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Sat, Apr 4, 2020, 10:56am (UTC -5) | 🔗
Re: PIC S1: Et in Arcadia Ego, Part 2

@B: completely agree. I'm deep into DS9 for the first time, and, while I dislike the focus on war (rather than the utopian style of TNG), it still manages to have great acting, character arcs and TALKING about the 'action' in fight scenes rather than simply showing off bland, Star Wars/Marvel/generic spam of special effects and SOOO MANY THINGS.

Orville, when it's not forcing comedy (Macfarlane probably had to put that in otherwise it's just "TNG" not "TNG but with family guy creator's humour"), is amazing. Especially the 'lost timeline' episode of the latest season, and the moral dilemmas it retells.

The immortality (What about the TNG episode where that guy takes over Data's mind? No callback to that?). The "organic androids" (??? Aren't they just Augments at this point? Why do they have weird memories?). Why kill off characters?

I hate it. Patrick Stewart doesn't care about the character. Roddenberry's dream is dead. "Consoomers"/rabid fanboys will just eat up anything with the logo of their favourite media. If this was NOT branded as Star Trek, ditched every character and reference, it would be great. A new IP, a new story to tell. A universe that's yet to be established.
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Sun, Feb 2, 2020, 6:05am (UTC -5) | 🔗
Re: PIC S1: Maps and Legends

First time commenting, I think I should share some opinions of my own. I've only recently got into Trek (last year, started with TNG) and I'm pretty sad with Discovery and now Picard. I don't like the serialised stuff, and never will. There's overuse of FX (lens flare much?) and the nonsense science is a bit annoying, even the technobabble of the other series as least seemed consistent (phase modulation! pattern buffer! warp coil, nacelles, *console explodes for no reason*)

@Booming - good analysis. My disappointment with this is like other media that I consume (video games and movies) but I often forget that the "good stuff" is unchanged. The old shows aren't going anywhere, and if this turns into a trainwreck some can always pretend it doesn't exist (like some Matrix fans, I believe).

Regarding your dissection of the messages, as someone who's not American it's slightly jarring to have such a 'ham-fisted' agenda of sorts. I think that comes down to the serialisation issue, which is that the entire series is "refugees/Brexit" as opposed to one episode, which means that if either of those real-life issues turns out to be for the better/worse, the whole series might be seen in a different light. As opposed to, say, that episode of ENT where T'pol has "treatable but incurable disease spread through disapproved means", which modern society is moving towards acceptance.

Possibly the worst thing you made note of is "the writers don't know or care about Trek". I saw something of JJ Abrams saying he doesn't like it. Disappointing. I don't think there's any excuse for someone who is not invested in a series to be in charge of continuing it. Even if you don't like it, they should do research. But I digress.

We're only 2 episodes in, and since there's 3 seasons planned, there will almost certainly be cliffhangers or reveals at the end of the season. So I'll give it a chance. It's my favourite captain in his final story, and there hopefully will be less Discovery-tier issues with it.
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