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Adam H
Thu, Jan 9, 2020, 9:20am (UTC -6)
Re: TNG S1: Too Short a Season

I wonder if naming the admiral Jameson was a reference to the Twilight Zone episode "Long Live Mr. Jameson" in which Kevin McCarthy plays a man two thousand years old who doesn't age. At the episode's conclusion, he is killed and rapidly ages into dust. I'll say that the TZ makeup department did a far more convincing job making McCarthy look like an old man in that scene which was 30 years prior to this TNG episode.

I didn't dislike "Too Short a Season" however. It is certainly flawed as has been pointed out, but it is still quite watchable and entertaining. And I found the ending where Jameson tenderly talks to his wife, and Karnas shows that he has a heart and buries his vendetta to be a good payoff.
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