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Mon, Jul 22, 2019, 11:53pm (UTC -5)
Re: TNG S1: The Battle

I don't care too much that this episode is at times painfully slow, or that it's irritating that the audience is always so far ahead of most of the characters. Even the complacent utopian babble about conquering the scourge of the headache doesn't faze me too much. This was the first episode of TNG I ever saw, on eitehr its first or second airing. I was at my cousins' house, and was about seven- or eight-years old. I already knew a little bit about TOS and had seen a few episodes, and was really confused about who the people were on this show, since nobody had deigned to tell me there was a new Star Trek series, but my cousin was already a fan. I thought Picard on teh Stargazer was the most haunting thing I'd ever seen up to that point. The visions clouding his mind and Riker yelling at him to "DESTROY THE SPHERE!" while the alarm yammers on in the background have been indellibly etched into my brain for all time. As such, i'll always have a real soft spot and fondness for this story.

This episode continues the on-going Star Trek obsession with aping, in one way or another, the obsessive motif of Moby Dick. yes, it's TOS-like, but in a way a slightly sick love letter like The naked now could never hope to be. TOS and DS9 are still my favourite series to this day, but I have the strongest and most vivid memories of watching TnG as a kid.
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