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Dr Lazarus
Wed, May 23, 2018, 6:46pm (UTC -5) | 🔗
Re: TNG S3: Who Watches the Watchers

In other episodes, Dr Crusher can easily save anyone's life no matter how serious they were injured. She even explained she could have save Worf's mate K'Ehleyr, who she said she could had saved had she gotten her in stasis in time, after she was gutted by another Klingon's blade. The watcher on the planet didn't seem that hurt. I think she was shocked by a malfunctioning duck blind cloaking device. She seemed to linger for many hours after the accident. Just put her on ice in stasis, then fix her at the next Star Base.

There seemed to be other tribes on the planet with similar beliefs, which is what Troi and Riker used as their cover when they infiltrated the tribe. This method of surgically modifying Star Fleet personnel seems a lot simpler than building duck blinds. Although that didn't work out so well for Riker when he tried that on the planet where he got hurt and captured by the Malcorian 's with the funny fingers, and where he had to have sex with the alien Bebe Neuwirth, in order to escape. "My little Alien". I loved that episode!!

It seems easier to just walk away and let the planets inhabitants believe what ever, rather than go through all these gyrations in trying to cover it up. That's exactly what the Malcorian leader said. People will talk about it for a while, then it will pass. The people will eventually go back to their normal lives.

That happened in the next season, and even then, Picard never learned his lesson in these matters. Spying on a planets people, never turns out well. You either have to get shot in the chest with an arrow to fix things, or Riker has to make the ultimate sacrifice and get laid by Lanel. In fact, after explaining themselves to the Mintakans in the end, they seemed to be ok with the entire thing. All that subterfuge was all for nought.

Oh well, on to the next mission.
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Dr Lazarus
Tue, May 22, 2018, 4:46pm (UTC -5) | 🔗
Re: TNG S1: Justice

Is Wesley suppose to be around 16 or so, or is he a ten year old? He has like zero interest in females and no clue what to do if a female jumped on his face. He isn't even gay. Just androgynous and oblivious when it comes to sex and making out. A no sex entity that wears the most ugliest sweaters ever.

If this ship were to actually abide by the Prime Directive, they would be watching these people making out from a duck blind.

And concerning the death penalty for breaking any law, their god seems to move the off limits zones on a daily basis. How else to have something to do by executing someone for entertainment. On this Enterprise day, the off limits area was a flower bed. Tomorrow it may be a mud puddle, or some other ridiculous spot. None of these young people who had no problem playing so close to a death zone, had the foresight to clue Wesley in to keeping clear of the flower bed. "Yo dude, didn't you see the caution tape around the flowers when I tossed you the ball as you ran towards it? Now you gots to die. Sorry". When I want free love and sex, I'll stick with Risa.

And whatever happened to Captain's prerogative, where he gets his fill of sex so he doesn't get Riker's sloppy seconds, or wore out from Worf?

This episode is on right now, but I had to change the channel because it is so ridiculous The next episode from season one comes on after this, so I'll wait for it.
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Dr Lazarus
Wed, May 16, 2018, 8:11pm (UTC -5) | 🔗
Re: TOS S1: The City on the Edge of Forever

It was Spock who figured out what was going to happen in the future when he built a computer to interface with his Tricorder. He just knew that McCoy changed something, but what? He then deduced that McCoy and Edith was the nexus in time, and that Edith either had to live or die. It wasn't until the end that he figured out she had to die. The alien computer wasn't going to tell them what McCoy changed, and I doubt it would had allowed them to bring her back to the future. They couldn't come back until she died.

The way Kirk and the crew so easily fell in love with aliens, I'm surprised they stayed together for the five year mission to explore strange new worlds and civilizations. The thing I loved about Kirk was how he had sex with a blue or green alien, then told them goodby as he went to the next planet, and new women to bed. Otherwise he would have an entire deck full of women aboard ship that he couldn't live without. Of course having a green slave girl and Edith wouldn't be such a bad thing.
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Dr Lazarus
Wed, May 16, 2018, 7:47pm (UTC -5) | 🔗
Re: TOS S2: The Ultimate Computer

I see this as a prelude to Skynet, where AI computers and drones become self aware and decides the humans fate in a micro second.

Daystrom was a smart engineer and scientist. He never commanded a Star Ship, so why would Star Fleet allow Daystrom to imprint his memory engrams into the computer? Shouldn't it had been some great Admiral or Star Ship Captain like Kirk, who they patterned the intelligence of an AI computer that was going to explore the galaxy? No wonder this failed. Plus this man was nuts and mentally unstable. Why would anyone be surprised that M5 would be any different?

Not clear in how a computer can manufacture a force field to protect itself when it never existed. It made no sense that you couldn't just unplug the network cable of the computer that connected it to the ship, or the plug that fed it power. Instead a test computer was hardwired into the ship that was only going to be evaluated for a day or two. It's hard for me to suspend belief for an hour when I see so many illogical and nonsensical flaws.
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Dr Lazarus
Wed, May 16, 2018, 7:22pm (UTC -5) | 🔗
Re: TOS S1: Miri

This episode just gives me the opportunity to say what my main pet peeve of Star Trek.

It is noted this was a M-Class Planet. Then they follow it up with a planet with a Earth-like conditions, climate, water, and oxygen just like Earth. Isn't that what a M-Class planet means?? There is no reason to say it is just like Earth. That's what the classification is for. Speaking of which, what planet have the crew ever visited that wasn't M-Class? Even the frozen planet in the Episode where Kirk was split into two Kirk's in a transporter malfunction, was Earth like. In Siberia.

Bonk, Bonk.
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Dr Lazarus
Thu, May 10, 2018, 11:31am (UTC -5) | 🔗
Re: Star Trek Into Darkness

I was turned off in the beginning of the movie when a they showed a Star Fleet officer destroy a multi-million dollar building and kill countless lives just to save the life of his daughter. If this is the morality of the future, then we haven't come very far at all. The only thing that could fix this for me, is if someone else destroys the hospital to save their loved one, and kill the wife and daughter of the Star Fleet officer. Maybe the crashing of the Vengeance into San Francisco destroyed the hospital in an ironic twist?

Speaking of the Vengeance. If it was supposed to be a secret, then why did Robocop have a model of it in his office? Wouldn't someone ask why he has a model of a star ship that is twice the size of the Galaxy Class Enterprise?

Also, not sure why Bones needed Khan alive or at all if he had 71 other people who he could had gotten blood from? They were just in stasis, not frozen Popsicle's. He didn't need enough blood for a transfusion for Kirk, but a small amount to synthesize it to inject into Kirk.

I also couldn't get past the fact that the Enterprise was run down by the Vengeance a few minutes from Earth at Impulse speed, but they couldn't call Earth for help? And while they were a few planets away from Earth, and certainly not close enough to get caught in Earth's gravitational pull and immediately fall into its atmosphere. Even a shuttle craft could had been sent to Earth to tell Star Fleet what Robocop was up too.

I liked the movie, but there were just too many plot holes that I can't get out of my mind everytime I watch this.
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Dr Lazarus
Wed, May 9, 2018, 12:57pm (UTC -5) | 🔗
Re: Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home

Kirk made this entire whale tale more complicated then it needed to be.

After their reconnaissance to locate the whales in Sausalito, who are swimming in a large aquarium, why did they have to even speak to the fish doctor? They could had just beamed the whales aboard the ship. Everyone would had just wondered what happened to them. And why not try to play back whale song to see if the probe would be satisfied with it?

In First Contact, Picard showed Lily that the windows on the new Enterprise had no glass, but a force field. A force field could had been used to contain the water and whales, although this was a Klingon ship. Someone earlier asked why the plexiglass couldn't had been beamed up to the ship instead of using a chopper. That would had required the technology of the site-to-site transporting. You wouldn't want to beam a 60' x 10' piece of plexiglass onto the transporter pad.

And if Scotty could beam Chekhov off the nuclear ship Enterprise, why couldn't they just beamed him out of the hospital? Or just beam everyone out of the operating room rather than being chased down hospital corridors?

I was disappointed that Kirk didn't get to bed the fish lady. The look on his face when she shot him down in the end was priceless. "Don't call me, I'll call you". She drove a ratty truck that needed new belts, had no boyfriend, and the way she just ran off with Kirk and the gang, not even a cat. I was wondering if she even liked men.

Next to First Contact, this is my 2nd favorite Trek movie.
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Dr Lazarus
Tue, May 8, 2018, 9:29pm (UTC -5) | 🔗
Re: TNG S3: A Matter of Perspective

If Apgar was truly on the take and going to make money on his wave machine, he should had been trying to distract Riker, rather than antagonizing him. If that meant pimping out his wife to keep Riker from looking to hard in his business, then so be it. This is what Mexican drug Lords do to get Border Agents on the take, by giving them money or women for sex.

I wonder when I get in my late 60's, I will still be able to kick ass and take names like I did back in the day? Both Kirk and Picard seem to get their asses handed to them by their old mentor. Old dudes that shouldn't have much power behind their punches. Soren was a couple hundred years old, and he whipped Picards ass.

I like the episodes where there is something more interesting than Tachyon pulses to explain why the ship is in danger. I'm liking Kreiger Waves. And seeing Will Riker getting beat down by an old dude makes me laugh every time I watch this episode. "I won't get you now, but later you will be a dead man, Apgar". LOL
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Dr Lazarus
Tue, May 8, 2018, 8:54pm (UTC -5) | 🔗
Re: TNG S1: Symbiosis

I think this is the only episode where Tasha speaks at length and doesn't talk about her evading rape gangs. She never says if they ever caught her, but I suspect you would to get captured a time or two. I know it is wrong, but catching Tasha at least once would be kinda sweet.

This is yet another episode where the Prime Directive makes no sense. If you can't warp to the other side of the galaxy, you are just a backwoods rube of a civilization. The city where I grew up, didn't have public transportation to the Southside, so I never went there. Was I less of a person because I didn't have a vehicle capable of making it to the Southside of town? I would be denied the use of city resources because I wasn't worldly enough to reach the South or points beyond? I would be denied legal advice or new technology because I wasn't smart enough or rich enough to build or buy a vehicle capable of reaching the outer rim area of my city?

These two worlds seemed to have a high level of technology, other than the fact the knew nothing about how to repair their ships or owning space capable ships at all. For that they are treated like 5th graders who can't be told about the ways of the universe. I'm sure they would have an incentive to develop warp capability if they knew about places like Risa, or Dabbo girls on DS9.

The Prime Directive is far too rigid . I can see if a civilization still lives in caves, or don't even have the internet. But to not clue them in that they are being played and taken advantage of just because they don't know how to build or add a turbocharger on their ships, is very cruel.
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Dr Lazarus
Tue, Apr 24, 2018, 12:47am (UTC -5) | 🔗
Re: Star Trek: First Contact

This is my favorite Star Trek. It even surpassed the one with the whales. I even learned some trivia, that the crew actually pees, although it is never discussed. But don't say leak though.

It is hard to stay in the movie with so many plot holes though. Why is Cochrane wasting so much time in building a Warp ship when the world is in the middle of WWIII? Is that going to destroy the Nazi's, or whoever the bad faction is in this war? And Cochrane seems to be totally clueless about being in Space. I get the impression he has never been in orbit before. I do know that rocket scientist don't typically get to ride the rockets they design and build, but this seems to be a bit far fetched. Technology is the mother of invention. So the only reason Warp Drive would ever be invented is that space exploration is very limited if it takes hundreds of years to reach the next galaxy or solar system. I never got the impression that Earth spacecraft has ever even gone to space. "Is that Earth"???????? That would be believable if the Enterprise had gone back to 1955 and hooked up with Marty and old Doc Brown in Back to The Future.

And how was it possible to initiate Auto Destruct, if Data locked out the main computer??? Wasn't that the purpose in doing that, so the enemy couldn't take control of ship systems like blowing up the ship or changing the food replicator recipes??? The Borg couldn't even get control of the Photon torpedo's or its tracking system, but destroying the ship was left wide open.

And contacting only planets that have achieved warp, always seemed odd to me. I can see that a planet becomes more sophisticated once they have built a few warp ships and know how to get to Risa to get some action. But the trailer park people in Montana don't seem any smarter an hour after the Vulcans detected a warp signature. They seemed clueless what a rocket ship even was, let alone one that was to be the first ever ship capable of travel at warp speed. And how did the Phoenix get back to Earth so quickly without using warp speed to get back? With the chemical rocket they used to get in orbit, the tiny blue marble that was Earth had to been a few days away. I don't even think they even had impulse power yet. That should had been invented well before warp technology, and made it easier to get in space instead of using an old nuclear rocket to get into space. And how did they get back on the ground? Did it land like a SpaceX 3rd stage booster? Or did they land via parachute in the ocean? There aren't any nearby oceans to Montana.

I won't even get into how the Borg Queen was able to turn on Data's emotion chip, but unable to get the encryption code from his positronic brain. And why Data was unable to turn it back off and add an encryption code to his brain just like he claimed he did with the encryption code to the main computer. And in other episodes, Data could easily choke out Borg's, but this time they easily beat him down. Not sure why he couldn't shut down the subroutine that allowed him to feel pleasure and pain on his synthetic flesh.

It was cool seeing how large a Galaxy Class Star ship really is during the space walk to rid of some Borg who can seem to survive just fine in the vacuum and cold of space, despite having organic bodies with cybernetic implants.

I do try to love this movie despite having my mind wondering why did they do this, or didn't do that.
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Dr Lazarus
Mon, Apr 23, 2018, 11:30pm (UTC -5) | 🔗
Re: Star Trek: Nemesis

The thing that always bugged me about Star Trek is the weapons and defensive shields. Yes they are no t supposed to be the Military, and the ship is on an exploration mission, but for all the baddies they run into each week over the past 30 years, you'd think they would invest in better armament. Over heated phasers, limited photon topedo's, and shields that drop to nothing after 3-4 good hits.

The Scimitar, was basically bulletproof, but it could had used something better than 5 mph bumpers.

Picard needed to have General Akbar on his bridge staff. He at least could let the captain know "It's a Trap"! Troi seems to be useless in this aspect. Don't put together strange androids, then allow it the run of the ship. That's insane!! And Picard knows Shinzon is dirty, yet the Enterprise just hangs around while waiting for him to make his move, like kidnap Picard. Once they figure out B4 was trojan horse, they conveniently have data to impersonate him just in case Picard gets captured. Too bad Shinzon didn't give B4 a Blue Gill so he could be picked out of an android line up. Isn't that how parents tell which twin is which???

The only good thing about androids is that if you lose one you can just upload the old backup software, and you have the same old android back. It will even sing the same old tunes.

At the end of every episode, Picard or any other Enterprise captain will put his life on the line to save the ship and crew. And as usual, some random red shirt or replaceable android will pull him out of the fire at the last second. I never fret that we will lose the captain at the end of the movie or episode. This movie was no different. Picard had about two seconds to spare at the end of Insurrection. The worse that happens is a slightly banged up Enterprise. Although I doubt Picard will get his security deposit back with the dented grill after this mission.
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Dr Lazarus
Thu, Apr 19, 2018, 8:46pm (UTC -5) | 🔗
Re: Star Wars: Return of the Jedi

Episode VI: Yo, people. These idiots built another death star, only larger. Someone go get those technical readouts from 30 years ago, and we'll blow this thing again and get out of here.

I couldn't believe when Luke finds out that Leia is really his sister, he doesn't even pause and feel bad about those lonely cave nights on Dagobah, when he was ejecting quarts of midiclorides into a tissue while fantasizing about the makeout sessions with Leia back in the day.

And it blows my mind that Han isn't even a little mad at Lando for getting him encased in Carbonite. Those Jedi are very forgiving. How many billions of people has Luke's father, Vader has killed and tortured? And when Luke tells Leia she is his sister, and that Vader is his father, she doesn't even make the connection that Vader is her dad too!!!!!!! What the F . . .??

I like watching this episode whenever there is a free HBO weekend on cable, but I turn it off during the big celebration scene when the galaxy is partying like it 19999999. That's because Lucas changed the very last scene where the Jedi ghost of Obi Wan, Yoda, and Luke's real dad, who just died on the death star as Vadar, but was replaced with little whiny Annie from Episode III. Is anything sacred??????
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Dr Lazarus
Thu, Apr 19, 2018, 8:12pm (UTC -5) | 🔗
Re: Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back

Episode V, while a favorite, will be known for two things.

That Vader is actually Luke's father, and that Lucas is a big liar when he claimed he had wrote out the entire trilogy in the beginning. Instead we get a steamy scene of Luke & Leia making out, big time, while in episode VI, we find out they are actually brother and sister! You can almost hear the midiclorides scream out in disgust, then silenced. Oh, then we get the scene where Han & Leia make out, big time. If it wasn't for 3CPO being a C-Blocker, those two would had went horizontal. Leia gets around. Weren't Han and Luke buddies?? What's the equivalent of the Mile High Club in space, in a galaxy, far, far, away?
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Dr Lazarus
Thu, Apr 19, 2018, 4:02pm (UTC -5) | 🔗
Re: Star Wars: The Force Awakens

I'm a huge Star Wars fan. But I didn't like this movie the first time I saw it. I didn't like it the 5th time I saw it two years later. It's been on cable a lot so I've seen it about 10 times now. I still don't like it much, but after multiple viewings it kinda makes more sense, sorta.

I don't know how the girl could do the the things she does, but it does bring to mind Episode 1 and Anakin. He said he was a podracer, and was the only human who could do it. Qui Gon said he must have Jedi reflexes. Anakin knew absolutely nothing about the force, but knew what a Jedi was, just like the girl. She was pretty good with that staff. Much to good for a skinny girl. I never saw where she used Jedi mind tricks before though. If she had, she may had been able to get more food portions.

I still I say it was a rehash of A New Hope. And how many Zillions will the Galactic Empire spend on a bad design like a death star or planet? They need to go to India and get some better engineers so they can build a planet killer that can't be easily exploited. Perhaps more screen doors over the thermal ports?
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Dr Lazarus
Wed, Apr 18, 2018, 5:43pm (UTC -5) | 🔗
Re: TNG S5: A Matter of Time

The only thing I got from this was the question, which woman would I hit on, Beverly, or Troi?

He made his play for Beverly, and got shot down. At least the Texan druggie, one of three the Enterprise found in stasis, got to pat her on the butt. She was much obliged.

This episode reminded me of an older Bill or Ted, of the Excellent Adventure fame, who instead of going into the past to collect historical figures, went in the future to collect futuristic artifacts. He got busted by the royal ugly dude, Picard.
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Dr Lazarus
Mon, Apr 16, 2018, 6:18pm (UTC -5) | 🔗
Re: TNG S3: The Defector

I really enjoyed this episode. Tomalak, is a great adversary because he is ruthless and very intelligent. I loved his last encounter with Picard.

Picard: Do you expect us to surrender?
Tomalak: No, I expect that you won't.

The ultimate one upmanship, would had been an episode where Picard bested Tomalak, and when asked to surrender, he would say it's not our way, as he activates his self destruct.

Picard 2, Tomalak 0.
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Dr Lazarus
Mon, Apr 16, 2018, 5:10pm (UTC -5) | 🔗
Re: TNG S5: The Masterpiece Society

The very first time I saw this episode, I knew who could had put these people straight. Captain Kirk.

This race of people reminded me of the TOS episode, A Taste of Armageddon. Instead of killing each other in a long drawn out war, the two planets just fought a virtual war, where a computer, most likely a Playstation 3, just calculated probable deaths in some crazed Activision game, then the each planet actually killed those people. For them it was better than actual destruction of the planets infrastructure. Kirk put a stop to that nonsense.

Picard should had just told this Masterpiece Society to either act right, and he would stop the stellar fragment, or just let them die. Apparently they weren't as smart as they thought they were, otherwise they could had stopped the fragment themselves. They were just misguided Earthers. No doubt they are the ones who spawned Khan with their genetics experiments.
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Dr Lazarus
Mon, Apr 16, 2018, 4:48pm (UTC -5) | 🔗
Re: TNG S5: Silicon Avatar

I'm with Picard with this one. Just like Kirk found a way to communicate with the Horta, so it could help with miners to find new minerals, once they taught it what to look for. The CE could had been taught to mine Dilithium while it feasted on non M-Class planets. That was a dirty, nasty, and dangerous job that I guess only prisoners were forced to mine.

It seemed that Dr Marr was committed after this. I wonder how many cats she owned? She looked just like a crazy cat lady.
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Dr Lazarus
Mon, Apr 16, 2018, 4:26pm (UTC -5) | 🔗
Re: TNG S4: In Theory

I like Michele Scarabelli. She reminds me of a duller and not as cute version of Linda Hamilton. Just like it would be a huge fail if Sarah Conner had a love relationship with the Terminator, there was no hope Jenna and Data would have a lasting relationship. I would had put money on Data and his cat Spot, working out as lovers.

Picard in this episode, reminded me of the old school dude who tried to be cool because he used to work on TV's with vacuum tubes. That old skill did work out for Clint Eastwood, when he was called up to save the world by fixing a space platform in orbit that was loaded with nukes in the movie, Space Cowboys. It was operating with computers that still had tubes in it.

Not a favorite episode.
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Dr Lazarus
Sat, Apr 14, 2018, 6:41pm (UTC -5) | 🔗
Re: TNG S3: The Ensigns of Command

Goshevin, was a close minded idiot. If I was part of a group stranded on a planet, I wouldn't want just a single individual making all the decisions. He reminds me of our current president. A small portion of the population think he is very intelligent and will gladly do his bidding with no questions asked. If anything, the ones who wanted to leave should had just left the planet when Data said so, and let Goshevin fight the good fight on his own.

I laugh every time I see this episode when the Sheliak call back Picard and he doesn't answer. "Hello? Hello? Is this phone still on? Lol
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Dr Lazarus
Sat, Apr 14, 2018, 4:38pm (UTC -5) | 🔗
Re: TNG S1: Conspiracy

Since TOS, I've grown used in seeing the old school aged superior officer beating up Kirk and Picard. The old mentor always look to be in their 50's or 60's, and have no problem in beating down Captains still in their prime and at least 20 years younger. Quinn even knocked out Klingon Worf, who is far stronger than humans, let alone an old Admiral with a worm. Not sure if it is in their brain or throat.

Speaking of which, I was hardly fooled by that stumpy tailed Bluegil sticking out of Riker's neck. The men under control of the parasite, had a long wiggly tail coming out of there neck, while Riker's was just a dead stump that looked like it died at birth. I have expected the other Captains to look at Riker and ask "Dude, what's up with your tail"?

The exploding Remmick head reminded of the movie Scanners. I thought I recalled Michael Ironside's character was named Remmick, but it was Revok. Nice to see they brought back the exploding head special effect. LOVED IT!! I too own a lizard who eats meal worms. I used to be kinda scared of them, but I now dip my fingers into a container of giant meal worms, to put them in my lizards feeding dish. I buy the 250 or 500 meal worm container. I wouldn't put them in my mouth though. Now that is gross.
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Dr Lazarus
Sat, Apr 7, 2018, 5:50pm (UTC -5) | 🔗
Re: TNG S5: The Inner Light

For those who wondered how this civilization was able to construct an advanced probe and launch it, just recall what the Administrator said to Kamin near the end. They had already knew the drought was real and was going to doom the planet.

The village that Kamin lived was just a small rural community. The smart scientist types and the high technology was in the big city. That's where Eline his wife, told Kamin he would have to go if he wanted to send a message. That's where the rocket and probe was designed, built, and launched. Had Kamin gone there, he would had felt more normal among other egg heads, and would had stayed to figure things out. In fact I'm sure he did when he traveled there to try to contact the Enterprise. Not sure why he stayed and lived his life in that sleepy town.

I still wipe a tear even after watching this episode upteen times, but one thing bothers me. You see playing music was the most important thing to Kamin and his son, but neither really knew how to play that flute. While Kamin played it with such soul and feeling, he wasn't much better then I was in the 5th grade playing Mary had a Little Lamb on the black plastic flutes we were given in school. I would have liked to have heard some trills and triplets. Some real playing.

I played trumpet in the grade school band, and this girl played the silver flute. She played much better than Kamin when she was in Junior High. I thought she was pretty good until I went to high school. There was this guy who played flute in the jazz band, and that guy could blow! He could play the funky solo's of all the hits songs back in the late 70's. After 30-40 years of playing, Kamin should had seriously been plowing that flute. That would had made it more realistic for me, rather than the simple folk tunes he played. Picard never seemed to get much better either. I guess there was no music instructors, books on tape, or Youtube on the Enterprise.

Still one of the best TNG episodes I've seen.
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