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Bert Beukema
Sat, Mar 9, 2019, 5:55pm (UTC -5)
Re: ORV S2: Identity, Part II


That is such a silly copout. He did not shoot them but he was collaborating with the enemy, in their ranks. He unlocked all command functions. He did nothing to prevent the killing. He did not protest but only when the script demanded it to ham-fist something home. Which incidentally means that ALL of the other Cybermen agreed, there were zero dissenting voices. Anyway, he did absolutely nothing that would indicate dissent nor any action that would prevent the proposed loony genocide plan. This character only does things when the script demands it; that is sloppy writing. That is why this 'turn-around' is not earned, it has the tiniest of foundations imaginable. And if we edit out that scene, the character would have continued aiding and abetting the Cybermen. Which again shows us that there is no actual character growth.

What you are doing is projecting your own ideas, the script does not do this. The script is sloppy, it only uses established reality when needed. If it does not benefit what the script intends it is discarded.

And I say this again: what kind of idiot asshole leader are you when you insist that a member of a genocidal robot race, who aided and abetted the murder of thousands and the destruction of their fleet, should ever be welcome on any ship? Think about your own reaction if that were to happen. It is illogical, unrealistic and essentially means that the 'leader' has preference of a killer robot over his own people. In the past captains were marooned for much less.
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