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Mon, Oct 23, 2017, 3:07am (UTC -5)
Re: TNG S7: Eye of the Beholder

Concerning the Worf/Troi relationship, I love this callback to OtherDimentionalWorf. I was afraid they'ed dropped the thread. So... The kiss scene was FANTASTIC. First he went for her... HAND... so much connection in the hand... My husband did the same... Then he went in... to kiss... her... NECK! Not her lips... too forward still... he looked into her eyes for reciprocation... and... YES! She's ALLLLL IN! I loved this episode. I normally cringe at a kiss scene, but having suddenly experienced such surprising and amazing love with a longtime friend myself, this scene was so well executed that it pulled all those long-ago first-time emotions back online. It was pure and real. I love how awkward Worf is. I love how much love Troi has for him. In "Parallels" to first see them together, I wasn't so sure, but by this episode I suddenly see how adorable they are together. Yeah, I'm glad the writers followed through. I think it's damn sweet.
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