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Tue, Dec 3, 2013, 4:22am (UTC -5)
Re: TNG S6: The Quality of Life

Bad Episode.

Ok : the enterprise LOOKS for life ANY life.
(a class M planet with only a few microbes on it would from that mission point still be interesting)

Still I was like the writer of this article thinking of : not all life is equall.

So they have PROVEN to have a survival instinct.
so have MANY annimals and we we would slaughter them without thought to save a sentient being.

Sentient life < Annimal life < Plantlife < MicrobialLife
Simple as that.

I have not seen probe these exocombs are sentient, so they are like annimals.

Sure there WOULD be some green ecomaniacks that would kill humans for the SURVIVAL of an annimal species. And while these exocomps CAN be recreated (so you can revive them after becoming extinct) one may play the "don't kill all of a species"

kinda like, would you sacrifice the last 3 pandabears or tigers in the entire universe to save just 2 of billions of humans?

Normally I'd say : no, unless we have a proper backup copy. (like ability to clone them or something to restore the species after extiction)
and in this case we have!

even better there are 3! -> so the best bet would be, send in 2, not 3, keep 1 to make copy's later from.
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Wed, Nov 13, 2013, 8:33pm (UTC -5)
Re: ENT S3: Zero Hour

A few things that bug me about this episode :

-If the weapon can be fired DIRECTLY with 5 codes, and with 2 hour delay with only 3 -> and with 1 hour delay with 4, one may presume)
than why the HECK didn't they use hoshi to decypher also the other 2 codes so they had all 5.

-sidenote who whould design a weapon that will be a 2 hour sitting duck before doing it's destructive job, while it oviously is a glass cannon that can very easely be destroyed in that 2 hours.

-who would not send re-inforcement ships to guide it during that 2 hours (one must presume the reptilians have more ships than they used now)

-Why the heck had earth no defence zone? They HAVE ships, only not very fast ones. Many of them greet enterprise after the job's done, including some vulcan ships.
WHY THE HECK DID THEY NOT FLY OUT to I don't know, destroy that weapon before it even got a change to fire a shot, and to prevent the destruction of a certain station?

-one sphere to destroy them all? Who would design them like that? Seems like a SERIOUS design flaw, thats VERY unlikely to be true. (more realisticly the result of destroying that sphere would at best be the lose of co-operation between spheres (leading to less cohesion in the creation of anomily fields.. and more time needed for the region to be fully converted)
More realisticly, the spheres would have a backup-option, and one of the other spheres would kick in and become the new sphere prime.

-regarding that issue, the aquatics already gave help, they could not give anymore help, why would you rush your own ship to dead. a few more weeks would not have mattered. They have been there for 1000 years.. the war will not be in over 400 years.. Why rush the issue, repair first, and than launch a far more organised attack. After all the Aquatics KNOW patience.

-I wont repeat the point already made, but really HUGE BIG WEAPON, tiny achillisheel.. seriously?
at least that romulan mine back than had some proper security systems, one would expect a far more complex one for this weapon.

-We wrote the evil overlord rules
BEFORE we will go to warpspeeds. I expect any evil races to obey those rules, like any smart character would.
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