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Sun, Oct 6, 2013, 7:54pm (UTC -6)
Re: Star Trek Into Darkness

TNG is the other side of the coin from TOS.

Naturally, if these movies are based off of TOS, the logical assumption would be that these movies are a modern take on that show, not TNG.

People are channeling their anger at their parents by slamming this movie, because it's a restatement of the message, style and theme of TOS, which their parents loved so much that they watched it all the time.

Many people my age grew quite bitter and cynical in the 90's, as political tensions heated up and wars raged. The television programming didn't help much, what with all the daytime talk shows putting human ugliness up for display as "entertainment." No offense to Mr. Springer (whose restrain on those shows was always admirable), but I just don't enjoy listening to people loudly argue and throw punches at each other.

Our anger at our parents stemmed from their artistic style, which tended toward impressionism, abstraction, surrealism and absurdism.

It is a frustrating style to is wild, imaginative and utterly lacking in restraint. Finding your "inner child" and letting it speak in your art, etc.

We were forced to grow up too quickly, and became bitter about it.

But we cannot now look at the staunch professionals we have become, the invincible leaders we have become, the hardworking parents we have become, and then turn around and criticize our parents' approach.

It may have been a baptism by fire, but it was a baptism, for sure.

Let's all go watch Star Wars.
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