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Damon Sweeney
Fri, Jan 17, 2014, 12:22pm (UTC -5) | 🔗
Re: TNG S1: 11001001

I've just finished watching the first half of Star Trek: TNG season 1 plus "Too Short A Season", so I thought i'd give you my thoughts.

Encounter at Farpoint: I thought this was a very average episode for the start of one of my favorite series of all-time. It did well at introducing the crew but the plot was lacking. It's undeniably dated and my most memorable scene would be the appearance of Star Trek TOS star Deforest Kelley: Grade E- (5/10)

The Naked Now: I believe this is an improvement over the pilot and it felt more like the series. However, I didn't like that they copied an Original Series story as it might indicate to some viewers that they were recycling old plots. I also wasn't so keen on the crew acting out of character as we needed time to know how the characters normally behaved. And with episode 2 they are already acting out of character. Having said that, I thought "The Naked Now" was a good episode and I enjoyed it, I watched it a lot when I was a kid: Grade C (7.5/10)

Code Of Honor: This episode is regarded by many as being the worst episode of The Next Generation. It's definitely not a good episode, but it's underrated. Even though the episode didn't make racial references, I believe that a planet completely run by blacks could make people think it is racist. There are some really weird things in this episode and not all the actors are superb. This episode does use concepts from the Original Series, as does a lot of season one, and not all of them pay off. The costumes look out of place for one, where it suited the Original Series, it seems out of place in TNG. The plot, conflict and acting are all average. One brief scene in which Picard discusses the Prime Directive is memorable, but really this episode is forgettable: Grade E- (5.2/10)

The Last Outpost: Now this episode started out really well and looked as though it was becoming a solid installment. It's intriguing and showed the more interesting side of Sci-Fi and exploration. Having said that, I have some critiscms. I thought that when the crew averted peril at the last possible moment was unrealistic and the basic plot seemed a little silly. This episode is the introduction to the damn annoying Ferengi and I don't believe they can ever be a threatening adversary. It's an unconvincing planet and the ending is what spoils this one for me. It had an intesting concept though: Grade E- (again.) (5.3/10)

Where No One Has Gone Before: This seems to be a love it or hate it episode and I just don't like it. The elements in this episode are of time and space and thought which I thought was a unique idea. I also liked the "traveler" and think he is a wonderfully conceived character. Everything is just too vague though, and it had sooo much potential. The writers took a path which was the worst possible path for this one and although the wonder is wondrous in it, the rest falls flat: Grade F+ (4.8/10)

Lonely Among Us: This is a very underrated episode in my view. Again, with the characters acting out of character so early on in the series is never wise. This reminded me again of TOS, with the crew being "possessed." Of course with the climax you have to suspend disbelief in order to like it as Picard beams himself into the energy field and finds his way back into the ships's computer energy only. It is far-fetched stuff but I really liked the plot of this one and what happened on board the ship: Grade: C- (7.3/10)

Justice: This really is just a silly episode. The people walking about the planet half-naked, their stupid death penalty and the god-like being above. I thought Picard's little speech at the end wasn't so bad, as I love Picard's quotes and morals which is one of my favorite things about the show. Overall though, "Justice" was a letdown: Grade F (4.5/10)

The Battle: A very tense and convincing episode! It features another Picard is "possessed" style story but it is much more effective than the previous installments. The Ferengi are also much more menacing in this episode, more than they were in "The Last Outpost." Picard's old ships gives a warmth to the episode but also a terror from which Picard has no control. It has some flaws but that doesn't stop it from being one of the better episodes of the first season: Grade C+ (7.8/10)

Hide And Q: Back to stinker land here. I hate the Q episodes anyway, besides the finale in season 7. Where a being can do what he wants, when he wants, whenever he wants, it's just not how life is. While De lancie is a brilliant acting and excellent at portraying the character of Q, I just hate the character. The episode felt very informative on how "power corrupts." The episode is again too silly. The enemy soldiers in this were terribly unconvincing and the planet landscape looked cheap and fake. I believe this story is about wanting to hep and desire and staying true to oneself, but it's just not that great. Also, the bridge scene between Picard and Tasha is very awkward, bad move there: Grade F (4.5/10)

Haven: I really don't like this episode, it's just too ridiculous to be taken seriously. I believe the aim of this one is at comedy, but it just doesn't work. It's just bad...bad...bad. I literally had more fun having my teeth pulled, it's so daft. The woman in the painting we knew would soon turn up and we knew Troi wouldn't marry. Mrs Troi is definitely the most annoying Star Trek character ever. She's a good actress, but I hate the character: Grade G (2/10)

The Big Goodbye: A lot of the episodes previously have been set on a multi-colored planets or near strange energy clouds, so It was a refreshing change to have the characters solve a mystery on the ship (the holodeck in fact: a mystery on the holodeck, and yes, literally a mystery.) Around this time I believe the series was understanding itself and what it wanted to be and had some really good episodes hittting the screen. "The Big Goodbye" was the first of the stream and this was the first "true" introduction of the holodeck. I really liked how the characters were fascinated with the simulations found on the holodeck and how real they seemed even though they were computer generated images. There are a few problems with it, it isn't perfect. It may come across as a bit daft to some audiences and the cliche aspect at the end where Wesley gets Captain Picard and the rest out just in time so Picard can make the speech greeting to the species is unrealistic. It's still a cool episode though and was a fun watch: Grade C (7.5/10)

Datalore: Easily a classic TNG. This is my favorite episode of the first season (I also love Conspiracy), but this is my fave. Everything comes together here: from plot, to character, to action and themes. It has a tense and effective atmosphere and the music contained in the episode works really well to give off the nature of what's transpiring and is very reminiscent of the "Alien" movie sounds. The characterization between Data and Lore is brilliant and the writing is very well thought out. The back-story for Data added to the plot's power and I liked how Data and Lore's speech differed which was a very good plot device. Wesley played a good part in this episode and it was directed and crafted perfectly. One of the definite highlights of this episode was Spiner. It really did show how good an actor he is, creating two completely different characters on screen. There are so many classic moments: from Captain Picard's "Shut up Wesley" to Worf getting beat up. I only have two criticisms: one is the head when they find Lore and try to make it look like Spiner's but they couldn't with the technology at the time, and the other is the way the crew treated Wesley when he voiced his suspicions about Lore pretending to be Data. We can forgive both as with the head they couldn't help it, and with Wesley it was necessary to move the story forward and support Lore's position in the plot. I also thought Riker was fooled a little too easily when Data was on the floor but we just accept that as we won't hinder, what was for the most part, an excellent episode: Grade A (9/10)

Angel One: We just go from hero to zero. How the hell is this in the same season as Datalore and more, just after it? The other bad ones had some saving grace like Picard quoting morality or the Prime Directive, but "Angel One" has no such quality. It has nothing enjoyable in it, apart from maybe Data squirting himself with perfume. This is the worst episode of the season for me and I don't think it can get much worse (quite possibly the worst of the entire series.): Grade G- (1/10)

11001001: Amazing title, superb execution. This one has a lot to offer: imagination, intersting Sci-Fi concepts, great character development and a brilliant style and pace. It's a very different episode and the setting is very ambitious, with the ship being docked at a starbase. It's a very intriguing and intelligent episode with lots going off, but everything with a meaning that creates one of the most memorable episodes of the first season. In addition, I liked how Picard and Riker stopped the auto-destruct two minutes before the ship was due to explode rather than the cliche "last second" abort, making it more realistic: Grade B (8.5/10)

Too Short A Season: I really hate this episode. Probably the worst of the season after "Angel One" in my opinion. It drags and the acting is terrible. With a very weak plot, and nothing memorable or enjoyable, it makes for a bad episode: Grade G (2/10)

The first half of season one is a mixed bag. I do believe season one is the weakest of the seven seasons, but it does have some really good ones among the stinkers. Revisiting this season was really fun and I will watch all the other seasons again too, every episode...can't wait.
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Damon Sweeney
Mon, Jan 13, 2014, 3:15am (UTC -5) | 🔗
Re: TNG S5: The Game

This is a brilliant episode. I found the plot was strong and the mystery interesting, the action sequences were also excellent. It explored the character of Wesley very well also and was a genuinely humorous 3episode at times.

On my scale of grading, which is A+ (The Best) to G-(The Worst), I gave "The Game" a "B." I thought it was very good, a highly underrated episode in my opinion.

On Jammers grading system I would give this episode a strong three stars out of four.
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