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Black Jesus
Sat, Feb 23, 2019, 4:48am (UTC -5)
Re: ORV S2: Identity, Part I

Loved this brilliant episode.

The only thing that bugged me was:
- Why does a machine species live on a planet with a breathable atmosphere?
- Why does a machine species need high rise buildings with glass windows?
Then the plot twist answered these questions. Well played Seth.
- (And I’m not sure) didn’t Isaac mention in a previous episode that his ‘eyes’ were for superficial aesthetic purposes only?

Still loved it, just me hmmming with my hand on my bearded chin. As you were.
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Black Jesus
Fri, Jan 18, 2019, 7:20am (UTC -5)
Re: ORV S2: Nothing Left on Earth Excepting Fishes

Ha! The Orville did the whole season 1 of Discovery in one episode. Seth owes them some money lol
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Black Jesus
Fri, Oct 12, 2018, 7:47am (UTC -5)
Re: TNG S4: Family

Probably my favourite episode of TNG. Brilliantly acted and well paced. Picard is old school machismo that probably has no place in the future alongside Robert’s “deal with it” attitude would probably be written a lot differently now compared to the early 90’s. BoBW 1&2 alongside Family back to back to back was definitely the pinnacle of TNG.

Robert telling Jean Luc that he enjoyed bullying him made me picture them as youngsters and made their mud fight all the more real so totally understood why Jean Luc felt safe enough to allow himself to let go.

Hopefully Jammer, with the passage of time that has passed, with yourself having an even more mature outlook on life, you could reconsider your 3 stars into a 4.
P.s thank you for this site. Love all you guys.
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Black Jesus
Mon, Oct 1, 2018, 2:14pm (UTC -5)
Re: TNG S2: The Measure of a Man

Thanks Yank, Chrome, William B and Peter G for indulging my; and then expanding my thoughts on this. Much appreciated.
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Black Jesus
Sun, Sep 30, 2018, 10:38am (UTC -5)
Re: TNG S2: The Measure of a Man

Too many comments to read through to see if anyone else has raised this point but...
If the reason Cmdr Maddox was able to oppose Data’s resignation was that Data is Starfleet’s property, then disproving that should’ve been Capt. Picard’s first move. Did Dr Soong work for Starfleet? Did Dr Soong leave Data in his will to Starfleet? The answer to both is no as far as I can tell. Data opted to join Starfleet of his own volition so that nullifies Maddox’s argument in that respect.
Saying all that, I actually came on here to make sure Jammer gave this episode 4 stars as I’ve watched it numerous times over the years and never tire of it’s brilliance.
Love this site and love you guys with all the love/hate critique of Trek.
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