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Sat, Apr 29, 2017, 6:21pm (UTC -6)
Re: DS9 S2: The Wire

One of my very favorite DS9 episodes, provides so much food for thought.

[Full disclosure, I'm now mid-S3, being quite late to the party, and I've not read A Stitch in Time, either, so I don't have too much trouble limiting my comment to my initial impression of the episode without later canon or fanon influencing my view of the situation]. I won't reiterate what everyone else has said above - I agree with practically all of it - but the one thing that I haven't seen anyone mention about Garak's stories is what I found the most revealing about his character, which is the fact that in all three versions he tells, 'Elim' is someone close to him who ends up being pivotal to the situation, whether by dying an thus being betrayed by Garak, or else doing it to Garak in return. This, to me, is especially significant after we learn that Elim and Garak are the same person - whatever the sequence of events that led to his exile from Cardassia and his 'betrayal' of Tain, they to me are bookended and/or even eclipsed by the fact that Garak feels he's betrayed/hurt HIMSELF through those actions. It left me thinking that the crux of the situation was rooted in him having to choose between doing what was expected of him for Cardassia/Tain and his own conscience (which I very firmly think he does have, in spite of his cold-bloodedness in most situations), and that his betrayal of his own conscience ultimately led to his betrayal of Tain and Tain's vision of Cardassia (which I don't think Garak shared anymore by the time we meet him at DS9). No doubt either or both of these situations was tied to Bajorans in some way in his custody, and therefore demonstrating the truth hidden in his lies to Bashir.
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