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Mon, Aug 19, 2013, 8:06pm (UTC -5)
Re: TNG S4: Half a Life

This is one of those episodes that always tended to annoy and anger me. Not merely because of the characters, but the whole mess of a story. Is it trying to make an argument/cause debate about the actual issue of euthanasia, or about the dangers of euthanasia being taken too far? It doesn't do the former, and the latter just seems unnecessary, beating us over the head with the point that this action taken against Temicin was wrong when no one in their right mind was thinking this was a good idea.

Look at the arguments made by the culture for doing this. They claim to want to spare individuals the indignity of becoming sick, but they don't wait for anyone to actually become sick or even begin to diminish. They want to spare children the burden of caring for their parents when that's not anywhere close to being an issue for anyone yet. What happens if someone becomes ill or infirm at 55? Do they have to wait until 60? Is an exception for early death made for them? Do they up an start making everyone die at 55 because of one sick person? But most damning of all, they show that they don't give a damn what the 60 year old's own wishes are, as shown when they force Temicin to die despite his wish not to. And at the end of the story absolutely NO progress is made towards their culture examining what they're doing, or the reasons for it, or Timicins brief resistance having any effect. Indeed the only positive I took away at the end was that hopefully their foolish actions will doom their whole planet, ending the practice once and for all.
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