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Daniel RG
Wed, Mar 13, 2013, 11:03pm (UTC -6)
Re: DS9 S6: Time's Orphan

**Spoilers** Hard to watch episode. O'Brien Plot: The premise wasn't terrible, but sloppily executed. Very contrived elements were used to move the story along, sometimes painful. The "moral dilemma" was really stupid when they didn't want to try again to get the young Molly. (Wharf above hit it perfectly) - the truth is they'd just try again. It's as much a mistake that she went there in the first place as what random time she came back. But we want to move the plot along! Her "development" was an interesting part of the episode, along with the parents' hard decisions and trying to work with her.

But the most contrived plot element is that she freaks out - and there is no second chance. She is going to be sent to some home far away, taken from parents, etc. The injured person would be fine in a week. They said he'd press charges. That's believable. But then without a trial, without time passing, without a second chance, Molly is going to be shipped off immediately, far away, to some prison home place. It can't be stopped, appealed, postponed, or challenged. Marshall law Starfleet, huh? I don't think the Dominion war has made them that bad. Totally contrived, but that was to get them back to the planet. These two places where the plot was forced to move forward (can't try again and going to rehab home, no appeal) were very clumsy and kind of ruined it for me. Pull out the Worf/Dax subplot and handle this a little more gracefully!

Still not as bad as profit and lace, where I watched the clock more than the screen.
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