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Donald Cooper
Thu, Mar 22, 2018, 8:36am (UTC -5)
Re: Return of the Anykey

Here it is 2018 and I finally got my hands on an ANYKEY keyboard , like the one I loved many years ago.

But my story ends sadly. First, it had an AT terminal. I got it to a USB configuration with simple adapters, but that isn't good enough to get any result on my WIN 10 OS. However, a web search suggested an "active" ps2/USB adapter ($18) and that allowed the keyboard to function. I was elated.....too soon.

I was able to apply macros to the provided (extra) F keys, so I happily rolled along. However, soon gremlins appeared. Regular keys wouldn't provide their regular output but rather extraneous outputs, making typing impossible. Clearing all programming corrected the problem, but later programming again caused the problem.

Is it incompatibility with WIN 10 or is this keyboard faulty? It's hard to tell, but the end result is my utter disappointment. It seems nothing is "forever".

I'll sell the keyboard (with an explanation), hoping someone with an older OS can make it work. There remains interest in the concept, and though there are other, modern programmable keyboards, they are quite pricey and usually designed for special purpose apps that don't make them favorable for normal PC use.

Why didn't someone continue to develop this favorable concept?

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