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Thu, Jan 31, 2019, 9:56pm (UTC -5)
Re: DSC S2: Point of Light

I am shocked at much I hated it, especially after last week.

Last week was, in my opinion, the best episode of the show thus far. It was tight, fun, funny, contemplative. It was everything I want the show to be.

This week was meandering, boring, inconsequential. No one learned anything. No one grew. Nothing happened.

It was also, hands down, one of the worst directed hours of television I've seen maybe ever. It was shockingly bad. Actors were stiff, delivered their lines in a rushed, awkward way, the action was clunky (especially that Klingon fight scene), and it was a guessing game for some characters motivations. When Amanda left Michael was she...mad at her? determined to find Spock? I had no idea how to read her.

And the script was horrendous. Just line after line of exposition. No depth. No nuance.

Did the Klingon Empire really change Chancellorships on account of a signed contract? Is this Ferenginar? Someone please, anyone who has been a Star Trek fan for more than...let's say, four years, defend that.

We've gone from Worf vs. Gowron in a duel to the death to decide who wins the throne to... "I'ma need your thumb print here...initial there...thanks."

I'm absolutely stunned at how much I hated it, because I LOVED last week's episode. I was lukewarm last season, unsatisfied after episode one, but all-in and on board last week. This week is in the bottom ten Star Trek episodes ever.

It wasn't insulting in its badness. That's a distinction reserved for episodes like Turnabout Intruder, Spock's Brain, Code of Honor, Sub Rosa, Move Along Home, Threshold. It was just bad for how poorly made it was, how weak the script was, how utterly inconsequential everything that happened was.

It's indefensible and no amount of fan service like Kor's daddy, or the D7, or Section 31 can change the fact that it's just a bad, bad hour of TV.
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