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Arthur Flocke
Mon, Mar 11, 2019, 12:57pm (UTC -5)
Re: DSC S2: Light and Shadows

Jammer, I felt about the same way about this episode and about the series as a whole.

I actually rewatched season one and noticed that the writer's room was more in love with the overall season arc than well-executed, interwoven and character-based science-fiction episodes. There's some nice poetic mirroring with the whole Georgiou/Burnham-thing, but also a deeply flawed Klingon narrative with a very weak conclusion. Also: A lot of annoying pathos-swolen monologues included to make up for sloppy writing. Some pretty bad teenage soap opera drama between Tyler and Burnham, too.

Season two definitely improved, with a much better focus on characters: Saru, Pike, Tilly. But this plot-driven storytelling and the casual pathetic monologues are still bugging me. Sarek insisting to hand over his son to Section 31 is just totally implausible and plot-driven. Airiam has no backstory at all, his/her/its only function seems to be to further the plot.

One big flaw in Discovery's writing, in my opinion, is that the writers underestimate the viewers. Think of Better Call Saul, a series that requires a great amount of "filling the gaps" on part of the viewers. That is what quality serial TV is about, I think. Discovery too often tries to play it safe by characters stating the obvious. Example: In season one Burnham and Tyler visit the Rebels base in the MU, which is hidden behind a forcefield. That scene is not too hard to understand, dialog is unnecessary. Still, the writers had Burnham explain to Tyler / the viewers what we see.

Also, the writers started way to many story lines and fail to keep them going in the same parallel manner that series like The Wire or Breaking Bad did. TNG would've delved deeply into the Kaminar-thing. Discovery does not, even fails to elaborate how the time tsunami affects Kaminar. Hopefully, the following episodes will come back to this story line in a probable way. Maybe the tentacle-machine-aliens from the future derive from Kaminar... we'll see.

All criticism aside, this stuff is nonetheless very entertaining and going into a promising direction. I just hope the conclusion of this season's arc is not as dissappointing as last season.
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