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Wed, Dec 11, 2013, 11:09am (UTC -5)
Re: BSG S3: Unfinished Business

I got the impression that Kara was so frightened by the intensity of Lee's declaration of love and how she felt about Lee in return, that she
ran to marry Sam, so that Lee's feelings would be sabotaged. In Kara's fucked up head this was a good idea. While I'm sure that Kara loved Sam, it never seemed that her feelings for him were near what they were for Lee so the marriage was doomed from the start. The unrealistic parts in this episode are of of course that first of all I don't see Lee just letting something like that slide without a confrontation. He would not just stand there with a wounded look on his face while Kara just looks oblivious to all like she did not do something that most anybody would consider hateful much less heartless. NO WAY. My second problem is this - I don't care how tuff Starbuck is supposed to be. Lee is an athletic, heavily muscled man. He is quick and strong. I figure he is around 175lbs or so versus Kara's what 120lbs tops. He has 50 plus pounds on her. He has the reach advantage. I am not buying that she is staying on her feet after Lee got in several CLEAN unanswered punches. In most scenarios she would be lucky to leave without brain damage. Anyway bottom line is Kara's behavior in both the flashbacks and present time sequences is abysmal and total unsympathetic.
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