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Bote For Lalo
Sat, Jan 13, 2018, 6:12am (UTC -5)
Re: VOY S4: Message in a Bottle

Seven shocking that Hirogen dude was HILARIOUS.

The Hirogen had great potential to be awesome in the beginning. Back when they were all 7-foot tall genetic freaks that had evolved to the point where they basically hunted "PREY" every day for sport. They even were wearing those awesome silver armor masks.

(I believe an iconic film called PREDATOR had the same premise for it's antagonist. VOY should have stuck with copying that.)

Because unfortunately later, the Hirogen suddenly shrunk down to 5 foot 10 dudes just wearing reptile makeup (and NO awesome silver armor masks), and then it became all serious and weird about how the hundreds of years of "HUNTING PREY" has diminished their numbers, and now they want to steal Voyager's holodeck technology.

It makes sense in theory, but to me -- BOOOOORRING!

They introduced this species as 7 foot tall hunters who hunt for sport in cool armor and collect "relics" of the humanoids they kill to display as trophies. A couple episodes later, they now suddenly look like average-sized dudes who look like office middle-managers. Certainly not like "HUNTERS".

They were awesome in the early episodes when they looked like over-sized brutes on a football team, who not only were smart enough to have developed warp technology -- but who also looked like OVER-SIZED BRUTES ON A FOOTBALL TEAM. That's scary! And they also just loudly bark at people when they spoke because they knew there were so intimidating. It was like watching roid-ed up pro wrestlers who also have PhDs in quantum physics.

They were fun while they lasted.

And when Seven completely read the threat of the Hirogen and then just shocked that dude with an electric pulse out of nowhere -- COMEDY GOLD.

Ah, the Hirogen could have been great.
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Bote For Lalo
Thu, Jan 11, 2018, 1:15pm (UTC -5)
Re: VOY S7: Q2


As mentioned earlier in this comment thread, Q is classical "trickster" figure, like Loki. And he's basically omnipotent and eternally bored, which makes him a dangerous annoyance to all non-Q he comes into contact with.

Thankfully, John de Lancie and Patrick Stewart had great chemistry together. Thankfully, de Lancie is a charismatic actor who, scenery-cheweing aside, is fun to watch.

The kid playing Q Jr. just plain sucked; and while he was written to be obnoxious and annoying, I didn't help his acting performance, and it pulled down the entire episode. Even with badly written material, de Lancie can at least turn lemons into lemonade and make his performance interesting. This kid had no chance, and for my money it's the worst Q episode I've ever suffered through.

A very disappointing 1 star.
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Bote For Lalo
Sat, Dec 23, 2017, 2:08am (UTC -5)
Re: VOY S4: The Killing Game

@Yanks "the Hirogen have been ruined (and they shrunk)

@Skush "What happened to the 7+ foot tall Hirogens from 'Hunters'? All the Hirogen in this episode are normal height. Did that ship just happen to have basketball playing Hirogen on it? That was what made them so intimidating. Seven even says so in that episode."


I'm only going through Voyager for the first time, so I was really starting to enjoy all of the "above average" to "pretty damn good" episodes that were happening in the 4th season. Then we get this stinker.

When I read Jammer's teaser for this episode ("After having taken over Voyager, the Hirogen supply the crew members with artificial identities and subject them to violent holodeck simulations"), I was really excited for this one, because I was really enjoying the Hirogen at this point. I thought the 7-foot tall super-violent Hirogens from "Hunters" were hilariously campy with their over-the-top voices -- as if they were giant professional wrestlers or something. (They basically were. They threw Tuvok around like a rag doll.) And then we got the great Tony Todd's performance of a more nuanced and scary Hirogen in "Prey" -- a brilliant episode. And finally, I basically just crack up at the fact that they have to say "PREY" no less than five times per minute. It almost becomes musical after a while.

So I was seriously looking forward to this episode when I read that the Hirogen were gonna be torturing the crew with ultra-violent holodeck programs. I figured it was a can't-miss episode.

How wrong I was.

Instead we get 2 hours of heavy-handed "Nazis are bad" (as if we didn't know) and the main cast getting to play dress-up in "France" and act out of character. I'm sure it was a fun shooting experience for the actors; but not so much a fun watching experience for this viewer. I mean, I'll probably hate it less when I re-watch VOYAGER in 10 years, but right now on first viewing, this one stunk up the joint for me.

And I still can't believe they ruined the Hirogens like that, ugh....

Parts I, II - 1 star
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