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Armand de Sillègue
Sat, Nov 18, 2017, 9:11pm (UTC -5)
Re: VOY S1: Faces

I've browsed through the comments on the episode, but I haven't seen anything specifically related to how easy it was for Klingon B'Elanna Torres to die from that shot. Aren't Klingons supposed to be extremely resilient? How in the world were they not able to revive her when she had just died, when it has been established in an earlier episode that they can do so to a person that has been dead for hours?

Aside from the fact that they left the other prisoners to fend for themselves, that's really what annoys me the most about this episode. Klingon B'Elanna's death just felt very "Deus Ex Machina", especially when considering that it was earlier established that medicine had progressed far enough to bring the dead back to life even after an extremely long time, way past the extent where cellular degeneration makes the process irreversible today.

I suppose that it would have been utterly impossible to find a way to meld the two back together again, since the technology used to separate them in the first place far exceeds that of the Federation. But there is an episode where Neelix and Tuvok end up merged together to form Tuvix, because of a species of orchid they found on a class M planet that acted as a symbiogenetic catalyst, which served to completely meld both their genetic materials into the one individual.

We can surmise that the Doctor would have been able to provide genetic material from each B'Elanna to the other in order to make them genetically viable, if indeed Klingon B'Elanna would have even required such a procedure (dealing with a full-scale alien virus like she did definitely rules out the cellulogenesis weaknesses that her human counterpart seemed to experience, because an inability for her cells to regenerate and reproduce would have condemned her to certain death while her immune system was compromised).

So while it would have been really weird to have two B'Elannas on board the enterprise, one ostensibly 100% Klingon, and the other returned to the normal 50/50 split, they might have taken the time to learn to work as a team (and who knows, maybe even as siblings?) and learn to appreciate and understand the different strengths and weaknesses of each other on a deeper level than they were able to do within the scope of this sole escape "mission".

And then during the episode of Tuvix, they might have had the opportunity to be merged once more using that same orchid plant, if they wished.

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