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Derek DiGiovanni
Sun, Jul 22, 2018, 3:22am (UTC -5)
Re: VOY S5: Warhead

I have a lot of problems with this episode and it's really not with the premise presented or the character involvement (which is nice to see the whole crew involved again) but with the sheer lack of intelligent and even idiotic responses which are done with this crew of supposedly highly educated and intelligent group of people.

First, this is yet another episode that makes me further despise the character of the Doctor. Again his superiority complex and complete contempt for the lowly organics he works with is in full force. He shows he fully thinks he's the one that should be making the decisions because his abilities are so more advanced than the animals he's surrounded by. He continues, especially, to show nothing but utmost contempt for Kim (which never changes even with what he says at the end). He's never had to earn anything in his "life" or work for anything, he just simply programs whatever knowledge or ability into himself that he wants and then holds it over everyone's head (another thing he continues to do). When you really think about it, his character goes through any true growth throughout the series. The only reason he changes at all is because of further and further additions to his program. As a comparison, Data had to earn most of his character growth, starting with having to graduate from the Academy. He could have just been programmed with the information too and made "the Emergency Command Android". But, he never demanded that kind of advancement just because he could be programmed, he tried to earn it just like everyone else (even though he could learn it faster).

This is yet another time the doctor's superiority complex and care for machines over people that are supposed to be his friends almost got them all killed. And, yet again, he's NEVER punished in the least for betraying his crew (something else that never changes). Tom Paris is now an ensign and spent 30 days in jail for acting on his moral beliefs, but the Doctor? Nahhhh, we can blame Harry for it all.

Harry gets lot of flak for always screwing up (he was completely inexperienced at first, so of course he's gonna make some mistakes), but if he did this time, its only because everyone decided to go along with the walking medical database. The one that essentially told him he wasn't fit to command an away team as soon as he found out and slapped him again by saying it didn't matter that he sucked so much because the real leader of the crew, the Doctor, would be there to decide everything for him.

I also kind of agree that it always seemed odd that an ensign was designated a senior officer immediately after graduating from the Academy (even though he was 1st in his class, I think?) and even more so that he never got a promotion. The reason they always give is that "there are only so many command positions", but that never made sense to me since he's ALREADY in a command position - he is the Operations Manager of Voyager, he's the command officer of the Operations division. They could promote him to any rank up to Lieutenant-Commander and there would be zero impact on the command structure of the ship.

Obviously, I didn't like this show mostly because it involved a lot of Doctor-Harry interactions, but there were some other WTH moments for me, too. Why didn't anyone conduct an intensive scan of the thing when they found it? Wouldn't they have detected explosives, or large amounts of antimatter, or triggering devices, or something to indicate it would make a big boom? Why not scan the surface for the other bomb BEFORE they beam it aboard? Why not first try to see if it could be worked on on the surface before bringing sentient unknown tech on board the ship? Try to download its navigation data and find where it came before moving it? Just feels like there are way too many logical oversights in this episode to make it fun to watch.

I'm so sorry that my comment turned more into a thesis, but my issues with the doctor have bothered me for a long time, it felt good to vent some of them. Thanks a ton if you bothered to read it all :)

tl;dr - it's all the Doctor's fault AGAIN, but of course the leader of the crew (in his own subroutines) keeps everyone from taking the proper steps and gets another pass for it.
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