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Wed, Feb 19, 2014, 4:44pm (UTC -6)
Re: ENT S4: Bound

One final note: I thought the big "reveal" that it was the women who really ran the show despite all appearances to the contrary was pretty weak and a lame attempt to take the edge off any anticipated complaints about the episode's (alleged) sexism.
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Wed, Feb 19, 2014, 4:41pm (UTC -6)
Re: ENT S4: Bound

Man, I think the "outrage" over this episode is a bit over the top. It's like the reviewer—and everyone else who agrees with him—simply took a few truisms to heart and completely judged the episode based solely on those:

Objectification of Women=BAD!
Men who let their libido run away with them when hot women are around=BAD!
And, as a bonus: No (obviously) gay characters on the Enterprise=BAD!

So therefore:
An episode that doesn't righteously condemn all of the above and instead approaches Orion culture on its own terms…OH MY GOD THIS IS SO HORRIBLY BAD IT CAN'T POSSIBLY HAVE ANY MERIT WHATSOEVER!!! THE OUTRAGE!!!! THE OUTRAGE!!! IT'S OUTRAGEOUS, I TELL YOU!!!!!!

Gnashing of teeth ensues.

Having said all that, while I liked the episode and found it entertaining, it wasn't the best Star Trek (in all of its incarnations) has to offer. I'd give it a solid three stars out of five. By no means was it as bad as it's made out to be. It did recycle various concepts from Star Trek's past, so it wasn't groundbreaking. But as an hour of entertainment I enjoyed it.

Rather than go further into an essay on the episode, I'll just list some bullet points of my thoughts on the episode and the review:

• The dance at the beginning was VERY WELL done. The choreography, the editing, etc. More than just "hot chicks jiggling around"

• That Trip would be immune to the pheromone effect of the Orion girls due to his hookup with T'Pol was a plot contrivance, but one steeped in the tradition of Star Trek

• Given that it is a pheromone effect clouding the males' judgement, would it not stand to reason that even gay male characters would be affected on some level? Not in a come back to the Home team kind of way, but at least some degree of confusion? That would explain why simply assigning a gay character to chaperone them wouldn't have worked. Even a headache like the other women.

• I was confused by the Orions' dastardly plan; was it really necessary to implant the women on the Enterprise when they had Archer on their ship and at their mercy at the beginning of the episode? Couldn't he have simply taken him hostage and/or took off to the Klingon Empire to turn him over to them? But then again getting the Orion women on board and wreaking havoc was the entire point of the episode, so, nevermind ;-)

• One of the commentators above made a very valid point about how men will fall over themselves when a really hot woman appears, even without pheromones affecting them. It's human nature. Deal with it.

• I totally bought T'Pol's and Trip's relationship drama; the two actors have legitimate chemistry and Jolene Blaylock's acting vastly improved over the course of the series (some of her season one acting was just flat as a board). It's too bad they didn't have her with long hair for the duration of the series instead of just the Mirror Universe…but that's just my sexist male libido talking, right? DOH!
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