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Sat, May 8, 2021, 2:59am (UTC -5) | 🔗
Re: BSG S1: Colonial Day

From a governmental standpoint, it does make sense that they would try to continue a similar system. It's what people know, and change takes time. These people have only been on the run for a couple of months at this point, and most of that time seems to have been swallowed up by the most pressing of logistical issues. (we need water, we need tylium, we need workers, etc.) Now that a lot of the big problems have been addressed, they can get back to a "return to normalcy", to whatever extent is possible. Representative governments are usually geared toward stability, and not so much toward rapid change.

As far as Zarek's political views on the new reality of their systems of commerce and administration, there is some level of truth. Undoubtedly the entire monetary system would be upended due to the sudden truncation of production capability. For a while, people would likely have no issue with doing their jobs, but once things started to settle down a bit, well, people have time to see the wrinkles. Of course, most of the stuff Zarek says is wholly in service of advancing his own power. He quite obviously wanted to grab the vice-presidency and eliminate Rosalin in one fell-swoop, and was fairly successful in at least part of his bid. No doubt Ellen snuck him information on Valance's whereabouts, and one of his henchmen did the deed. (I see no other reason she would have gained the luxury access she was plying Saul with at the end of the episode)

Zarek's previous terrorism would certainly be a stumbling block for anyone, regardless of their charisma. That being said, he had already been working to get around this by sending his work-gang to get things done, especially in areas where he knew Rosalin's government was ponderous in addressing. It's rather easy to win over the people if you're charismatic, you point out flaws in the current system, and then you produce immediate and tangible results to fix those issues. The average populace is fickle, and Zarek is a master of manipulation.

The sad part is, Zarek does highlight problems of importance, but he's only concerned with addressing these things if it gains him more power. If he were to be content with his position as a representative, and genuinely worked with the current administration, he would be a positive asset. As much of a problem as it may have been to simply off him early on, when they had the chance, they really probably should have just done it and dealt with the repercussions before they became too big to handle. (basically, before he won over more than just the prisoner ship)
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Sat, May 8, 2021, 2:31am (UTC -5) | 🔗
Re: BSG S1: Kobol's Last Gleaming, Part 2

A few nitpicks of the previous decade's comments above; while Baltar really should have informed someone about Boomer, it's certainly not a plothole. At first I thought the sudden increase in the cylon detector test duration was, but that too is explained by the end, with Baltar revealing that he's bullshitting all the tests. (obviously, the writers didn't want it to be quick and easy to screen all the main characters) I just attribute the increased time to Baltar's stalling. Both of these are poor decisions, but he's definitely known for being a complete weenie and trying to hide the truth of his involvement.

Regarding the comments about Adama's supposed chest wounds and should-be death; if you watch the scene, you'll see Boomer shoots him twice in the stomach. I'm not an expert in such things, but to the best of my knowledge, it takes a certain amount of time to bleed out from this type of injury.

I'm not sure why dude above seems to think Starbuck should be seriously injured in the fight, because quite frankly, she IS seriously injured in the fight. The only discrepancy here is, as someone else mentioned, the rebar impaling six that apparently doesn't also impale Starbuck. I enjoyed the melee due to the way they portrayed six's speed and agility. She looked like a genuinely terrifying threat, just as Leoben did in the interrogation room.

Someone else states that Rosalyn trying to commandeer the raider is a plothole because if she had just waited, it would have successfully destroyed the basestar and returned for more missions. This is a ludicrous suggestion because no one had any way of knowing this ahead of time. It is certainly not a plothole by any stretch of the imagination. You could argue that Rosalin's idea was foolhardy by comparison, and that would have plenty of merit. But it's not a plothole.

Overall, great finale for the season! I remember when I first watched this back in the mid 2000's. I was floored. Fortunately, I didn't have to wait during the offseason to continue with season two.
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Thu, May 6, 2021, 10:14pm (UTC -5) | 🔗
Re: BSG S1: Flesh and Bone

The big annoyance here is that Adama recommends spacing Leoben since he's not likely to be of any help, but Rosalyn insists on an interrogation. She then gets pissy about Starbuck's interrogation techniques. Finally, she spaces Leoben anyway. Rosalyn's a great character but this whole mess was on her orders. She basically just let Leoben works his mental games, got upset about it, then did exactly what Adama was going to do right off the bat. Worse still, now she's mildly suspicious of Adama. Overall a pretty poop-tastic job by the president.
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