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Fri, Dec 16, 2016, 10:53pm (UTC -5) | 🔗
Re: TNG S4: First Contact

While an enjoyable episode, I woul say merely 2.5 to 3.0 stars because of massive plotholes.

*Riker had no communicator and no acces to any compute, and as such no acces to translators.
(the tech that allows you to understand others in your language while you hear them speak in yours)
-a communicator badge in itself is unable to do this, while a set of communicator badges can communicate without a computer in between,
They could not translate what is said.
As such he should be unable to communicate with the Malcorian and tank a total alien language to them.
-he cannot possibly already have learned their language (he only was there a short time)

*space is big, distance between stars is a couple lightyears, warp 5 is 213,17c, meaning even a 1 lightyear distance would at least take a day.
However it took earth 5 years to build their first engine of that speed, cockraine did build some warp 2 and 3 engines for cargo craters, warp 3 is 38,93x, meaning that trip to the nearest star would at least take a month.
even if the nearest star to this world is unrealisticly close (within 0.5c) and they have an unrealisticly fast first warp engine (warp 3 for their first version?) AND that system would be occupied it would be a problem.
They were planning to go there, go back and thats it, I don't see why first contact could not have waited AFTER their first warp flight.
it is quite unlikely they will "bump into something out there" with just their first flight.

*they can scan for biosigns, really not able to detet a human biosign? Unlikely, and if so, why not insert some biomarker into the bloodstream that IS detectable.

*the malcorians look to surprised being in orbit, and that orbit was surprisingly clear of anything?
They are building warp engines and never launched as much as a satelite in orbit, not had any man on their moon or any space station??
Again : quite unlikely.

*the malcorians talk about dark age, it's unlikely they had one, as they are a completely different culture. and if they had one, they would not call it the same.

*as many pointed out, the name of the planet should not be "something III"

*sex with an alien, BEFORE first contact? (riker had no way to know first contact had already be made)
also sex with an alien? how would you know you would not contract or pass on space-aids or space-plague?
(ok I already pointed once out that bacteria and virusses react on certain protains, aka specifficily tuned to speciffic species on a planet (thats why cows bacteria do not harm us)
as such originally their bacteria and virus should be harmless to us, and reverse, however it only takes one mutation and something complely harmless to one may be deadly to the other,
and sex is a very good way to pass them on..)
-> while it would be impossible to get offspring in the real universe, in the star trek universe half-somethings seem to happen all the time dispice their biological impossibility, imagine causing a half-human baby with this woman..
also "their sexual ways are different" they may not even have the same organs "why are you taking your soup-slurper out" imagine the damage to diplomatic relations if someone would walk in while the bloody alien is defiling one of our woman..
where;s the "death before not following the prime directive?"

*they give the prime minister wine (nice continuety though) while his very biology may not be able to digest it, for all you know certain minerals in our food may be toxic to them?

*we see a prime minster and 2 ministers (science and national security) where is the rest? clearly the goverment cannot be run by a three man show, it cannot be a dictatorship, since they speak of elections.
Also if there is a secretary of the interior, there must be an exterior, what are the other nations on the planet? or are they already protecting against possible outside treats? would than the minister of the EXTERIOUR defence not be a better spokesperson?
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Tue, Dec 13, 2016, 1:18pm (UTC -5) | 🔗
Re: TNG S4: Suddenly Human

Lot of obvious mistakes in logic as mentioned by so many others above.
but I mostly feel they did not expand on the REAL issue at hand : free will.

One element not going in deep here is "age of self-determination" and given how cultures and idea's (especially in america as opposed to us europeans) give significant important to age barriers.

age when it's legal to drive, here 18, some nations 16, 15, 14 other even 21 or 21.
age when your allowed to vote?
age when your allowed to have sex? here 16, other nations 12, usa 18...
age when your allowed to drink, used to be 16, now 18, other nations vary..
age when your allowed to refuse medical treatment or chooice to get treatment (and your parents cease to stop decieding for you) here 16, until that age treatment may be forced or denied upon you, again age differ per nation.

and than we add the cultural centuries, of era's past in the mix... we see that society always has struggled with this concept of when is a person allowed to deciede for him/herself.

And even if one is allowed to deciede, we had things like laws forbidding driving, drinking, drugs, or on the other hands laws that obligate you to follow education to a certain age, stay indoor after dark, etc..
-> again very different per culture..

finally personally, is a person allowed to waste his/her own lie? should a suicidal person given self-governance and allowed to, or should he be seen as mentally ill, and hence his right of self-determination nullified?
Should the same count for an addict? And for a homeless beggar? And for a person just bumming through life? And for a person who does not make chooices based on what he likes/wimps, not what would give the most certain route to succes?

you see it boils down to free will.
-is the boy ALLOWED to determine himself, sure in their culture he is, but is he in the federation culture, he is after all only 14 what IS age of concent for them?
-at what age is a citicen of the federation allowed to leave the federation and nullify that citycenship?

and what does one do if the law and character do not line up, does one follow the intention of the law or the letter?
(one can easely imagine how one 15yo can fully freely chooice for sex, with the 19yo he or she chooices, while some 20yo are still so immature, the relations they jump into are pure taking advantage)
Likewise one can see how somebody who just had his wife running away on him with the kids, should not be allowed to buy to much alcohol, or commit suicide, and should be denied self-determination in that regard but when a mortally ill 87yo person wants to die with some dignity

And thats where it boils down to IS this boy even capable of making this chooice.

Legally the case is clear, the boy was taken illigally, theis customs be damned he was a citycen of the federation and as such telarian law had no place when the "adoption" was done, the boy is simply a POW, and by law the federation is obligated to extract him, no matter how anyone feels.
And I don't think the federation allowed someone to give up membership or be self-governing as young as 14, though at least they should have mentioned that law. (If that age of concent was higher than 14yo, the case was by law closed)

and a very interesting conflict of the admiral shielding with the law, picard forced to uphold that law, and the boy clearly wanting to leave.. could have arised.

Law or personal chooice, what should take preference? could have been a very interesting chooice, especially if the prospect of war was about enforicing federation law and not so much protecting the boy.

Add to that in the mix the question if the boy even should be allowed to chooice freely even IF he was of age of concent by federation law.
Given how there are clear psychological signs that could be used to say he is not "capable" to make such a decision and as such a federation law would place him under custody of the law, by law making him a minor no matter his age, and not allowed to self-determine.
made more complex because he is clearly wise for his years and the arbitrairy age line drawn by law does not take this character difference into account..

That would add a very nice "what is a legal age of self determination" in the mix.
and "should a person have the right to ruin his/her own life, even if mentally unstable?" and "age of concent, should it be the letter or the spirit of the law?"

given how panicing usa people are about if somebody who is even a day to young, no matter how mature, does certain things, while having no problem letting people rot in the streets who clearly need psychological help, and the many difference in cultures watching trek, this could have been a very interesting episode.

alas.. the writers lacked the capability to mine this or the goldmine it could have been.
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