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Mon, Apr 20, 2020, 12:54am (UTC -5)
Re: PIC S1: Et in Arcadia Ego, Part 2

The writing in Picard and Discovery is terrible. And I can just never understand why. Discovery was meaningless drivel but Picard had within it several premises that could have been developed into an engaging story. A Federation who had lost its way and was decaying and insular and crying out for a leader and orator of Picards quality.

Instead we got another poorly managed series of action sequences strung together with random events and magical objects that force the next meaningless action sequence.

The plight of the synthetic life forms never felt like a strong enough driver to take Picard on this journey and his end goal was never clear. And of course, if you think about it for a moment, was really a complete failure. Yes, he saved the small android colony of about 30 individuals, but the price was the horrendous slaughter of what appeared to be thousands of the former Borg. And it was Picard who condemed then all to death on his pointless quest to find someone who might be related to Data.

They could have died a valiant struggle and could have formed part of the larger narrative arc about the Federations selfishness and insular nature. Instead, after building up the size and horror of the Borg cube, of reminding us of the Borg's terrible power, they were all flushed into space and then, after gaining control of it (a terrible weapon and the use of which might have had consequences for the Federaton and Seven of Nine) it was immediatley crashed into a planet, taken out by a plant.

What's with the need to have massive fleets of spaceships in Startrek now? It's like they are trying to turn it into Star Wars. The original premise of Star Trek was that space was massive and the spaceships, like a battleship or submarine, were on their own in the expanse dealing with problems they found there. So Star Fleet can now magic up 300 battleships for a situation as minor as saving the lives of 30 androids, something the Federation aparently cared nothing about for the last 10 years. I am now surprised they had any problems fighting the Borg or the Dominion previously with these kinds of resources! Where was the impassioned speech to the Federation Council, where Picard alone managed to change opinions to save the day?

Finally, the whole premise of this last episode was ridiculous. Am I the only one who thought that the Romulans were actually in the right?! The warning they had seen was true, the efforts they put into maintaining their vigual was justified in the end when we saw what was the end of the signal. The means they employed had much to be desired but Picards crew seemed to be intent on sacraficing all organic life for the sake of these 30 individuals, none of whom seemed to deserve the efforts being expended on them.

I just wish the creators of these shows had more respect for the audiences and their ability to follow a more complex story. Given the swearing and gore in star trek now it seems that its targeted at a more grown up audience but the story is juvenile so I don't really understand who they are targeting any more. Gone is the science storys and technology and just a focus on poorly managed action sequences. Given the quality of actors, set designers and special effects staff they have, it just seems crazy the writing is as poor as it is.
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Sat, Apr 30, 2016, 7:45pm (UTC -5)
Re: VOY S7: Repression

Yes - a disappointing episode - and I'm a huge fan of Voyager. Disappointing for all the reasons laid out above - and one thing continues to nag at me. When the mutiny is in full swing, the Maquis crew are all suddenly wearing Maquis costume. Where the hell did these come from? 'Oh, we just thought we'd hang onto these in case we decided to have a Maquis coup sometime in the future!'
Or are they simply wearing their civvies to distinguish themselves from the Star Fleet crew.
All in all, a very silly and disappointing episode.
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