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Amy J.
Wed, May 30, 2018, 12:38am (UTC -5)
Re: DSC S1: Will You Take My Hand?


Over the years, I think I have seen each Star Trek captain take actions that fly right in the face of the whole "We are Starfleet" idelaism and approach. And quite frankly, GOOD FOR THEM, because the idealistic approach without some pragmatic backup almost never works, and serves to get good people killed.

I believe that Discovery actually flows nicely into STOS. Of course, when STOS was being written, no one thought to come up with an explanation as to why the Klingons and the Federation were at odds with each other ... they were portrayed as the bad guys, and the US was in the midst of the Cold War, so the portrayal worked. In Discovery, we get important backstory, even if it is a bit far-fteched (the entire Starfleet and Federation would be reduced to a handful of planets and installations, and the Klingons would be stopped from razing Earth, even given what could happen to Quo'nos ...)

So, about 20 years later, Starfleet has completed the original 12 Constitution class starships, but does not have a whole lot of "arm strength" if you will, to impose its will too much, hence the idea that the USS Enterprise is sent everywhere, to resolve all of these issues. Think about it ... during STOS, Federation territory is quite dangerous, and in a number of episodes, the Federation is interested in securing mining rights and such, things that might happen if you are trying to rebuild after a massive war.

It was good to see Starfleet not being so damn straight-laced. I am sorry, I sympathize with the Starfleet optimism, but it left them completely unprepared for when the bad guys stopped hiding behind DMZs and neutral zones, and started taking pot shots at Earth every couple years (with the release of each new movie, it seemed ...) Hell folks, it took the massacres of the Dominion War to get Starfleet to start constructing real warships, rather than glorified Galaxy class hotels.

As to Season 1 itself, most of it was serviceable, with the exception of Saru going insane on Pahvo, that episode was completely stupid. I even thought they did a decent job adding to the backstory of the Terran Empire, which always seemed to get short shrift in the rest of Trek. I love it when backstory is added in, and you can see how things might have progressed from one snippet we see to the next one.

I think that overall quality was decent, even if the JJ Trek atmosphere threw me a bit. As I said elsewhere, if Gene could have done STOS with 2018 technology, it might have looked a lot closer to what we got in Discovery, so I let that slide. (Although Enterprise did a much better job of trying to LOOK like an earlier generation of Trek.)

Following the experience of STNG, I have always given a Trek series TWO years to really evaluate it. STNG's first season was really shaky, and the second season was shanked by a writer's strike (which pushed the emergence of the Borg to the Third Season), but they were interesting enough that I caught onto it, and liked it. Perhaps this will hold true for Discovery as well. The stills and such in the official trailer look interesting.

Live Long and Prosper, All!

Amy J.
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