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Brian (the more recent)
Thu, Nov 5, 2015, 6:17am (UTC -5)
Re: BSG S4: Razor

I pretty much agree with those above condemning Cain. I also disagree with the statement that morality doesn't exist outside of an organized society- I believe morality is far more universal and in a Neoplatonic way an inherent form in the universe (don't take that too simply- It can still be true in allowing for other possible sentient eases across the galaxy to due to their own unique attributes and sensibilities what is moral for them to do in the context of behavior towards each other may be different from what is moral for humans to do). Granted what is moral in the heart of society may be different from what is with only a thousand or so humans around (Pegasus and the civilians), but I don't see how those numbers are somehow in enough of a "vacuum" to make all rules of morality and decency go out the airlock. Which should be given more priority- one crimanal, renegade (made so by her own acts- see below- murder of her first officer, demands amounting to piracy and kidnaping) "Admiral" -ex admiral in my view, in terms of obligation, legal or moral, to obey her at that point- that remove the color of law from her orders and her demands to the civilians. Funny how so many military leaders on TV are all about the chain of command and the rights granted by legal authority, as far as it applied to those below them, but not above. All legal rights to command defend first from the law- "The Articles", or for us the constition, which allow federal law and military regulations to regulate invested military authority, and then invest the president as commander in chief of the military, with decending authority from there. Cain betrays the very top of the chain of command in betraying her oatch to protect and defend the colonies and its people. Also later she has no right to execute Adama's men as a flag officer on detached service as according to the source of her claimed rights the commander in chief is right there in the same fleet- president Roslin- so sorry to burst your bitchy power trip Miss Cain but you are sure as hell not on detached service. But she (and the show, in having nobody make that argument) conveniently ignore that to make things seem artificially more morally grey than they really are. Unlike some I did believe the reflation of Gina as her lover provided much insight into her character and motivations, despite not making her any more likable or reasonable. To me this brought to mind some historian's theories that Hitler's personal relationships with a jew or two contribute to his future acts against the Jewish people- something like as a struggling artist being deeply resentful of watching a Jewish acquaintance succeed while he failed, and a half Jewish ex girlfriend whose Jewish mother disapproved of him and convinced her to leave him. Back to Cain and Gina, I know the anger that can be brought about by being betrayed by a same sex lover (is it any didferent from being betrayed by an opposite sex lover? I don't know... I'm bisexual but have only been betrayed by a male lover) Back in what is not the most laudable era of my past I had an intense but flawed relationship that was fueled by the sublime but ultimately hollow euphoria of getting quite high together and long story short I was financially well off and he wasn't (despite being from a wealthy country club family) and over time he came to owe me over $200 from me covering him when we got high, and finally when I demanded payment he cut off communication and from what I heard later left town to stay with a friend for a while. From that I can say I know the simmering rage at being betrayed- even though today I look at it as more of a bad situation where I should have known better, we were both borderline addicts; compulsion has an undue influence on people's actions. However unlike Admiral Bitch... err, Cain, I've always believed emotional discipline is key to being moral and while I thought about a lot of plans I could put into play to get revenge I didn't do them (note that I don't consider trying to collect the debt to be seeking revenge).

But from that experience I can at least understand Cain's state of mind at being betrayed in a much more heinous way and I believe like the theories about Hitler but more so feeling that hatred of Gina and by extension her race (which was incidentally trying to kill her too) she wanted to pull out all stops to go after the cylons with as full potential as possible as well as to send the "message" to them that they had fucked with the wrong person as much as possible, so she performed highly immoral acts to support her irrationally reckless plan for revenge. I also strongly believe her senior staff had the duty to kill due to these actions/orders rather than obey and to allow what was either an enraged sociopath or an enraged woman with servere emotional and ethical problems stay in charge. Hell had I been her first officer I would have never handed over my side arm and had I been the Colenel I would have given the order to get her to lower her guard and as soon as her attention shifted away from me I would have blown her brains out all over the CIC and not lost any sleep over it; what a hypocrite she was, claiming to have the right to command, the right which comes from the law and military code, but flagrantly violate it herself in murdering her XO (and apparently close friend? Ugh what an insecure sociopathic bitch) in the head, making her a criminal and thus giving all her officers the "right" to disobey her and remove her (and put her to death for first degree murder) under the same code she used to justify her authority). Hell Adama could have hung her for piracy and marooning- condemning to a slow death and hunger/thirst or lack of air- hundreds of civilians.

I thought the writers were definitely trying too hard to play devil's advocate here, even compared to the original Pegasus trilogy. And why is it that when the writers are trying to court controversy the characters who stand on the side of reason and justice lose their wits and debate skills so we are left with the only well crafted arguments being spoken in favor of in the case Cain's amoral side? Such as mentioning how Cain was planning on executing the chief and Helo under the premise that in doing so she was acting under the color of the law due to some precedent she believed applied to flag officers on detached advice during wartime... hello, under the color of law your commander in chief is right there within comm range a few ships over. Detached service, under the law? Bullshit! But the writers didn't have Adama (or Roslin) say that, because they were courting controversy and wanted to mess with the viewers' sensibilities by having Cain make the only articulate (if flawed) argument, while Adama was just like frack it I'm getting my men. I like controversy Especially Battlestat style, but let's not dumb down usually well spoken persuasive characters just to play devil's advocate; let both sides make good arguments. (I apologize for the length of this post)
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