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Thu, Mar 21, 2019, 5:25pm (UTC -5)
Re: DSC S2: Project Daedalus

New Spock is like someone wanted kelvin Spock but couldn't have him so they found someone who is a bit like him, but not like Nimoy. I like the actor and I can sense he watched Nimoy but I prefer Quinto. And that one wasn't even the same Spock cause he's from another reality, yet he was him. This one is too angry, too annoying, too childish. Quinto played a guy who was angry because they destroyed his planet and killed his mother but he felt like it was a shame for him to feel that. Even his love was a secret and something he was only comfortable making others see after his father admitted experiencing love as well. Nimoy and Quinto give Spock an annoying arrogance at times, but he is really funny too and has that distinctive sass only Spock has ("Captain? Please, I apologize, the complexity of Human pranks escapes me." ("Are you giving me attitude, Spock?")"I am expressing multiple attitudes simultaneously, sir. To which one are you referring?").
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