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Tue, Dec 13, 2016, 11:52pm (UTC -6)
Re: ENT S1: Dear Doctor

I'm way late to this already-late-party but here goes:

Someone mentioned that if the Menk did not exist, or had been killed off by the Valakians as sentient species are supposedly wont to do, then Phlox would almost certainly dispense the cure immediately with no moral dilemma. This sounds about right. So can you imagine what would happen if the Valakians had found out about the cure and Phlox's reasons for withholding it?

Valakian leader: Captain Archer, please just consider the problem for a while longer. Surely the fate of our entire species deserves more consideration! At least take a few days to see the problem from all perspectives! If your mind remains unchanged, then we will accept whatever decision you have made.

Archer: Fine. I don't believe it will change anything, but since I'm dooming your entire species (which I only became aware of like two days ago) I guess I can give you a couple more days.

Skip forward two days, with Archer returning to find the Valakians all decked out in their finest Menk-skin coats and excellent Menk-fur caps, jauntily walking down the street twirling their Menk-bone canes. Small Valakian children are seen tossing balloons filled with Menk blood, shrieking with joy.

Archer: What happened?!

Valakian leader: Well, we thought about things, and we decided to follow that natural order stuff you were talking about before. With that in mind, we slaughtered every last Menk. Do not fret! We have made good use of all the parts. The meat is rather tough but our space-pigs are not dissuaded.

Archer: Oh dear God...

Valakian leader: Oh yes, precisely! God, or Evolution as you named it before, must be pleased. It is only natural! If Evolution had intended them to live, then I would not have this exquisite new coat! Surely this is proof of nature's will.

Phlox: Oh, yes! Excellent! Truly excellent. Here's the cure! Well done, sir.
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