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Thu, Oct 6, 2016, 7:26pm (UTC -5)
Re: TNG S1: Symbiosis

Bad episode, bad morale story.

The prime directive does NOT work this way.
-one shall not contact civilizations pre-warp
(exeption, if they actively use impulsedrive to contact other worlds and succeeded in doing so)
-every civilization has the right to make it's own laws, order, and rule over it's own property how it sees fit.
*when it is a warp-capable civilization, it IS allowed to criticize other cultures and laws, and stimulate chance from whiithin. However one may not supply outside weapons or technology to force this chance.

Exception General : the prime directive excist to PRESERVE the development of races and cultures, logically it IS allowed to take actions that help towards this goal, it never is ment to taken so litterly it actually contradicts it's own prime reason for existance.

In this regard it was totally legal to inform the junkies of their addiction, as it would not be information above their own technological level of understanding, and beneficial to their own development.
it would also be allowed to offer them the means to break the addiction.

However it would be THEIR chooice if they believe this, and if they want any help.
if they not want any or not believe the intell, than you would be bound by the prime directive to do nothing more.

If enterprise really wanted to play the hardline prime directive (not as inteneded) they should have beamed the two dealers, the two addicts and the drugs back into the sun, as without them interfearing, none of it all would have made it to planet crack.

In a further reasoning.. enterprise did allow for the drug to be delivered by resqueing those people and their cargo, if they really would not want to interfere they would have beamed them all back into the sun to be killed and destroyed, just how they found them.

Now as for the morale-story :

the people aboard the ship acted as idiots, every vieuwer noted those two were crack adics 5 seconds into the story, it took far to long for the crew to notice, it is not believable the elite of the 2200 space navy is that dumb, blind and guilllable.

ilikewise the "let them rot and just lets just move away to a better neighbourhood far away from the junkies" attitude does not set a good morale play from that end of the equation.

overal felt more like a very dumb and scientifficicly unsound "drugs are bad mkay" add..
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Thu, Sep 15, 2016, 11:17pm (UTC -5)
Re: TNG S1: Hide and Q

Just rewatched this (the classic dvd version), and it left me a bit confused.
central theme seems to ask the vieuwer "what would you do with such power"
-> but fails to adress this issue properly.
Story could have been written so much better here is how I would chance it :

*for starters Q could just have said "to ease your mind I freeze time, so we can talk"
-than picard would refuse because he won't be responsivle for meddeling..
-where riker will talk sence into picard with data backing him up.
this would have made so much more sence.

*than Q would say he offers a game, with something to win and something to loose, picard refuses to risk any of the crews life, but riker bold as he is, accepts any game in exchance for the promise the resque mission will be a complete succes Q deviously agrees.
=> the way they are drawn into a game, and the way the power is given are to sudden.

*the game will be a real game, not just fake looking monsters, and a real battle,
a clear uphill battle, riker can select 10 comrades and will fight against an army of 100 (and during the game Q, sore looser he is upgrades that to 10 vs 1000)

*the game will take long, with dangers in the terrain, hunger thirst, are an issue but their oponents (when killed) are well eastable. (they are pigs after all) a clear moral fight about this will occur, and plenty of building camp, fighting, setting traps and so on.

*Q will toss in a few surprises in the game, like the army facing them being 1000 not 100, but also that their phasers have a limited number of shots (12 ammo rounds), ofcourse they don't discover this at fist. and Q will cheat now and than by just cause "random" events to happen when he is close to loosing.

*the penalty box will not be used so early, but be in fact "anyone killed in the game will be placed in the box, third person in the box will cause one of them be permanent delited.
-> this allows for some better death-scenes, and a better excuse for the box.

*when given the powers, riker should just fully use them (including bringing crushers husbant back, reviving all dead people of the colony, as wll as the "gifts" shown. - though he might have given data just an emotion chip and some skin inplants
-> the catch would be that using the power should come at a price, because picard was stupid enough to bet with Q..
First there is just the argument between picard and riker, where picard would lose his command should riker use his power. *in fact picard encourages riker to save the girl (some things are more important than my command* but riker always the loyal "one" refuses to spare his captain who is not amused about this.
-later the price is increased, as more signs of rikers character chancing over time show.
-but more importantly space events are more often shown, and a direct corrolation between riker using the q power and bad stuff influencing millions happen in the universe (q calls this preservation of enermy... but than for q)
-this is the reason rikers friends refuse the gifts, as the price would be multiple space events, and millions suffering as a result.

eventually riker will use the power but will not join the q, and q angry about that removes the power again.

Riker is torn between using his power (but removing his friend picard from command... and forcing 1 spaceship to be zapped back to earn and not able to leave.
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Wed, Aug 24, 2016, 1:59am (UTC -5)
Re: TNG S6: True Q

Oh and about the people saying the Q somehow did not destroy the universe :

1 how would you know they didn't? -> they could destroy it and recreate it, in the same second, no sweat and if anything was changed you would never know.
The universe we percieve as ancient, may be just created by the Q, and cease to ecist in a fraction of a second (in fact we could be 20 gazillion universe reboots further before I finished this sentence)

also why would Q even NEED a universe, as such, there is no sence to protect it, unless... my suspection is true : that the Q are locked in a corsality loop :
-humans eventually evolve to become Q (the traveler story, showing an early example of it) (though not only humans are Q their may be multiple races eventually becoming Q at the universes end.
-as such the Q influence their own origin, but also must protect the races they originate from, else their whole spiecies never excisted.
in such a case, it would make it logic to not like to much tampering with the universe.. and while saving a planet full of people may seem harmless if a billion year in the future a decendant of those saved people does something you do not want (aka saving a young hitler, or as simple as trampling a plant or sneezing on something) it could lead to the Q never come to existance.. and that thats why they not want people doing it who cannot see the consequences of it during the entire duration of the universe.
-> still that could not prevent a single Q from chancing stuff none the less.
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Wed, Aug 24, 2016, 1:52am (UTC -5)
Re: TNG S6: True Q

A good episode, however the ending leaves unsatisfied.

here is my line of thinking : if I would discover I would have limitless power, but than would have been told I have not the freedom to use that power as I see fit, not even a small portion of it, would I not use that limitless power to destroy the very ones that prohibit me from expressing it the way i want?

infinite times infinity does not equal more infinity, than 1x infinity..
as such a single Q should be as powerfull as the entire continuem and able to block any decissions of said continuem you do not want to have imposed on yourself (like having your powers removed and such) One thought and you wipe the Q (exept yourself) out of excistance (though they can block that with a counterthrought, you get my point, they are unable to do anything to you if your not willing them to do so.

What good are powers if you are forbidden from doing good with them, or live as a hybrid, or anyway you please.. and if they try to block that, hell has no fury!

so her "ok guess I go, bye" attitude does not befit me at all.. would be better to have seen her again in voyager, at the Q rebels side.. "lock and load.."

But thats my personality projected on this "gurl" oh no I would not want to be human, but I not would want to give up my normal life too, I would pick path 3 wage war against the continuem to defend my own freedom, or die trying (and take as many of them with me if I have too)

But I guess thats why Q are so affraid of a Q-Human Hybrid... as it would I suggest do exactly what i just said -for freedom- burning halve the galaxy if needed - heck can recreate it afterwards if neccecary.
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Wed, Aug 24, 2016, 12:33am (UTC -5)
Re: TNG S6: Schisms

Will have to disagree with the series ranking lists.

corrected it the following way :
-made a fixed list of 10 standard ship positions (captain, 1st officer, helm, operations, security, science, doctor, engineer, counceler, recreation)
-> I left out the position of communications and Ambasador, as few series have those.
-I added to this a list for each serie of 4 extra characters, 4 main enemy's/races, 1 special person and 1 main antagonist.
-for each of 5 series I tried to fill in each position the best and realistic possible.

That gave this :

Captain : Kirk
1st Officer : Number One
Chief Engineer : Scotty
Doctor : Bones
Security : Chekov
Helm : Sulu
Operations : Uhura
Science : Spock
Councelor : ?
Recreation : ?
Extra 1 : Janice
Extra 2 : Sarek
Extra 3 : Pike
Extra 4 : Chapel
Main Badguy : Khan
Enemy 1 : Klingons
Enemy 2 : Romulans
Enemy 3 : Computers (of various types)
Enemy 4 : ?
Interesting Person : god (at the center of the universe) /adonais

Captain : Picard
1st Officer : Riker
Chief Engineer : Geordi
Doctor : Crusher/Pulaski
Security : Tasha/Worf
Helm : Ro Laren
Operations : Data
Science : ?
Councelor : Deanna
Recreation : Guinan
Extra 1 : O'Brian
Extra 2 : Ogawa
Extra 3 : Lwaxana
Extra 4 : Barclay
Main Badguy : Lore
Enemy 1 : Borg
Enemy 2 : Romulans
Enemy 3 : Diplomacy (of various types)
Enemy 4 : ?
Interesting Person : Q

Captain : Janeway
1st Officer : chakotay
Chief Engineer : Torres
Doctor : The Doctor
Security : Tuvok
Helm : Paris
Operations : Kim
Science : Seven of 9
Councelor : ?
Recreation : Neelix
Extra 1 : Kes
Extra 2 : Icheb
Extra 3 : Seska
Extra 4 : Naomi
Main Badguy : Borg Queen
Enemy 1 : Kazon
Enemy 2 : Borg
Enemy 3 : Vidians
Enemy 4 : Species 8472
Interesting Person : The Caretaker

Captain : Sisko
1st Officer : Kira
Chief Engineer : ?
Doctor : Bashir
Security : Odo
Helm : Worf
Operations : O'Brian
Science : Jadzia
Councelor : Ezri
Recreation : Quark
Extra 1 : Weyoun
Extra 2 : Nog
Extra 3 : Gowron
Extra 4 : Jake
Main Badguy : Gul Dukat
Enemy 1 : Cardassians
Enemy 2 : Changelings
Enemy 3 : Vorta
Enemy 4 : Jem'Hadar
Interesting Person : The Profeths

Captain : Archer
1st Officer : ?
Chief Engineer : Trip
Doctor : Phlox
Security : Reed/Hayes
Helm : Mayweather
Operations : Sato
Science : T'Pol
Councelor : ?
Recreation : Chef
Extra 1 : Soval
Extra 2 : Degra
Extra 3 : Shran
Extra 4 : Silik
Main Badguy : Dolim
Enemy 1 : Xindi (5 races in 1)
Enemy 2 : Andorians
Enemy 3 : Sulliban
Enemy 4 : Sphere builders
Interesting Person : Daniels

Now I need to give points, Method 1 will rank characters per postion best-worse, and give the worse 1 point, the one above that 2, etc.

Captains : Picard < Janeway < Archer < Sisko < Kirk
1st Officer : Chakotay < Riker < Kira < Number one
Chief Engineer : Scotty < Trip < Geordi < Torres
Doctor : Doctor < Phlox < Bashir < Bones < Pulaski
Security : Odo < Tuvok < Reed < Worf(TNG) < Chekov
Helm : Paris < Worf(DS9) < Sulu < Mayweather < Ro
Operations : Data < O'Brian(DS9) < Kim < Sato < Uhura
Science : Spock < T'Pol < 7of9 < Jadzia
Councelor : Deanna < Ezri
Recreation Guinan < Quark < Nelix < Chef

based on these 10

VOY 30
DS9 25
TNG 23
STE 23
TOS 17

Meaning Voyager had the strongest "core crew" on average.

Now I will compensate for the quality of characters and add 0-5 points for each character

Captains : 5 Picard < 3 Janeway < 2 Archer < 2 Sisko < 1 Kirk
1st Officer : 3 Chakotay < 3 Riker < 2 Kira < 0 Number one
Chief Engineer : 5 Scotty < 2 Trip < 2 Geordi < 1 Torres
Doctor : 5 Doctor < 4 Phlox < 3 Bashir < 2 Bones < 1 Pulaski
Security : 4 Odo < 2 Tuvok < 2 Reed < 2 Worf(TNG) < 1 Chekov
Helm : 3 Paris < 3 Worf(DS9) < 1 Sulu < 1 Mayweather < 0 Ro
Operations : 5 Data < 4 O'Brian(DS9) < 1 Kim < 0 Sato < 0 Uhura
Science : 5 Spock < 3 T'Pol < 3 7of9 < 2 Jadzia
Councelor : 3 Deanna < 1 Ezri
Recreation 4 Guinan < 4 Quark < 3 Nelix < 0 Chef

With these corrected Numbers we get :

TNG 25
DS9 25
VOY 24
TOS 15
STE 14

So corrected for how much each character is apreciated, TNG, VOY and DS9 score even, but STE and TOS score a lot lower.

And now with the other 10 factors :

Now ranking the extra's and special people
Kes - Shran - Weyoun - O'brian(TNG) - Pike
Soval - Barclay - Gowron - Seska - Sarek
Silik - Lwaxana - Icheb - Jake - Janice
Nog - Degra - Naomi - Ogawa - Chapel
Gul Dukat < Borg Queen < Lore < Khan < Dolim
Borg(VOY) < Borg(TNG) < Xindi < Jem'Hadar < Klingons
Andorians < Cardassians < Diplomacy < Kazon < Computers
Sulliban < Vorta < Romulans (TNG) < Vidians < Romulans (TOS)
Changelings < Spiecies 8462 < Sphere builders
Q < Daniels < The Profeths < The caretaker < god

STE 37
DS9 34
TNG 30
VOY 30
TOS 10

here it is clear STE scores very well, what it lacks in it's core team, it makes up in interesting side characters, antagonists and storyarcs, TOS scores HORRIBLE in this regard.

Makes the total unbiasad score :

STE 60
VOY 60
DS9 59
TNG 53
TOS 27

All good, with STE and VOY as the best series, but TOS is utter crap.

And now the last 10 weighted for quality :

4 Kes - 4 Shran - 4 Weyoun - 2 O'brian(TNG) - 1 Pike
3 Soval - 2 Barclay - 2 Gowron - 1 Seska - 0 Sarek
3 Silik - 2 Lwaxana - 2 Icheb - 1 Jake - 0 Janice
2 Nog - 2 Degra - 1 Naomi - 0 Ogawa - 0 Chapel
4 Gul Dukat < 4 Borg Queen < 3 Lore < 3 Khan < 1 Dolim
4 Borg(VOY) < 4 Borg(TNG) < 3 Xindi < 2 Jem'Hadar < 1 Klingons
4 Andorians < 3 Cardassians < 2 Diplomacy < 2 Kazon < 0 Computers
3 Sulliban < 3 Vorta < 3 Romulans (TNG) < 2 Vidians < 1 Romulans (TOS)
3 Changelings < 2 Spiecies 8462 < 1 Sphere builders
5 Q < 3 Daniels < 1 The Profeths < 1 The caretaker < 0 god

That gives this outcome :

STE 27
DS9 25
TNG 23
VOY 23

Same order, but TOS sucks even more.

Now both weighted results together :
DS9 50
TNG 48
VOY 47
STE 41
TOS 21

Here DS9, TNG and VOY are clearly the best overal, with STE still good, but TOS utter crap.

-This is objectively ranked all.
If I give figures to how I Personally rank all series, it would be like :

TNG 50
STE 46
VOY 45
DS9 39
TOS 15

*so I seem to value DS9 a little lower than objective ranking would suggest, and STE a little higher.
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Tue, Nov 17, 2015, 11:30pm (UTC -5)
Re: TOS S3: The Way to Eden

I disagree with the low ranking this recieves by most.
in fact I find this one of the best TOS episodes of them all.

I give it a solid 4.25 stars

*well the story is unique and plausible, and starts quite logical :
-group steals ship and runs away with it.
-normally that would involve space-police, not the pride of the army (what the enterprise is)
-however this is a political incident, so they might like to show force, to gain the upper hand in the negociations.
This is a totally logical story, and one of the few ones like it.
I usually hate TOS because like 95% of all episodes are "yet oneother earth" "kirk falls in love with a woman" and
"kirk outsmarts the computer" non of that here.

Than there is the issue TOS is FAR to focussed on sex, with the ridiculous dress-uniforms, kirk frigging around and such.
That makes me dislike TOS a lot. So when this apeared to be a hippy-episdo, I feared the worste of it.
But I was totally pleasantly surprised, this is one of the few TOS series without sexism, just a sensible talk between two people who deeply love eachother,
but know their love is impossible, a nd logically make the right call and go their seperate way.
A nice fresh breeze

What looses it halve a point though is how a buch of space-hippies are able to take controll of the ship so easely.
That it only looses halve a point is because they actually have this explained in the little talk between chekov and his ex.
Also they pointed out how they are geniusses, and not average joes, and they planned this muteny in much detail ahead.
Still I find it hard to figure that there would not be needed any passwords to transfer bridge-control, or to even get controll at all.
A comment like -dang we should have installed security codes- or checkov giving away his code, by having his ex distracting him and looking down on his fingers..
would have prevent this star loss.
(perhaps he did, as he takes blame in the last shot, but than he would have done so off-screen, as all he did say on screen is :
the computer fills in the blanks if you ask it what you want it to do and is in full control and you can controll the ship from here too)

And than there is the moral-plot of the story (all TOS are moral-story's and I am ok with that) :
*don't follow leaders blindly
*don't trow away wise teachings because they are brought by the wrong teachers (catholic priests come to mind)
*hold on to your idealism and dreams.
*adapt a little bit to society in order to change it.
Still stands strong today, good message.

There are a few dated-events though.
Giving the leader space-typhus, was not neccecairy for the story, even though it helped he was insane and a treath against his own preaching.
only to have him commit suicide some time later, when he discovers he is wrong.
such insane leaders that refused medical treatment, and suicide commiting when prooved wrong, was however quite common in the 60's, so I let this get away with that.

Than there is the computer locating eden.
Nowever is explained what defines for them eden, do they really believe they can find the place God kicked us out from?
Or do they just look for a pristine planet that fits their idea of eden, and they can live their desired way of life on.
This is not explained enough, and looses it quarter of a point.
That spock later sais eden is still out there at least admits that what they found was not eden, and their search-algoritm was wrong,
this in some small way fills in this hole, but I'd liked a little more information.

FInally there is the whole acid-point of the planet, and them hiding in fear inside of the shuttle.
acid burns on touch, but adams body lies wit bare chest on those plants without the acid having damed his skin?
And why are they hiding in fear inside the shuttle (for the acid?) but run out without problem when the enterprise crew arives?
(if they were hiding FOR that crew, what would be logical, they left them for dead after all, punishment is to be expected, why would they come out?)
I am sorry but I will have to pushing with halve a point deduction for these clear contractions to this story

It would have had 5 stars would those last plotholes fixed and the space-typhus part cut out..
but those were minor plotholes and some attempt was done to closing them.
making this one of the best and well-written TOS stories of them all.

Finally What gains it a bonus +0.5 stars are the nice songs in this episode, I really love them, and the atmosphere it makes.
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