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Fri, Feb 24, 2017, 1:26am (UTC -5) | 🔗
Re: DS9 S2: Paradise

One thing I say for this episode : it makes you want to kill that woman and halve that colony 5 minutes in the serie, and leaves you unsatisfied just that didn't happen.

-for starters, from moment 1 they should have resisted this, those colonists by law are still federation citycens as they never legally requisted settlement here, and as such are obligated to follow starfleets orders, as such sisko should command THEM arround and strongly remember them about that.

-he might be fuck you I gonna look for a solution, you may keep your crappy crap, we just go our seperate way.

-even if they stayed, the moment they discovered the box, a big picard-style speach and a destroying of that cage would be in order... if not downright killing that bitch than and there (I challenge you for leadership fight till the death) than at the very least have them leave the colony than and there, so no food and water fine, we leave..

-and even if they remained after that... abiding there time there would be NO WAY he would have climbed in that cage if he acted on character... give back my d&&m device, stay out of OUR buisnuiss, we are NOT your crappy colonists, and maybe our way leads to death but at least we are free to go OUR way, and not live under your dictatorship.

-if we suspence disbelief way beyond reason and sit the whole episode out...
at the very least have the villagers attack alixus and kill her, her son or both and rage in anger... (lets say kill her son, as he defends his mother against the angry mob)

and as the mob wants to kill alixus... sisko steps in... the mob protests penal colony is to mild for her....
than sisko gets smart and evil.. takes away all the colonists... destroys the colony from orbit and places a satilite in orbit that causes tech not to work on the planets surface....
he than should beam alixus back to the planet... to live our the remainder of her days there alone... .. she wanted to find her core.. now she can ALONE..

so how this episode in fact was written is an insult to human freedom spirit, human justice, human emphathy, and WAY out of character for sisko...
bad episode 0.5/5 stars for evoking such strong WTF emotions..
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Fri, Jan 27, 2017, 11:34pm (UTC -5) | 🔗
Re: TNG S5: The Next Phase

Ejoyable? certainly, for that reason I agree with the 3 star rating.

By now I do, after rewatching nearly 5 complete seasons of TNG, I find out the kid-me remembered TNG to have a lot HARDER science behind it, that it really had.
(still leages ahead that crappy reboot stuff that they try to pass for star trek and really isn't I'd much rather had a 5th STE episode or a new series than that reboot crap.

ok, I admit I am cheating by having red and watched a lot more science fiction over the years, including onces with phasing/phased cloaking in it, and the backstory's and mechanisms of those were a lot better.
Strange also will Riker never mentions or recognises the resemblence this cloaking technology has to the "federation cloaking device" he clearly has knowledge of given his story in season 7, "the pegasus".

with a bit better written story, many of the conflicts with this story can be changed :
basicly " being "out of phase" means NO interaction with any matter or energy what so ever. Essentially you are no longer in the same spacetime.
However to throw matter and energy that belongs to this universe out of sinc with this universe indeed needs an energy source, to convert it.
And while the phased matter and energy cannot interact with this universe, the energy source used to cause this phasing can, to an extend interest (but only minimal, kinda how drag, slows down a speedy object)
To maintain the phase, one would to have an active imput of energy, to counter this drag.
Also one could use energy to allow perception of what happens outside the field (like lightwaves coming from around you) to be converted inside the field.
However inside the phase sound could not be converted inwards, as that would need a molecule medium to pass from a to b, and while one could actively convert molecules to be out of phase too, one could not convert the soundwave traveling on those moilecules.
So without an active modulator for this phase, one would be blind AND deaf to the surroundings and percieve the entire universe as darkness and nothingness, and with an active modulator, one would be able to see, but not hear.

This would make for a very different episode, with the characters walking entirely in the dark, and without any sound.. unable to breathe.. but lets say they had a envioremental suit on them when they were converted.
-this would add a level of spookyness, one wakes up, to find oneself afloat in nothingness, completely dark. with a limited airsupply with no clue where one is..
-after a while one might see light.. (lets say they were placed very far away from eachother and ther light of their helmets and suits had to travel a while to reach eachother..
-they quickly discover by sending morse-light signals that they are ro and geordi.. and by doing a ping! find out they are very very far away from eachother.. -it takes almost 7 seconds for the light to get back to me so that means we must be almost a million km apart.. no that it matters, without anything around us, not even gravity.. to push off against, not even venting air would enable us to move towards eachother
-than geordi gets a bright idea... but wait... out boots, magnetic they are and while thats a weak force, without any force out here, they should be able to pull us towards eachother quite nicely if be boost their output.
-ok still in dark but at least they have eachother... when suddenly a beam travels through the nothingness apearingly from nowhere towards them, rupturing one of their air-circelutory recyclers.. ok, so we have them share the same air supply and turn off the lights..
-a few more beams cross the darkness in silence without a sound, missing them, when suddenly they see the beam stop where before it travels onward.. with a small immage of the enterprise being some distrance from them but not to far
-geordi puts 1 and 1 together and things "that must be the side of the phase-field" without anything to sustain it, it must be busy collapsing in on itself...
and that they must be still in the same location, being somewhere in between both ships.. however that given the rotation of the universe and everything in it and their position being fixed, they still move away from the enterprise..
-they turn back on their lights so more shots are done, the wall closing in on them, and they use the wall to push off in the direction of the light...
-the momentum smashes them into the romulan that was also placed out of phase and while they tumble to the outher wall (preservation of momentum) they still succeed in pushing him off and grabbing his phaser when they hit the wall far sooner than they expected.. they figure all this energy release is causing the phase to collapse on it much faster... they put the phaser on explode, as a last moment bet... hoping to create a rift in the phase large enough for them to crawl through...
-they succeed and are quickly picked up by the enterprises long range sensors just before they plan to leave... while they mesmorise what has happend to the romulan still trapped in the field...

it would be a total different way to handle this story, but I believe a more hard scifi one..
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Sun, Jan 22, 2017, 10:38pm (UTC -5) | 🔗
Re: TNG S5: Power Play

So am I thinking to evil here, if this episode left me thinking :

From the enterprise crew side :
*they discovered very early that pain prevented body snaching, surely giving everybody a mild pain (drugs, mechanical (pain stick-bracelents for everybody) or fysical induced) would have be a common idea.

*worf told them normal stun settings would not work, so why not blast in with something stronger? Disruptors cause a lot of pain, as well as large wounds (that would be fatal if left untreated, but would cause short term a lot of harm) and would be perfect.

*17 hostages, minus 5 traded for 1 captain, leaves 13 hostages + the 3 that were bodysnatched, killing off 16 to save the entire crew of over 1000 should be simple sence, and be done much much sooner bluntly refusing ANY demands what so ever.

*why would you keep your word, evil bodysnatching alien criminals, they left your crew, why would you keep your word? beam them into space, kill zhem all, kill zhem with fire.. ehh well you get the idea...
(sorrie I have no problem with eliminating such a treat, perhaps I am more a mirror universe/section 31 guy.
(am I really the only person thinkin this? is it just me?)

From the snatchers point of view :
-you have the ability to snatch any unharmed body, that stupid captain nor any of the crew had taken measures against you swopping for some other body, switch to the captain, kill your earlier host (or stun him if you want too), and instantly know all commands and plans against you...
(cannot believe they haven't used this ability, just as the crew failed to imagine the need and and the means to mount any defence against it)
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Wed, Dec 14, 2016, 8:41pm (UTC -5) | 🔗
Re: TNG S4: Future Imperfect

nteresting episode, but given part of it was 16yo in the future, the enterprise should have given a much larger retrofit.

If I look at this timeline :

NX-01 2151 till 2161 (DECOMMISIONED in 2161)
NCC-1701 2245-2270
NCC-1701 RETROFIT 2270-2285 (DESTROYED in 2285
1701-A 2285-2293 (DECOMMISIONED in 2293)
1701-B 2295-?? (unknown)
1701-C ???-2344 (DESTROYED in 2344)
1701-D 2363-2370
1701-D RETTRROFIT 2370-2371 (DESTROYED in 2271)
1701-E 2372-2376
1701-E RETROFIT 2376-??? (decommisioned somewhere after 2379)
1701-E (DECOMMISIONED, yet RECOMMITED AND RETROFITTED by admiral riker) 2395
1701-F 2409-??? (star tre online)
1701-J (around somewhere between 2500 and 2599)

I derrive that the average ship has a lifespan of around 25 years, with at least 1 retrofit applied during it's lifetime.
a retrofit may add 10-15 years of life into a ship, but no ship serves longer than 40 years.

(given that it takes about 15 years to build a "king of the fleet"n ship (based upon how long they were building the enterprise-D)
and some years of research likely will happen to design it, and to retrofit it, this means they pretty much just spit out a new model every 25 years, replacing the old model.

Given the year this episode takes place (2366) this places capitain riker in 2382, by than she is quite old, nearing the end of her lifespan.
For most enterprises a small refit would happen around 10-15 years after release, and after 25Y they would either recieve a LARGE retrofit or more likely be mothballed or destroyed.
So while it is not unbelievable the enterprise-D would be still around, it should have recieved a retrofit, and it did not feel like it had recieved one properly.

Also as others pointed out, careers are not static, having to many of the same people still on board, and many ranks frozen or hardly progressed in 16 years, thats really unlikely.
If I derrive how long it takes to advance through the ranks

Ensign -> junior luitenant 4-6 years
junior luitenant -> luitenant 5-7 years
luitenant -> luitenant commander 6-8 years
luitenant commander -> commander 7-9 years..
(it seems the rank of commander is a dead end, while a captain can serve as first officer, generally there are only as many caprains as ships, so only the most talented commanders get promoted)
and thats where the problem lies, it's the flagship, it's commanders are likely the best in the fleet, so should all by now have a ship of their own.
In general one can be of commander rank for 10-15 years before offered a command of your own, advancing in that rank seems to be more about what position you hold
(2d in command is higher rank than tactical or enginering it seems and gives a better chance at advancing, and more seasoned commanders get these "higher postings")

So data, worf, geordi, all should have ships of their own now, while beverly should most likely give lectures at the acedamy or lead some medical facility/science station.
while a new crew should fill their position now, it's possible wesley would still be on board and given his experience and fast promotions would be a luitenant commander.
but very few known faces other than than should be seen.
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Fri, Nov 18, 2016, 10:03pm (UTC -5) | 🔗
Re: TNG S3: The Hunted

Most have been said by others.

-it is unlikely that a soldier is also an engineer, let alone an engineer that can grab tech thats over a century ahead of anything he must have ever seen.

-I let the transporter slip, perhaps he did had some transport inhibitor tech, not unheared off, but setting an explosion off WHILE BEING BEAMED, should not be possible.

-enterprise security team is very uncapable in this one, to uncapable.

-it took WAY to long before somebody thought about gassing, I was thinking it the whole time (pull back crew to only the most essential parts of the ships, and vacumise the rest.

But I have a few comments myself too :

-ok so he can "mask" his electric signal, why not scan for the molecules that make up his body? Surely the antrosians have some molecule in their body humans do not, but even if they have not, by process of elimination (any location where no crew is) you could detect him.

-If they have applied for federation membership, they must have been contacted after their first warpflight, and presumingly have had at least halve a decade of post-warp development. It is extremely unlikely during that period this "army reserve" would not have been noticed before.

-picard is hypocryte here, what did WE do with OUR augments in roughly the same period in our develpment? After some proved violent, we stranded some on a VERY HARSH planet, without any supplies or looking after, and destroyed all the embrio's of them we had in store withou blinking.
Seems like the atrosians solved things a lot nicer than we did with out augments.

So on continuety this story does no score well at all.
And because of the many plotholes, the story is not that strong either, it has to many to allow for suspestion of believe.
the scify in this story hold on, but only because there is little to go with.

It's not bad, but i't's not good either, just about as enjoyable as spending the same hour watching this playing patiance.

For these reasons I think you are to generous, I give this only 1.5 stars.
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Fri, Nov 11, 2016, 8:15pm (UTC -5) | 🔗
Re: TNG S2: Shades of Gray

I agree with this low ranking.

hard scifi : 0/5
-virus and bacteria cannot infect spieces they are not adapted to.
-adaptation requires massive exposure to that virus/bacteria over prolonged time
-as such it should not have infected riker at all as this was the first time humans landed on that planet.
-needles in the head to stimulate brain activity, that penetrate the skull somehow?
Without disinffecting the skin or a sterile OK, giving REAL dangerous bacteria a chance to enter the brain?
-besides that far in the future? sorry i refuse to believe they still use needles to stimulate the brain.
-total bullshit with their negative endorphins talk, they bind to the molecules, ok thats what virusses do, bind to dna, ordering to make more of them, still you could just kill the diseased cells. (why would cutting of a leg or a few nerves be bad, certainly they can be grown back with fututure medic tech, and even if not better without a leg than dead I would say.
-besuides there are only 3 types of endorphine, and none are negative, basicly they work like a mild variation of morphine. there is no biological posibility that they chemically can do anything to nullify that virus.

continuity 0/5 :
-the flashbacks are bad, and in error, he had a whole career and a love live before the enterprise, his flashbacks should have included those too
-they forgot their own solution for the aging bug? they could have pulled riker through the transporter and supplemented the datastream with earlier dna patterns, and as such canceling out the virus.

Enjoyment : 1/5
-flahbacks are never fun.
-stupid needle thing, for shock effect not fun
-WAY to many time 'lets futher narrow down the beam + a lower groth percentage, boring!
-the cure worked way to fast, instead of a slow recovery or "and the next month" the cure works IN AN INSTANT, rather than having a slow negative growthrate, skipping info is no fun.
-goofy capturing spine moment has lack of real danger no fun.

average score 0.3/5, or in stars 0.0 out of 5 stars.
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Sun, Nov 15, 2015, 3:28pm (UTC -5) | 🔗
Re: TOS S3: The Lights of Zetar

Bad story, plotholes the size of a planet.
writer was bad, why do they film a story without writing it properly.

What is that bogus about staying alive by sheer willpower, things don't work like that (unlike we are talking some form of ascention, but at least name it so)

*how did the zetar transfer themselfs from corporeal to energy.
(that story is NOT covered proberly, they had a plan, but the plan went wrong..)
And what plan might that be, what was the original intended outcome of the plan, and how did it going wrong make them in what they are now, sentient energy)
I write here some lines here
Option A : they planned to beam themself away with extreme-long-range beaming technology, but somehow never materialised on the spot. (that would leave them trapped somewhere between space and subspace)
Option B : they tried to ascend themself to pure energy (star gate style), but did not ascend as far as they wanted, leaving them in some halve-ascended shape. (like anubis in star gate)
Optiom C : they created some form of stasis-field/time-dialation-field, to preserve their concience, but recently it failed, resulting in their current form, and now they need body's to restore the field.

Why were they so keen to become fysical again..
-they seemed to live forever, have sentience, and were able to intereact to some degree with objects, why would they become mortal again...
some options
Option A : imortality is just overrated, ir can drive you mad, and they want to die and in their current state cannot.
Option B : they cannot truelly interact with things, only with minds/computers and only resulting in killing/destroying those, living forever as an observer only, and they rather want to be able to act again.

speaking of that, what is preventing them to do that on their own, theire made of sentient energy, can't they just re-materialise themselves (de-ascent?)

And than there is the problem of a whole group of people (10? 100? couple 100?? different numbers listed at different times..)
who have enough to one body to live out their lifes... why do they need to inhabit one body as a group...
makes no sence, they are so keen to live out their lifes, would they really want to share it?
And if they want to share it why would adding 1 more (the owner of said body) be such a problem?
That said where did that hive mind originiated from, if they are a group.. how did it came to be..

just a few thoughts.... if you write something, write it properly.
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