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Wed, Jan 11, 2012, 4:00pm (UTC -5) | 🔗
Re: DS9 S7: Chimera

As an Egyptian Muslim living in usa for 20+ years, I watched this episode when it aired and recently saw it again. It is very interesting how this film mirrors the innately insecure hellenistic philosophy advocated by Socrates and indeed, the entire theological worldview of the white race in general. Am I sounding like Lars? Yes. But Lars speaks in racist tones that are not a predilection for him and only come about because of the racism he has faced. This episode dealt with a subtlety of racism that most occidentals either choose to confront, because they are the propagators of it, or it is too subtle for them to pick up on.

Consider for a moment that Lars has lived among humanoids. He finds they are not very tolerant of shape shifters. He further finds out that his own people are determined to control humanoids. So the founders, one day just got up and said "Let us control all these humanoids around us"? No. Their desire to control humanoids is an act of self-defence. They never attacked humanoids as a whole people. Only when the humanoids persecuted them for thousands of years and fail to accept them as life-forms, do the founders resort to war.

It is striking how remarkable this sequence echoes the story of racism in history and real life. The founders in Chimera are races like the Blacks, Chinese and Red Indians. While the humanoids are the white race. Some of the parallels are:

- Wherever the white man has gone, he has tried to wipe out the native populations. Similar to how humanoids persecuted changelings.

- The changeling is so much superior to the humanoid. Similarly, the Black race is probably the most athletic race of all. It is hard to deny this fact.

- The founders wage a war to control solids. This is similar to how the Nation Of Islam feels that the only way for the world to be secure is to exterminate the white race. It is also a view this author shares, after not just musing but through in-depth reading of history and the current unobtrusive machinations of the United States and its allies in Europe.

- Quark informs Odo that this is due to a genetic element. There is only one race that segregates races to such an extent, and that is the white race. Quark's explanation is true but only for the occidental people. Consider that in India and China, predominantly Hindu and Buddhist respectively, Odo would never have been treated as a suspicious character. Instead, he would have been venerated as a god. Quark's generalised statement that "Our tolerance doesn't extend to beyond the two-arm, two-leg variety" is so western that anyone acquainted with different cultures will only find mirth in his words. One has only to look at the Boddhisatva and extensive stories in the sutra about many-legged gods and at the Mahabarata's Krishna (a god often depicted with 8 arms) to see that this explanation is a white man's explanation.

- Lars says that humanoids have wanted to fight nature and nature's other animals. They do this by trying to conquer nature mercilessly and with no regard to other species. Technology is their god. This is again an apt description for the occidental people's view of the earth. The amount of factory-farms where over 8 billion cows, chickens and pigs are so wantonly and inhumanely butchered so that people don't have to wait 15 minutes to get a meal, can only be run by a race that is missing a key part of the soul.

Truth is truth. Take it or leave it.

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