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Fri, Aug 26, 2011, 12:16am (UTC -5)
Re: VOY S2: Tuvix

@Plot Hole

"Name one instance in all of Star Trek when alien DNA, virus, consciousness, etc., was allowed to take take over a crew member."

Easy: "The Host". Riker is implanted with a Trill symbiote, which completely takes over his body. Not only was it allowed to happen in fact, but Dr. Crusher herself put the symbiote there knowing full well what would happen!

Additionally, every single example you give does not even relate to this episode, with the possible exception of the example of "The Schizoid Man". However, even that does not relate as Dr. Graves hostilely took over Data's body, while Tuvix did NOTHING to cause the accident that happened, so the parallel breaks down right at the beginning. All the other ones you reference involve danger to the ship, which is NOT an issue here at all.

"Why do you people think Tuvix was "murdered"?"

Simple. Because he actually was murdered. A murder, in the context of Star Trek, is the unlawful killing of another sentient being. Tuvix obviously was sentient, so the only other criteria that needs to be met is that the killing was unlawful.

This is accomplished in two ways. First and foremost, in the Federation there is NO crime whatsoever that is punished with execution. Additionally, its established in "Lifesigns", from this very season in fact, that someone cannot be forced or coerced under Federation law to save someone else's life, even when the cost to the other person is very low, when B'elanna was asked to give part of her brain to save the Vidiian. This was also shown in the Next Generation episode "The Enemy" when Worf refused to give some of his blood to save the Romulan. Clearly, under Federation law, the precedent is that an individual cannot be forced or coerced to take any action to save another's life. Thus, the killing of Tuvix to bring back Neelix and Tuvok was unlawful, by Federation law.

It doesn't matter if you liked or disliked Tuvix; the fact is that killing him was unlawful and thus Janeway should not have taken that action since her character is based upon her unwavering conviction for Federation principles!
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