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Alisha Hird
Wed, Aug 23, 2017, 12:26pm (UTC -5)
Re: VOY S4: Vis A Vis

I completely understand the general consensus about this episode in regards to its anticlimactic and re-used Paris plots, and I can also see that this episode had a lot of potential, which is unfortunate that it did not explore more. Especially B'elanna and Toms relationship, there could have been a far better conclusion to the episode with far more emotion and meaning than "I should have spent more time with you than in the garage" between them both.

What I always took from this episode was that Tom was suffering from depression, I don't believe it is a stretch in explaining Tom's out-of-character behaviour and attitude; missing meetings/duties, arguing/short temper, over emotional, feeling persecuted by B'elanna and Chakotay and the Doctor, focus on the negatives more than the positive (such as working in sickbay), dissatisfaction with life generally etc, which were quite obvious to me throughout the episode.

For whatever reason, whether it is neurochemical, emotional, or more specifically the routine of life on Voyager (which kinda contradicts Message in a Bottle where Tom says how much he enjoys life as opposed to his previous one, but anything can happen).
That is why it would have been far more meaningful for the episode to end with Tom addressing this directly, and even tell B'elanna how he's been feeling. It seems unresolved and unfinished, and something more serious has been brushed off lightly.
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