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Mon, Nov 23, 2020, 10:22pm (UTC -5) | 🔗
Re: DSC S3: Scavengers

There’s been some discussion about how young Blu del Barrio (Adira Tal) is... I agree a lot, and there will always be limits of what a young actor can do. (And an older one, for that matter.)

But I’m watching season 7 of DS9 and I have to say, I think that Blu del Barrio has been doing a better job than Nicole deBoer did. Sometimes the Adira Tal character feels to me like a re-do of deBoer’s character - and I like this interpretation a lot better.

By the way. My interpretation of the da bomb comment is that it was probably included to show the on-set dynamics between the actors in that scene.
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Sun, May 12, 2019, 8:08pm (UTC -5) | 🔗
Re: DS9 S3: Through the Looking Glass

Could barely even watch this one

(also I just saw a dead body on the street!)

(when someone reads this months from now, they will be like wow, I wonder what the story with that was)

- Captain Eddie D
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Sun, May 12, 2019, 5:12pm (UTC -5) | 🔗
Re: DS9 S3: Prophet Motive

I love Quark and especially Nog, and really enjoy when they are the focus of the B story. But as much as I wanna like Wallace Shawn, these episodes are always kinda a looking at my phone the whole time situation.
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Sun, May 12, 2019, 5:04pm (UTC -5) | 🔗
Re: DS9 S3: Destiny

Always read these reviews (on my very, very slow watch of this) but have never commented. This was a pretty good episode. I feel like this is the point in the show when I need to start actually getting into it cause it feels like it's getting good.
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Wed, Aug 5, 2015, 11:06am (UTC -5) | 🔗
Re: DS9 S7: Seventh Season Recap

Really enjoyed the race discussions on here. It was definitely jarring for me to see Sisko consistently paired with black women, although I was happy to see the well-rounded black female characters who made it to the show (with K'ehlar - sp) being my favourite. The other jarring thing is how it's still rare to see a pairing of a main black female character and anyone else (white male for instance), while it's much more common to see it the other way around (Worf/Jadzia, La Forge/love interests) etc.

I actually thought Ezri's character would have been so much more interesting as a different gender or race - she was essentially a shorter, chirpy, less-confident Jadzia.

Kira, Bashir and O'Brien REALLY grew as characters - Quark too in some ways. In this respect, DS9 definitely outdid Voyager and TNG for me. I also absolutely loved the Bashir/O'Brien bromantic scenes, and the way they framed the whole 'I like you more' stuff. Nothing replaced the Jadzia/Kira friendship so we had a lack of female-female bonding of any kind after that - in fact I think Season 7 would score especially low on the Bechdel Test. I can think of maybe 2 instances when two women were talking to each other in the entire season. (Barring that Romulin / Kira episode where the whole 'friendship' turns out to be a cover/betrayal anyway.)

Other than that, a bit too much heterosexuality as usual with the completely unnecessary last-minute Julian/Ezri pairing (it was funny actually because all through the series Julian has been the typical 'fit young white male' who SHOULD have a girlfriend, and doesn't and it felt like the characters just COULDN'T leave him without the 'normal' happy ending. Odo-Kira were just SO good as close friends, the hetero-love stuff wasn't even needed to show the kind of solidarity they had, though the scene where Odo vaporises around her is PRETTY cool (although I had assumed all their nightly affairs must have been very interesting with his shapeshifting abilities, but the scene made it look like they never tried anything like that before).

Quark and the sexism stuff - whatever happened to that really competent female Ferengi? Why did such a great character, so in love with Quark, just vanish? Instead we had all the sexualized human female scenes (and people complain about the 0.0001% screen space referencing lesbianism!)
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Tue, Aug 4, 2015, 8:00am (UTC -5) | 🔗
Re: DS9 S7: Penumbra

Definitely undermines a whole lot of everything that happened with Jadzia, but well, what's new? How much more 'cheap' heterosexual plugs do we have to watch and not complain about! Rejoined was one episode and got called out for that. Here, with Worf/Dax, we can expand it across episode after episode I suppose, with any restrictions brushed aside.

Leaves me feeling bitter! ST never seems to tire of the 'stick two people on random planet which just happens to be completely habitable/breathable and around for a crash landing' thing, just so they can come together due to the enforced proximity.

Of course, if same-sex individuals become close in enforced proximity scenarios, that's unnatural perversion. (Rant :p)
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Tue, Aug 4, 2015, 6:23am (UTC -5) | 🔗
Re: DS9 S7: Badda-Bing, Badda-Bang

Thoroughly enjoyed this episode, unlike a lot of other really boring ones. Why is there so much discussion about the race comment? Why does it bother people like that? It's almost like you don't want to hear the fact that YES it was and continues to remain extremely painful. It isn't particularly relevant to the plot, but neither are a ton of other side-comments that go on all the time. This one actually has a very legitimate and raw emotion behind it.

I haven't seen ocean's 11, but might check it out after the comparisons. I absolutely loved the whole stealing thing - had me on the edge of my seat. I was egging Nog (Egging Nog??) on the whole time!
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Mon, Aug 3, 2015, 11:00am (UTC -5) | 🔗
Re: DS9 S7: The Emperor's New Cloak

I don't get how in the same review you can say that you appreciated AltKira's outfit, but had a problem with the lesbianism since it was so obviously meant as a cheap way to get ratings up etc.

This ALWAYS comes up whenever there is any portrayal of same-sex ANYTHING. Afer the Rejoined episode, we had a TON of really awkward Worf/Dax (including some horribly sexist stuff), we've seen workplace sexual harassment endorsed, we've seen TONS of heterosexual 'cheap' scenes.

I can't even express what it's like to watch episode after episode with heterosexual characters almost every single time, till even my pretty tuned-in radar only slightly beeped when the 'I'm not her type' conversation happened - because frankly, I had given up on seeing ANY LGBT representation on here.

If the problem is that it caters to horny 16-year olds, do remember that most of the romance scenes do precisely that. The difference with the few seconds of having on-screen same-sex romance of any kind is that it happens to cater to a large number of people who almost NEVER see any of that.

I certainly don't have any standards or expectations of some great relationship portrayal out there - this is to the comment that it's an insult to lesbians and bisexuals. No, it's not. It's great to have ANY representation, and the fact that it was not the main focus of the story, slipped in as something as normal as Quark appreciating Ezri in the opening scene - THAT was refreshing.

I hope at least some people get this point. Every single episode you have some kind of heterosexual interaction that is often WAY more than what was shown between women in this episode. Before jumping on pulling that stuff down, do consider what that means. Imagine you had EVERY episode with that, and 2 episodes in 7 seasons showing ANY scenes with an opposite-sex pairing of ANY intensity/depth.

And then all the gay people saying, oh but that's insulting to straight people. Or that's just thrown in for the ratings. Heh.
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Mon, Aug 3, 2015, 6:29am (UTC -5) | 🔗
Re: DS9 S7: The Siege of AR-558

As someone who believes in the sanctity of life, I was so disappointed with this episode. It should have ended with some kind of big realization/step towards establishing peace (although REALLY that history should have been evident by now as it usually is in TNG). If we can't do this in a hypothetical, more -evolved future, then when?

It was so utterly terrible to have war basically affirmed in the stupid way it usually is - grieve for the dead, and continue fighting as if that makes ANY sense.

Previous episoddes have given us insight into Vorta, Jem'Hadar, and even the Founders as 'people'. Here the Jem'Hadar are just cannon fodder.

What is the 'worse future' if the Dominion wins? That 5/9-month situation is bad enough for those people isn't it? And I notice that a war veteran/experienced soldier posted here saying those people were whining, and he had done 2-year stints in Iraq. THAT is the failure of our society already.

I also just looked up the My Lai massacre. How/why can we possibly endorse scenarios where human beings get pushed into this kind of destruction with themselves and other human beings? Science fiction is about finding ways BEYOND that.
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Sat, Aug 1, 2015, 8:48am (UTC -5) | 🔗
Re: DS9 S6: Profit and Lace

I thought the sexism was nightmarish, but I still wouldn't have given this zero stars. In fact, I thought it was given zero stars as disapproval against the blatant endorsement of workplace sexual harassment by the writers (it's one thing for the Quark character to do/say what he does, it's another thing for the writers to endorse that completely).

Nancy and others covered the main problems with this. I think the redeeming points for this episode are:

1) Lumba kisses a man and there's no revulsion etc around it. The romance is also not something Quark-Lumba regrests or is homophobic about. (Although the rape-as-love trope continues in both storylines.)

2) Quark arguing the case for females to earn profit (though again, with very stupid logic that should have been self-evident on Day 2 of Ferenginar, but still)

3) Odo-Quark hug was kind of fun to watch, even though Quark is basically hyper-stereotyping 'female emotions' etc.

4) While the transgender scenes are FAR from what we could easily expect from Trek (Consider Dax as a transgender character for instance), it's still 'something' to have that on screen (and I felt the review's absolute hatred for watching this - while tolerating other similarly bad stories might have been fed by this :p)

I didn't like Worf's line or any of those Ferengi-hating lines that randomly show up as a normal thing, as if it's 'funny' to be dismissive and derogatory of an entire race. The best counter-scene to this is in one of the early episodes of one of the seasons when Quark tells Sisko that humans only hate on Ferengi's because they remind them of what humans used to care about, and yet Ferengis NEVER DID all the terrible things humans did, historically.

The amount of hatred directed at Ferengis is pretty nauseating. You won't see that kind of dismissive hatred directed at the tall, white, changelings now, would you? :p
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Sat, Aug 1, 2015, 7:43am (UTC -5) | 🔗
Re: DS9 S6: Valiant

This was such a weird episode - it seemed to have a lot of dramatic potential and nothing much happened. All the interesting stuff seemed to have already happened - had they been captured or something then there could have been something.

The plot also. What happened to that message to the Grand Nagus? Why that opening montage? What happened to the 8 month's mission results? It's all a waste? So what's the contribution of this 'dramatic' episode to the storyline? Absolutely nothing!
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Sat, Aug 1, 2015, 6:24am (UTC -5) | 🔗
Re: DS9 S6: His Way

Sad to hear that Vic ever comes back - way too much complacent, annoying screen time.

The Odo/Kira kiss looked so painful to watch - almost like some clamp was being shoved on something.

Odo had some pretty nice moments (the Sisko office singing), but I completely agree with the review that said that they had a complex comrade/siblingy dynamic which was way more moving than the Trek romances ever seem to get. It was such a great contrast to the way some of the characters would sexualize Kira, while Odo always appreciated her for her strength etc. It honestly just felt as if because a 'male' (haha changeling gender by the way!) and a female are friends, the story has to spin them into a romance. Look at Sisko and Dax - works so much better as friends.
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Fri, Jul 31, 2015, 1:24pm (UTC -5) | 🔗
Re: DS9 S6: Change of Heart

I have consistently disliked the Worf-Dax scenes - until now. It's so strange though, and makes me wonder if the writers actually did that controlling/abusive/disrespectful/sexist Worf on purpose. Given what was possible here, AND the fact that Worf clearly recognizes this as a drastically different (accepting, loving) way to be - I'm just baffled with why the writers wanted to depict their relationship in that stupid way all this time.

It's not just that Worf 'lightened up'. The first scene, I kind of expected Worf to be watching from afar. After all, he has shown himself to be Exactly the kind of husband who will be glowering and disapproving that his wife is out late at night having fun and doing 'independent' things. Instead, and very happily surprised I was, Worf was taking pride in her ability in the game. The absolute FIRST romantic thing that came out of his mouth that wasn't cliche, wasn't un-Klingon, wasn't completely stupid - was when he said he would back a losing Jadzia over a winning anyone else. THANK YOU. At least now it makes sense for someone to marry this guy.

Worf's character really showed in this episode that he IS capable of following her lead, respecting her decisions, adjusting around her as well, and recognizing that his universe isn't the only universe. Even the ending where he says he would want the same from her and she jokingly/half-jokingly implies she'd put her career first - his response is GOOD. He doesn't start frowning and questioning her love/loyalty even for a half-joke.

So this was great in terms of these two, and I am so happy to have this one episode of sanity for an otherwise almost disturbing relationship (and Worf characterization). IN fact, I think it WAS very deliberate because Worf mentions how he was on TNG, and that's also a hint that they really did change his character a lot on this one.

In terms of the plot and stuff - I totally agree that it was stupid to have NO major plot impact with all that, with absolutely NOTHING taken back from the mission. It seemed really thin that Worf wasn't immediately facing any consequences. That's kind of standard Trek stuff - a lot of major characters can do unacceptable things and get some kind of 'censure' which is so in the future that by the next episode it's vanished. That was pretty unbelievable, there should have been some consequence. Worf can easily use a few episodes of glory to reaffirm his case for why he should be a commander.
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Fri, Jul 31, 2015, 3:24am (UTC -5) | 🔗
Re: DS9 S6: You Are Cordially Invited

Agree so much with Elliot's comments above. Also loved the point someone made about Odo's regeneration. It's also strange that the lady of Martok's house could come, but not Enterprise crew.

I'm watching this for the first time and while the earlier Dax was one of my favourite (if not THE favourite) character, I'm just waiting for the character to die and leave the show. This episode had so much potential (EVEN accepting the ridiculous couple these two make). Actually let me just point out that marriages like these are the ones that a lot of people in less democratic and egalitarian situations feel they 'have' to stick on with, and lead to endless unhappy days full of discontent and verbal violence. Le sigh.

Worf and Dax should have had an affair, to satisfy Dax's curiousity. That is ALL that could possibly exist between them. If Worf had been at his best, he would have been amused with Dax, but not interested at all. He and K'ehlar worked so well precisely because she stood up to him.

Sisko telling Dax that Worf was like a kid who had to be indulged, the wedding vows where she is the 'stronger heart and wiser' - thereby giving the male heart to be less wise, do what he likes, etc. All that is patriarchal rubbish, sadly.

But the episode DID have potential as scenes with Klingon women and secure Klingon men (like Martok) always do.

On a side note, all Worf has done so far is feel 'ashamed' of and 'look down' at who someone connected with him really is (Alexander and Dax). Surely, it's more 'honorable' to be true to who you are, even if the world disapproves? Now there were glimpses of that in the TNG Worf. Worf here is like the most annoying, conservative parent who cares WAY too much about every random bigoted stranger's opinion. Married life would have been hell for them both.
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Fri, Jul 24, 2015, 12:16pm (UTC -5) | 🔗
Re: DS9 S5: By Inferno's Light

This was a GREAT storyline and I loved the twists and surprises. There were some really good, subtle notes. Things like how no one could tell it wasn't Bashir (Bashir being so easy to imitate - haha), or the Worf/Garek dynamic - for the FIRST time Worf 'works' on this series and shows some character other than sexist pig and growly dog.

I feel like this 2-part brought out the best of the DS9 series, and easily rivalling best of other series. The great characters were tied to a riveting plot and it worked well.

Things that felt off (minor I guess, but still):

1) Where was Odo? He would have spotted the changeling. He was very conspicuously absent.

2) Runabout orbiting the asteroid - hahaha, as if! It should have been blasted or salvage-junked.

Best things:

1) Worf (away from Dax and weird-idiot-manliness) had a chance to develop a little / be something audience can feel something for.

2) Dukat going back to the bad guy mode. I always thought it was pretty RIDICULOUS that they showed him as the loving-doting father etc. The real Dukat WOULD have shot his daughter - he's an imperialist military leader, pretty much the counterpart of a Hitler and parrots that kind of ideology constantly (Bajorans are like my children, did what was for their own good etc). I didnt like it at all the way the show would show these sympathetic stories - except the one about the file clerk - but the ones where these occupiers are the focus as sympathetic characters, while it's kind of a 'story told so much that we actually never hear it' about the Bajorans - to the point that Kira starts sounding like a broken record. So I was thrilled that we are back to Dukat as he really is, yay.
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Fri, Jul 24, 2015, 8:37am (UTC -5) | 🔗
Re: DS9 S5: The Begotten

Loved one storyline, hated the other.

I loved the Odo storyline in this episode - having him show happy emotions (the quark scene), and then instead of just dying, having that entity give him his powers back - it was a Wonderful story-in-itself.

The Kira baby storyline really irritated me. Firstly, for the past few episodes Keiko has been totally missing. In an earlier episode, there's this 'attraction' going on between Miles and Kira simply because he's massaging her back etc. Keiko is seemingly oblivious to it. Now Shakaar comes in, and in one second is jealous and arguing with Miles, 'protecting' Kira's body/privacy. It's so funny because Keiko is the one who is in the long term committed relationship. It's Keiko's baby after all. First of all, in reality, surrogate mothers and biological mothers have a MUCH closer bond. This storyline made it look - and that is the really rubbish part - like it was just Miles' baby. Secondly, in this idea of how 'mature' Keiko is and how well, Shakaar is a normal man - it just takes so much away from Keiko's character.

I personally never liked Keiko/Miles in TNG, it was like a stupid soap with a boring ending, but in DS9, they have been really fleshed out. Unfortunately, it's so focused on Miles, that even when it comes to her own child, Keiko is barely there. There's no exploration of how she feels towards Kira, towards Kira carrying her child, towards Miles caring for Kira etc. If ANYTHING they could have developed a dynamic between Kira and Keiko and what it means to be 'sharing' the birthing.

And what this Miles/Kira played into was just how once the female body has been replaced, what is her 'motherhood' right even? Miles remains the father in the same way, but Keiko just seems to wither away from the story.

This is obviously wishful thinking, but had Kira and Keiko been men, then in the previous episode given that Kira is doing such a huge favour to Keiko, Keiko could have taken on Kira's mission as the 'surrogate' avenger - of course none of this can happen since their dynamic fizzles out, while Miles/Shakaar can have great tension in 3 seconds of screentime because it's so obvious how 'men' will fight for their rights etc etc.
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Tue, Jul 21, 2015, 3:36pm (UTC -5) | 🔗
Re: DS9 S5: Let He Who Is Without Sin...

Was so glad to find this rating for a really terrible episode. I think the plot flaws have been adequately criticized. The one thing that really bothered me was how absolutely BRATTY Worf was being - controlling Dax and judging her (so hypocritical after his speech 2-3 episodes ago about what he likes about the Klingon woman he was crushing on - her being independent, assertive etc). He says some REALLY messy stuff - that her behaviour reflects on him. He sounds like some 'nice' regressive idiot trying to 'teach' his wife who is not a person in her own right, but carries his honor. And hence, he has every right to police and control.

At least Dax pushed back against that crap. She was there to have a good time, and all this guy did was whine and sulk, be rude to her friends, and REPEATEDLY try to control her despite her telling him to back off multiple times.

The absolutely ridiculous part was that he very directly does something that disrupts the planet's tourism facilities (SURELY a crime?) and he also admits to doing it only because he's annoyed with Jadzia not 'cooperating' with his wishes and his own irrational jealousy/suspicion (that control thing is so ridiculous - that it even extends to what other people do; Why does Julian even explain anything to Worf?) - and after all this, Jadzia is still holding forth on how Worf is some kind of lovable idiot with so much courage.

What the hell?? Firstly, someone like Jadzia should NEVER put up with crap like this. Secondly, what is all this talk about fragility around humans when their nightly sessions leave her with all sorts of physical damage - so obviously he isn't 'restraining' himself there. Thirdly, what is Jadzia even getting from this relationship? She started off with this warm spot for this misunderstood, brave Klingon, but he is no fun, is constantly trying to 'fix' into docility, didn't trust her to start off with - it's just a COMPLETE mess.

Worf in TNG with the Klingon woman (whose name I don't remember) was a MUCH better dynamic. Frankly, the best kind of masculinity shown on Star Trek is when you have strong, aggressive characters like Klingons openly appreciating and glorying in the fact that Klingon women STAND UP FOR THEMSELVES and don't take crap from anyone. THAT is what I can imagine someone like Jadzia being attracted to about Klingons.

This was so much utter crap. Character consistency on Jadzia's part would have dictated that if she was there to have fun, she would have just told Worf to go get his head sorted out while she HAD FUN. And that is just sad, because I can't believe that a male character (Curzon) would have done anything less.

'The story of Worf's egoistic unacceptable sexist behaviour while Jadzia's character is completely altered to buffet that' just doesn't work.

And the worst, terrible things were how little Worf seemed to understand about consent. He goes around saying that Federation citizens 'needed to learn' to get tough etc. It goes against the spirit of the Federation for ANYONE to go around dictating things like that to other people. AND HE STILL GETS A 'HERO' ENDING, AND A KICKASS WOMAN LIKE JADZIA.

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Thu, Jan 30, 2014, 5:07pm (UTC -5) | 🔗
Re: VOY S7: Endgame

After watching sevn seasons of this series ... THIS is ho it ends? Really?!

To be honest, I didn't care all that much about the first 90 % of the episode - all I wanted was the emotional release of these characters finally getting home to Earth!

Somehow I feel swindled! Where's the REAL ending to this series?

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Thu, Jan 30, 2014, 4:56pm (UTC -5) | 🔗
Re: VOY S7: Seventh Season Recap

So, another Trek series comes to an end.

To me, this series has been a big disappointment

The technical side of the show was great: costumes and make-up, visual and special effects, sound and music as well as scenography and props. All stellar.

The creative aspects of the show is a whole other story, giving us a very mixed stew of quality - unfortunately far too often leaning towards a big bowl of fail.

It's not as if the WHOLE show featured a lack of continuity, an abandonment of basic premises, a huge amount of plot holes, bad dialog and bad characterization ... but MOST of the show did. That's a shame, because much of the talent on-screen was worth much more than what they got to Work with.

Despite the fact that I found most of the show frustrating, I actually (after seven seasons) ended up caring a bit about some of the characters.

In the end, though, Voyager stands out among other Star Trek shows as the show with the biggest wasted potential due to its overall low quality of storytelling.

I'm sad to say that Voyager, to me, is the worst Star Trek show (yes, I liked "nterprise" better).
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Wed, Jan 29, 2014, 3:41pm (UTC -5) | 🔗
Re: TOS S1: The Man Trap

I watched these episodes as a kid, and now -36 years of age - I'm revisiting them on DVD (restored version with new visual effects).

I'm really disappointed. After watching this "first" episode I'm completely disillusioned. It's really bad.

Look, I know that things were different in the late sixties. TV shows was a while different ballgame altogether, with low budgets and a primitive way of telling a story than we're used to today.

But .... man, it's just so incredibly boring. The dialog itself is horrible and the bad timing just makes it even worse.

I was expecting to experience a sense of fun, kitchy nostalgia. Instead I'm just bored to tears.

Based on what this episode has to offer, I'm sorry to say that TOS has aged badly (even with new, improved visuals, which I applaud).

I can't see how anyone today would be able to genuinely enjoy this show - exept, of course, through a very strong sense of nostalgia alone.

I really wanted to love this, but I'm afraid that I just find it plain bad (not even "fun-bad").
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Mon, Jan 27, 2014, 10:56am (UTC -5) | 🔗
Re: VOY S7: Imperfection

So ... all Borg drones have a cortical stimulator, right?

And they are places in the front of the brain, obviously taking up space that brain tissue normally would?

Wow ... good thing that Federation technology can apparantly repair removed parts of the brain, otherwise Picard, Janeway, Tuvok and Torres (and presumably many other droens-turned-back-into-individuals) would have to live out their lives with a Borg implant where a big chunk of their brains should be.

(Yes, this was sarcasm).
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Mon, Jan 27, 2014, 10:49am (UTC -5) | 🔗
Re: VOY S7: Unimatrix Zero, Part II

On this episode:

I found the scene with the Borg Queen and the kid to be fantastic - other than that, a horrible mess. The fact that someone feels the need to write a very long post explaining how plot holes MIGHT be explained just cements the fact that the writers were incredibly lazy ... the big point being, that if the writers had done their job to any satisfaction, there should and would be NO NEED for such a list.
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Mon, Jan 27, 2014, 10:48am (UTC -5) | 🔗
Re: VOY S7: Unimatrix Zero, Part II

In regard to Jammer's review:

I don't get why Jammer so often would come down hard on a Voyager story for being "predictable". Sure, the stories are predictable - every single TV-show has loads and loads of predictable episodes - among those shows are TOS, TNG and DS9.
There areonly so-and-so many kinds of stories you can tell, and only so-and-so many ways you can tell it. Star Trek is basically the same five stories told over, over and over again throughout the diffrent series (and movies) with basically the same crew of characters (with small differences inbeteween crews). There are only so-and-so many points of view you can use to tell the story, only so-and-so many plot-twist-devices you can use ... and so on.

Not even any of the TOS episodes where ground breaking or even original compared to the many, many years of storytelling, on TV, in books and so on, that had come before.

To me, the episodes of Voayger are no more or less tedious in their predictability than mos other TV-shows (including other Trek shows), and I feel Jammer wasn't being "fair" to the show when calling the stories predictable, inevitable and all the other stuff.

To me, Voyager WAS the weaest of all the Trek shows (yes, including Enterprise), but that has nothing to do with predictability of the stories.
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Wed, Jan 22, 2014, 9:08pm (UTC -5) | 🔗
Re: VOY S6: Sixth Season Recap

I'll keep it short and to the point:

Thorughout the series, Voyager has failed to make me care about it's protagonists. Therefore I fail to care about the show.

This goes for season 6 as well as all the other seasons.
I have no illusions of season 7 being any different.
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Wed, Jan 22, 2014, 8:20pm (UTC -5) | 🔗
Re: VOY S6: Unimatrix Zero, Part I

Why the HECK did the borg queen state everything she thought or saw on the screens out loud?!
Who was she adressing? The mindless drones sorruonding her (despite the supoposed mind-link between all Borg)? Or was she supposed to be excentric, talking to herself?
In a series full of badly excecuted exposition, this takes the cake. Awful, just awful. This in and on itself ruined the episode for me.

Don't get me worng: Susanna Thompson is not only a ridiculosuly hot woman (yowza!), she's also a very good actress. She's proven that in countless other roles over and over again.

I blame the script and the direction.
Don't act as if you're shocked - you've seen the rest of the series and know that I'm right.
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