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Sun, Mar 22, 2009, 9:04pm (UTC -5)
Re: BSG S4: Daybreak, Part 2 (April Fools Version)

I have to agree that I wasn't really happy with the way the show ended. I think that abandoning technology with the idea that it is bad and leads to endless cycles of destruction is naive, and totally unbelievable that everyone in the fleet would go along with it. I could see a small minority of the population "going Amish," but not everyone.

Through the series I always had the sense that the writers were just creating too many plot "twists" in an attempt to keep things new and interesting, and that in the end they would not be able to tie them all up in a satisfactory manner. And that's what happened.

It seemed like the writers had their own robot Awesom-O (from South Park) giving them ideas. "Ok, how about this - Adam Sandler is deserted on a desert island and falls in love with a coconut or something".

But overall the show was great. I think the "Exodus" episodes were the most riveting two hours of TV I've ever seen. Looking forward to "The Plan" - maybe that will tie up some loose ends.
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