, least I can do is give her the last years of my life after hers.
Kirk : I understand, i'll use my influence to make sure you will share the same prison.
Kiridian : one more thing, if it is not to much to ask..
Kirk : you'll say it!
Kiridian : can you make sure we get a prison with a theather stage?
Kirk : I'll try, but why, you can't be especting much audience?
Kiridian : I'll always have the other inmates, and the guards. But the real reason is : Acting has learned me to forget the past, and give back to the society I was forced to hurt so badly, I hope to learn my daughter this spirit too, and who know a few other inmates as well.
Kirk : Well as long as you make sure at least one seat is empty in case I wish to drop by.
Kiridian : I'll make sure of it.

(something like this would make a far better episode)
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