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Dawn Gilbert
Wed, Apr 3, 2019, 2:35pm (UTC -5)
Re: ENT S3: Twilight

I loved this episode. I thought the plot was well done and it worked in the 43 minutes it was given. Call me a romantic but I really thought the interplay between T'Pol and Archer was excellent. After years of taking care of Archer, she's grown "attached". There is probably more to it than that though. You don't dedicate that amount of time to care and not learn about the person you care for. Archer is an interesting, disciplined, well-rounded man. There is no reason why T'Pol *wouldn't* eventually fall for him. It is particularly poignant that Archer would forget in the morning all that she's done. You can only imagine what the rest of their day together would be like after she breaks the news to him. His fore knowledge that he would forget. His need for trusted companionship. His knowledge that it would be impossible to form lasting relationships with others in the colony. Archer *needs* T'Pol.

I also thought that Scott Bakula played the part excellently well. He played the once virile assured captain of a starship and showed through, interestingly, body language the immasculation that a man might feel who had suddenly found out he was disabled. That his life was no longer in his own hands.

You also wonder what Archer would have tried to offer when he and T'Pol are discussing what would happen if the procedure was successfuldespite knowing that he can never repay her for over a decade ofloyaltyWhat would he have said there.

I was invested in this episode. I've watched it a lot. Enough to overlook the fact that Archer gets shot 3 times and still manages to manipulate the controls of a. I suspend my disbelief because I have an investment in Archer having one last moment of power and virility to get the job done. In spite of the odds against
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