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Fri, May 19, 2017, 9:59am (UTC -5)
Re: TNG S3: The Vengeance Factor

When I first saw the Gatherer leader I was sure it was Robbie Coltrane.

On the 'why the hell did Riker have to kill Yuta' thing, I noticed a couple of episodes later the order is given to set phasers to 'maximum stun', and the LEDs lit up exactly the same way. So unless Riker switched from 'stun' to 'kill' with a separate switch, and there are various degrees of 'kill' as well, the phaser was really on maximum stun, and I guess Yuta just vaporized due to a misunderstanding.

This is as good a time as any to have this out (and I can't imagine it hasn't been done elsewhere on this site): I've long had a problem with this simplistic stun/kill option on phasers (well, ok, they apparently have degrees of 'stun' (and possibly degrees of 'kill'?)), but you rarely hear anyone ordered to differentiate between settings other than stun vs kill. How many individuals with epilepsy, pacemakers, cardiac problems of any sort, or any number of unpredictable medical conditions have been 'stunned' with no effect other than being rendered briefly unconscious (which in itself ought to have more serious and unpredictable effects than it apparently does)? Someone can probably explain to me exactly what sort of energy these things deploy, but at 'stun' they seem to basically be Tasers on steroids (Phaser/Taser - surely a coincidence).
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