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Sat, Sep 1, 2018, 8:25pm (UTC -6)
Re: TNG S4: The Drumhead

Unfortunate it is, that apparentmy some law has been passed that prohibits enjoying this episode as entertainment, as a parable, a cautionary tale.

Robert Mueller is Satie; Dick Cheney was; McCarthy was. It hurts a political party's cause these days when the party does not affect a victim mentality and cry, "witch hunt."

The scope of Satie's commission was never defined in the episode. She was, Picard stated in a Captain's log, "arriving to assist in our inquiry." It can be inferred, given her being called out of retirement, and by her being having exposed the conspiracy from Season 1, that she had a fair amount of latitude over the means of how to conduct the inquiry. Of course, she abused this discretion and Picard exposed her for being a demagogue, and the investigation closed.

Robert Mueller, warmly regarded by Republicans two years ago, was tasked by Congress and through regulation with investigating matters whether Russia attempted to interfere with our 2016 presidential election. His investigation, along with other evidence, has shown that this attempt was made - and was to some degree, successful (such as, through its hacking of DNC databases). Mueller was not asked specifically to find whether President Trump colluded with Russians in any such attempt to interfere. That question, though, of the President's involvement, is fairly within the intendment of Mueller's charge. Mueller has every right within what federal law permits, as he investigates potential interference, to find out the who, what, when, where, and why of the interference attempts. If he has exceeded the scope of his commission, surely there is some law or even legal principle he has violated. The people screaming "witch-hunt"- The same ones who love witch hunts because they would deny Hillary Clinton due process of law and "lock her up" for some unspecified crime (our legal system is the envy of the world because due process means a prosecutor cannot make up a crime and convict someone of it; a crime must already exist on the books) - should look in the mirror. These people supported the investigation of Bill Clinton by Kenneth Starr. STARR himself has gone on record as staring he should have given that investigation to someone else after its Whitewater portion ended.

Satie revealed her own motives when she told Picard, haughtily, I question your motives!" Are Trump supporters ranting about witch hunts because they don't think the drumhead trials spoken of by Picard should have happenee-because they are driven only to see justice delivered dispassionately?

Turn on Fox News and watch the next 10 minutes. You don't need Admiral Satie's powers of deduction to find out the answer to that one. With Trump, it is "Justice for Me, But Not for Thee." It is the Justice of the Hypocrite and the one who sets double standards. That is not justice. It is, to paraphrase something else Picard once said,petty thuggery.
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