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Fri, Jan 31, 2020, 11:12am (UTC -6)
Re: PIC S1: Maps and Legends

A mediocre episode, even as a transition one.
The Good:
-Further exploration of Picard personality. I like the way writers show he' a dinosaur. Star fleet reception scene is priceless, and shows a new Picard's trait:self-esteem. Self esteem was at the bottom when a pissed off Amiral, outraged by Picard's declarations to the press, refuses his requests. Nice.
The news of his disease is a nice TNG touch and we know now that's Picard last mission. I hope writers will give him an adequate end, not like Kirk awful one...
-Great performances of Picard companions:Even If we don't know how those two ex-Tal Shiar became so close of him, we feel their respect and humorous protectiveness. Really moving and appropriate, this is Star Trek!
The introduction of Picard new companion is also fresh, funny and full of fellowship. Since Picard refused to involve his old teammates, I hope the same level of
Camaraderie with his new ones.
-A credible political environment :Federation stopped helping Romulan refugees because of threats of scission from some members. As Europhile, it talks a lot to me...
-nice fan service(Asimov, Enterprise holos...)
-Quiet pace(and no ninjas)

The Bad:
-once again, an intergalactic conspiracy.. I'm fed up with this!!! I know that Romulans aren't angels but a synthetiphobic super Tal Shiar? Really?
Same for the F├ęderation.. Infiltrated by Romulans(again?) and traitors(Amiral Ho is really Vulcan?why killing Dhaj?)
At least in Tng, the story of an infiltrated Star fleet command was fun because campy and over the top. And it lasts only one episode.
I'm OK with a sleeping and stagnant F├ęderation but a racist, paranoid and isolationist one, no!
Come on, we're in 2020!this is a proof of lazyness from the writers. There's a ton of good shows now which don't need complot to be interesting. Learn, guys, learn!!!
-the Borg Cube story is still messy for me. Is it only a Romulan research center? If so, what are they looking for?

Well, I don't like the duality of this show. The Picard part is great, the conspiracy one is lame.

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Fri, Jan 24, 2020, 3:18pm (UTC -6)
Re: PIC S1: Remembrance

Well, I have mixed feelings about this first episode.
The first 30 MN are nearly perfect. The first scene is a perfect transition with last Tng episode.
The ordinary living of an retired Picard is well retranscribed:he's very old, bored and out of place. His dog named Number one, among other things, is an evidence of his nostalgia and melancholy.
The media interview is a smart way to introduce current political contest and Picard's dogma:10 years ago, Romulus was no more. Picard organized refugees evacuation and a act of terrorism committed by rogue androids cause Federation withdraw of rescue operation and deactivation of all androids.
In protest, Picard resigned.
Even I would have preferred that this show had no link with Kelvin time-line, the context is credible and typical of good Science fiction:this identity withdrawal of Federation echoes our real world and Picard will probably fight this, opposite to real values of Federation.
A moment, I hoped that the show will dig deeper (one more episode) in Picard's melancholic mind and bored life.
Direction was smooth and quiet, dialogues were great and funny until, Bam! ... The ninja scene. Boy, what a shame.
Wasn't there an other way to introduce Dahj character? Jason Bourne style? Come on...
On the contrary, the way to reveal her real identity is fine. Reference to dreams and later to Data's paintings were well made, because it makes use of Trekkies memories. A Really nice touch.
Once again, I hoped the show will explore further in Picard's paternal desires and Bang!, Ninjas are back again(dressed like Dead Space Hero) and Dahj died...
10 MN, faster than a blind date. Shame!
After that, the show was on Discovery mode:Picard, not very moved by Dahj's death, learns in Daystrom Institute that she has... A twin! (drumrolls) and revealed that ninjas were... Romulans! (jawdrop).
And of course, the shocking last shot: the Romulan recovery barge is a... Borg cube!!! (My. GOD.)
Next:an intergalactic conspiracy, with probably a "back from the Dead "Lore manipulating outraged Romulan. Or not.
Well, this episode reminds me a lot Discovery Pilot, which was very respectful of Star Trek ideals, except that here it lasted only 30 MN...
A schizophrenic episode and I hope that producers realized that Patrick Stewart is nearly 80 years old, a bit old to act in an action show(Shatner stopped ST at 64...).
Damn,the beginning was so good...

3 stars
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Wed, Oct 16, 2019, 5:35pm (UTC -6)
Re: VOY S7: Endgame

I watched it. His new version of Endgame is much better. Janeway trying to save Galaxy from Borg Apocalypse is more relevant than destroying future to save egoistically a few friends.Borg Apocalypse reminds me a fine episode of Tng, where Riker tries to survive in an alternate reality.
If you add the promised reunions(Paris father and son, Tuvok and his family...), Voyager destruction and my bittersweet moments and ending, you obtain a fine episode, with great issues, action and believable human behaviors.
On the other end, his original final episode is underwhelming:no great issues and it's a rehash of a previous Barclay episode. Not good.
A finale episode and preferably a last season should resolve all issues satisfactorily.last season and Endgame does not:Paris/ father janeway/chakotay doc/seven Tuvok/family and on and on... Strangely, only Neelix got a great conclusion in a full episode!!!

Finally, my re-watch of Voyager didn't change my first opinion :it's a fun but inconsequential show, far behind Tng and DS9, with very few great episodes.
But better than Enterprise and Discovery (ugh)

See you in a few months to deliver my own finale episode of Enterprise, after it's first re-watch.... Lol
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Wed, Oct 16, 2019, 8:08am (UTC -6)
Re: VOY S7: Endgame

I love your ending, grumpy_otter, specially the Tuvok part(I thought exactly the same scene).
But I think your version is not enough bittersweet. We learn with Endgame that Voyager lost a few officers, I think it's fair.My version would include the loss of the innocent Harry.
The loop wouldbe complete with another Caretaker sending the crew back. Janeway must destroy Voyager to permit the crew's return(I don't know how and why...), another heartbreaking scene. Maybe with Chakotay preventing Janeway to sink with her ship, (by declaring his love?) .
I imagine Harry's parents looking for him in the crowd at the dock.Then a sad Janeway arrives in front of them... No words.. Just her sad face. Heart breaking...
I think also that some officers, after so many years of action,as war veterans, will not adapt to civil life, specially Janeway. After a year of living with CHakotay holidays, unsatisfied with her new life, she broke and take the command of another ship.
A final meal scene, with the ancient bridge crew, before Janeway departure, with a vacant seat for Harry, a toast to the lost crew, emotional crossed looks and a large final shoot of the table, where life resumes with enjoyed talking and smiles.
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