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Tue, Oct 16, 2018, 9:57pm (UTC -6)
Re: ENT S2: Cogenitor

I'm currently watching Enterprise for the first time, and so far it's one of the worst episode I've seen, if not THE worst.

First of all, the relationships between characters seem kinda rushed. Trip, Reed, T'Pol and Archer are monodimentional. Reed is easily seduced. Trip is obsessed by the congenitor. Archer is happy. T'Pol is reluctant.

Secondly, why it's debatable whether humans have the right to intervene in this case, it's utterly stupid to consider that Trip - and Trip alone - is responsible for the suicide of the cogenitor. If something as simple as discovering one's potentiel is enough for triggering a suicide, then yeah, there's obviously something wrong the one's culture/society. If anything, it just proves that Trip was right.
And even if he was truly responsible, just for the same reasons Archer believes it's wrong to interfere, he should know that he has no way to determine that. Suicide is also part of culture. On earth, people will suicide for reasons that seem absurd to people of other cultures. There's no way for Archer to determine who's responsible for the cogenitor's suicide.

Finally, what's the lesson that is supposed to be taught here? When doing a first contact, don't try to find how an alien society works? Don't try to identify its problems and injustices? Just accept everything - including slavery, genocides, apartheid? Where is the line? Is it just "killing people"? That's completely in contradiction not only whith Star Fleet's values, but also with absolutely all Star Trek's captains behaviours, especially Archer's. If he's ready to free Suliban prisoners, disagree with the Klingons' judgment or literally everything else he's done in all other episode, then he should also agree with Trip on principle. He may disagree with the how, but he cannot blame Trip for the cogenitor's suicide. That's a big writing mistake.

also, I find the comparison with how animals are treated on earth absurd. It's explicit in the episode that cogenitors are equals to the other genders. They have the exact same capacities, the only different is the gender. Same species, same everything.
Animals are our inferiors in many ways.

And after reading lots of comments there, I have toa dmit I'm disappointed both by the series AND its community. I expected this episode to be considered as one of the worst ever made. I can't understand how people can find it good or even interesting. The only interesting thing is that it shows good actions can have bad consequences... Which is not very original. And it's done in a terribly bad way. Probably gonna stop watching this show now.
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