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Dr. Worm
Mon, Aug 5, 2019, 10:41pm (UTC -5)
Re: ENT S2: Horizon

I have a general issue with Berman/Braga era Trek, and that's the bizarrely over-written, clunky, stilted dialog. Characters often don't feel real, because their interactions don't feel like actual human interactions.

Travis Mayweather is a prime example -- his general persona is one of a bafflingly 50's 'gee whiz!' little boy who's seeing space and ships and aliens for the very first time... *every time*. This strikes me as completely out of place for a Starfleet officer. Especially one who is trusted to man the helm of his world's flagship.

The Travis/Paul scenes have no weight. No gravitas. We have two characters who grew up on a cargo ship. One is a weirdly naive kid-in-uniform, while the other seems to be a childish, impetuous drama queen. Neither character is believable as a deep-space cargo guy, and their interactions reek of Days of our Lives-level 'acting'.

This is like too many Enterprise episodes -- a solid story idea, utterly failed by bad casting, awkward and unconvincing acting, and badly written dialog.

T'Pol was the standout. And I think I'm figuring something out about her in this episode. I don't think she's the arrogant, self-assured prickess that she seemed to be at first. I think T'Pol has actually grown attached to her crewmates, and wants to show it, but doesn't know *how*. She's like a cat that wants to meet you and be your friend, but still doesn't understand people and is afraid of them.

The scene where she grabs a handful of Archer's popcorn -- it seemed like she actually really wanted some, but didn't know the right *protocol* for asking, so she just grabbed it. During dinner, her analysis of the movie, and banter about looking forward to 'Bride of Frankenstein' was almost... adorable? She's trying. She's reaching out. She is, in her own way, just a kid who wants to fit in.

T'Pol also definitely has a sense of humor. It's obviously Vulcan deadpan, but It's definitely there.
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