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Delta Radiation
Thu, Dec 12, 2019, 12:13pm (UTC -6)
Re: VOY S6: Fair Haven

Jammer rated this as a poor episode thus only giving it two stars. I must respectfully disagree with his assessment. In my mind it not only has no redeeming qualities but loads of bad, insulting ones. I did not watch Voyager during its original run and only now I am watching re-runs. I have tried several times to watch this episode, but until today never succeeded. It genuinely took real effort to sit through the episode. I was worse than bored with the episode. I was downright irritated, insulated. I think that a better title for “Fair Haven “ would have been “Fetid Vomit from the Future “.

First off, I personally can’t stand a holodeck episode. It is terribly overdone in Star Trek. The whole idea of safety protocols going off line is completely unbelievable. Worse, I find it ridiculous that one cannot just turn the holodeck off. I don’t believe any of the holodeck romance stuff. I get that Janeway is lonely, but I cannot believe that she would even remotely fall for a holodeck character. Worse, I would never believe that Janeway (or any of the Starfleet captains we have ever met) would ever risk one of her crew in order to save a holocharacter. Absolutely nothing about this episode works.

And really, how are we supposed to care about holodeck characters that will inevitably be deleted at the end of the episode or at least we will never see again. And talk about stereotyping! Holy cow does this one ever insult the intelligence! The whole Irish country folk trope is insulting to everyone watching, the Irish in particular!

Nothing about this episode works. It is terrible and should never have been produced. Other reviewers have this episode negative stars. Generally I think of these types of reviews as hyperbole, but in this case it is appropriate as it so bad that it actually degrades the value of the series as a whole. It degrades Janeway. It degrades Star Trek. It is episodes like these that Star Trek critics love to pan.

It is one of the worst episodes of any Star Trek episode ever, right up there with Spock’s Brain.

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